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  1. Forests, yes. But not someone's side yard. It wasn't a wooded area as I could see everything. Just a couple of trees.
  2. I realize there are no bathrooms to use. However, I wish it wasn't done so openly in someone's front yard. I live in an area with lots of forests and conservation land. I think using those spots would have been a lot more appropriate.
  3. It didn't make my day to be honest. I thought it was a little weird.
  4. Just did about an hour ago in fact, lol. I was driving home and recycle truck was pulled up in front of a house collecting things that someone left out. It's a very narrow road and the section we were at was just before a steep decline, so I couldn't pass the truck as I wouldn't be able to see a car coming towards me. After all the barrels were emptied into the truck, one of the workers ran into the yard towards some trees. He stood there for a minute, then turned back tucking himself in as he walked back to the truck. I was actually quite surprised to see that our town employees are actually peeing in our yards 😯
  5. I purposely fill my bladder before I take a relaxing bath. It feels so good to just let go.
  6. I couldn't agree more!! For me, it's the fact that it's supposed to be a private act, but is being seen, that is so exciting. I don't think I'd be interested at all if it were commonly done in public.
  7. Hello, nice to meet another flower here. Mine is a yellow pee flower. (Works best in speech, of course, when you can't hear the wrong spelling 🙂)

  8. A past boyfriend used to pee in the sink while I was peeing on the toilet. It was a lot of fun!
  9. I'm not into holding or desperation either, but it's fun anyway. Sexismygod I just tried to message you here, but it won't send.
  10. A very active chat room is "The Pool". It's poolchat.co.uk. I use it often.
  11. You could back into your parking spot. Then open the door to the trunk and make it look like you're looking for something. Do a nice little high squat there. If no one is in the area when you start, you should have plenty of time.
  12. I go to the beach a lot in the summer, so I've peed there many many times. Sometimes in the water, sometimes sitting in my beach chair, either through my suit or with my suit pulled to the side. I've peed while walking the beach at the shore line with just my feet in the water. I've even peed loading things into the car to leave, with my towel wrapped around me.
  13. Exactly the same for me. I watched others pee outside several times when I was a kid. But I never dared to do something so naughty. I was too afraid to do it. I didn't try it myself until my early 20s. Has only increased since!

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