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  1. I think you have an incredibly sexy body!)
  2. Nope. I'm a florist. So we typically have buckets of water, either with flowers in them or just filled with water after loading the flowers out onto the sales floor. So I just carried my pee bucket to the sink and emptied it. No one would think anything of it honestly.
  3. I love all your videos on PH. I wish I could spend a day peeing with you.♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥
  4. I would definitely go back to being female, without a doubt. I love being a girly girl. But I'd give anything for the chance to live as a male for just one day.
  5. If I woke up today with a penis, I would want to try so many places to pee. Some would be in the sink, standing in a parking lot next to my car hidden by my open car door, in a coffee cup in the car, and under a table that had a long tablecloth to hide it. Then of course I'd rub it as I thought about all the peeing I did. I'd want to feel what a male orgasm feels like too.
  6. Because of the many ways to identity sexuality today, I honestly think separate male and female restrooms should be a thing of the past and replaced by restrooms for everyone. Similar to ladies rooms, everything will be done in separate stalls for privacy. Each stall could have a toilet and a urinal.
  7. I think you should try them all. Experiment to see what you enjoy the most.
  8. I love it when my male friends do this. And I wish it happened a lot more often. It definitely wouldn't kill the friendship if you did this with me.
  9. Hi! We can chat if you want. I'd love to see pictures that you upload.
  10. Awesome dick! And what a great puddle you left!
  11. My ultimate fantasy as well!! It feels so very sexy. My heart starts beating fast as I'm afraid to be caught. Then I get super turned on when I realize I got away with it.
  12. I always view this section. I know we ladies would enjoy more pics and vids!
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