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    I do like all things pee related but my favourite thing is to pee in naughty places where I'm not supposed to.. I find it such a sexual thrill and a huge turn on to pee where I shouldn't.

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  1. It really is wonderful to have you back & pissing in all sorts of naughty places.. always a treat when you post new content and stories. Thank you & keep up the wet works 😈💦
  2. Its always a pleasure reading about your naughty antics.. thank you and keep up the peeing 😊😉
  3. Love it, it's always a pleasure reading about others who purposely pee in naughty places they shouldn't, thanks for the share & keep up the naughtiness 😈🔥
  4. Pee sex is damn hot, I'd love to let you pee on me & all over my apartment.. Loved the share, keep up the naughtiness 😘
  5. Nothing better than casually peeing where you are, keep up the wet works 😘
  6. Always amazing to read your sexy stories about your naughty pissing. Never fails to turn me on... keep up the naughtiness 😉😈
  7. Wow what an amazing stream that was, loved every second of it.. wish I could of let you pee on my carpet like that.. soo hot 🔥 🔥🔥
  8. You should do it... don't think about it, whenever you feel the urge to pee just cashslly do it right where you are... its sooo liberating
  9. It is just soo freeing to be able to pee like like that all without having a care in the world.. I do it quite frequently myself, soo much fun and definitely more convenient
  10. Wow that sounds like a wonderful vacation & now you're even doing it at home.. full embrace the bedwetting, it's amazing to just let it go with out hesitation.. Thank you for that story & keep up the bedwetting xx
  11. I always enjoy reading your stories of places you've peed in.. wether it be in your bedroom, at your parents, in public, in the car.. anywhere. It's the best feeling ever to just freely pee anywhere other than the toilet, why would you wanna use a boring toilet anyway, it's more convenient & soo much fun. Thanks for all the wonderful stories & keep up the naughty work 😉
  12. You know when you wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee and just can't be bothered to leave the bed as it's too warm & comfy.. Well that was me not long ago, trying to come up with an easy solution to staying warn and relieving yourself.. After laying in bed for a further 10 or so minutes I decided I need to empty my bladder so.. I got out of bed, not even leave my bedroom and just piss right on my carpet & my god it was pure bliss.. I made a rather big middle once I'd finished & when I was done.. just hopped back into bed and off to sleep I went.. but not before
  13. Wow Pop-a-squat, that all looks soo much fun to just freely pee all over the bedroom like that.. seeing all those wet patch and big puddles is a real treat.. keep up the good yet truly amazing pee work 😄
  14. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to this site but i thought I'd introduce myself.. I'm a single 28 year old who works as a Microbiologist. What can I say I've always been fascinated with pee for as long as I can remember. Back whwn I was living with my parents I went through a slight rebellious phase and got a kickout of being lazy and peeing in my bedroom. I had to limit how many time I did it so my parents would find out (to this day they still don't know) them when I moved out at the age of 18 and got my self place that when the fun really started... Even though I'm in a rente
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