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    I am a straight Male who loves to see women pee. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. I also love the feeling of relieving myself outside the most. I especially love having a woman who will do it also. If it's on each other.....even better.

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    I just love to watch it come out. Also the feeling of having to go so bad and then the release. Golden showers are awesome also. I love the warm feeling of a woman peeing on me.
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    We were in a hot tub and just peeing all over each other.

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  1. My fantasy is having a girl and myself laying down on our backs, legs up, almost like we're going to pee on ourselves, but pee on each other instead. Her piss hitting my face and my piss hitting her face while kissing is so hot. Im getting hard just typing this.
  2. I really like when 2 women lay head to head and lift up to pee on each other. It's even better when there is someone, man or woman to lick their pussies while they pee.
  3. Panty pee is definitely the hottest thing you could do. I love doing it right after getting out of a pool with everyone around. They cant even tell because of the water dripping off
  4. Omg. I would eat you all day long. I would love to lick you while you pee all over my face
  5. Nevermind. I find her. Her name is actually Zophia. She reminds me of a girl I grew up with who used to pee outside with me in the woods by our house. She looks just like her. I would love to meet this girl.. I am absolutely in love with her. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c73cd27abc7e
  6. Hello All, I am looking for a certain girl who made IMO the best pee videos ever. I first saw her on Frenchpee.com but I believe that site is no more. Her name was Zoe something. I can not remember her last name. If anyone knows or can find her, please let me know. She is absolutely beautiful Thank you
  7. I dont actually remember what search query led me here. But I must say I am ecstatic that it did. I remember now. I was looking for the pics of Miley Cyrus. That brought me here.
  8. I know this is not a dating site. But does anybody know any dating sites for people with our fetish? I am really looking for someone like this and I know it wont happen here. I do have to say that I am so happy to have found this forum. I love it. Thank you for any help
  9. How do I get on there? Or is it an invite sort of thing?
  10. See I can't drink a lot. I would let it fill my mouth and dribble out....but I could never bring myself to swallow. I want some pee ladies. Where do you get those? Haha
  11. I love everything about seeing a female pee. Any way possible. I have seen the video you're talking about. I think anyway. The one I saw was 2 asian woman sitting next to each other, and while the one was peeing, little "pellets", for a lack of a better word, started shooting across the mat. That didn't bother me, but I must say...I have had a pee fetish for a long time, and more and more things interest me. But, I can not say that scat is a thing I would personally ever enjoy. But, to each their own
  12. Yes. I would do it, but only if females were involved also
  13. Just a general question. I am curious as to how most people feel about tasting their partners pee. I for one love to take a lick of a woman as soon as she is done. I'm not talking about drinking mouthfulls. I think that is gross...but a quick lick I love. How do you all feel? Even woman who aren't into men peeing, would you try if your partner asked?
  14. Awesome. I'm so excited that its snowing here right now. I cant wait to go outside tonight and go in the snow
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