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  1. I think you should try them all. Experiment to see what you enjoy the most.
  2. I love it when my male friends do this. And I wish it happened a lot more often. It definitely wouldn't kill the friendship if you did this with me.
  3. Hi! We can chat if you want. I'd love to see pictures that you upload.
  4. Awesome dick! And what a great puddle you left!
  5. My ultimate fantasy as well!! It feels so very sexy. My heart starts beating fast as I'm afraid to be caught. Then I get super turned on when I realize I got away with it.
  6. I always view this section. I know we ladies would enjoy more pics and vids!
  7. Before the pandemic, I had a little more freedom. I at least had the house to myself one day per week. Now, I'm never home alone!
  8. Always up for being watched or watching my kik or Skype is kayaknewjersey


  9. If it's a party at my house, I'm usually barefoot outside in the grass. Otherwise, I wear sandals or flip-flops. They're meant to get wet at the beach anyway.
  10. Nope. I've never been caught. If I'm out with friends and people are close by, I'll either pee while standing in the grass, or walking along the shore at the beach. So there's no pee puddle to be seen. Other times, being alone, I've peed in parking lots on the pavement and left a puddle. But no one was close enough to see it happening. At these times, I'll simply stand next to my car and pretend to be texting a friend. When I'm finished, I just get in my car and drive home.
  11. My favorite happens a lot this time of year....I like to wear cute little sundresses and pee with people all around me. I just let it trickle out nice and slowly so you'd really need to be staring at my legs to see it. I've done it many times and have never been caught.
  12. Forests, yes. But not someone's side yard. It wasn't a wooded area as I could see everything. Just a couple of trees.
  13. I realize there are no bathrooms to use. However, I wish it wasn't done so openly in someone's front yard. I live in an area with lots of forests and conservation land. I think using those spots would have been a lot more appropriate.
  14. It didn't make my day to be honest. I thought it was a little weird.

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