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    I do like all things pee related but my favourite thing is to pee in naughty places where I'm not supposed to.. I find it such a sexual thrill and a huge turn on to pee where I shouldn't.

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  1. Wow Pop-a-squat, that all looks soo much fun to just freely pee all over the bedroom like that.. seeing all those wet patch and big puddles is a real treat.. keep up the good yet truly amazing pee work 😄
  2. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to this site but i thought I'd introduce myself.. I'm a single 28 year old who works as a Microbiologist. What can I say I've always been fascinated with pee for as long as I can remember. Back whwn I was living with my parents I went through a slight rebellious phase and got a kickout of being lazy and peeing in my bedroom. I had to limit how many time I did it so my parents would find out (to this day they still don't know) them when I moved out at the age of 18 and got my self place that when the fun really started... Even though I'm in a rente
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