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I peed in public on myself

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2 minutes ago, goldenprincess333 said:

Today I was feeling particularly dirty so I drank as much tea and water as I could and set on a journey for a walk. By my house there's some private trails about a 10 minute drive. So I thought it would be a good place to try pee play! When I pulled up, I was so nervous I almost peed myself early lol. But I grabbed two towels and walked about 5-10 minutes into the woods until I found an open field. I put the towels down and stripped completely naked except a white t shirt because I wanted to stain it yellow. I then got into position and I was certainly not pee shy- immediately I started gushing out torrents of yellow piss all down my chest neck and face. it was so much it was hard to keep up with! it felt so exhilarating openly peeing on myself when anybody could have walked by. I got some in my mouth and swallowed and marked as much as my face and hair as I could. I had to close my eyes towards the end because the pee kept getting in them! it was so much fun. how else can I take peeing to the next level? thanks if you read!

wow that's truely incredible @goldenprincess333 congrats on this next step!  Maybe next time you go to a cafe take a pee slowly and see how it feels to go out in public more where others could potentially see your action

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