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    I do like all things pee related but my favourite thing is to pee in naughty places where I'm not supposed to.. I find it such a sexual thrill and a huge turn on to pee where I shouldn't.

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  1. I'm about to have a sexy girl spend the night whose deeply into peeing where she wants.. 😊
  2. So recently I've been getting in a lazy state where I'll refuse to use the toilet for hours at a time sometimes I'll even go a whole day without peeing in the toilet. This morning when I woke up to the sound of my 8am alarm I felt that all too familiar feeling of needing to pee, I reach over to my bed side unit to switch off my alarm & as I did that thr pressure in my bladder got stronger to the point where id leaked a little. Once I'd turned off the alarm it dawned on me that I'd booked the day off work, laying back down in bed with that sweet sensation of no work I sighed, relaxed m
  3. Wow rosita that was a wonderful story, hope to hear more from you & more stories of you're naughty pee antics ☺
  4. isn't that a still photo from a lot video.. I recognise it only because I watched it not long ago
  5. Shame you couldn't just pee the bed everytime you woke up, not would be soo hot to do
  6. Its always a delight seeing you pissing wherever you want.. thank you & keep up the naughtiness
  7. That's soo hot.. nothing better than a resh drink of piss
  8. I love it, always a delight seeing you pee wherever you want. I bet you're bedroom smells amazing of pee.. thank you for sharing 😄
  9. For me I think the naughtiest indoor pee I've very done was back when I was living with my parents, because they were in the middle of a divorce they kept using me as leverage for each other until inhad enough.. as an act of defiance I purposed pissed my bed numerous times and I think because of that I've just sort of adapted that as a second nature.. whenever I'm in bed and need to pee I'll just let it go weather it 1st thing in the morning or as I'm getting into bed or even during the night.. my mattress is well and truly ruined and covered I piss stained but.. I honestly don't mind at all..
  10. You are truly an amazing girl going soo freeing to just piss wherever you want... I love it, keep up the naughtiness
  11. Wow that was hot, thank you for sharing thay sexy experience.. hope to read more of your naughtiness ans keep up the pissy fun 😊
  12. I woke up the other morning really needing to pee but instead of going to the bathroom I purposely wet the bed.. that felt good
  13. It is always an absolute delight to read all about you're sexy, erotic & truly naughty pee antics... Keep up the naughtiness.. hopefully you'll be able to pee all over my home too 😉😘
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