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  1. I bought a new toy that feels so good on my clit. Whenever I'm laying in bed using it, I naturally let go and piss. It's such a wonderful feeling.
  2. If I had the courage to let go wherever and whenever I totally would
  3. Currently peeing on another spot on the floor before I try to set up my new bed.
  4. I brought my laptop to my bed with me, and peed off the side while I kept typing 😊
  5. I just went again because I was so close to falling asleep. My friend texted me, so I pissed while replying back. Used a Kleenex to wipe.
  6. I'm naked and scrolling through my phone while sitting on the edge of my bed. The box spring is about to get replaced anyways, so I took a leak right here. It left a trail on the side and puddled on the carpet. I hope no one from maintenance gets suspicious when I ask them to help me move it in a few days 😂
  7. It turned me on so much that I grabbed my vibrator to use. Still haven't mopped up lol
  8. So I was chilling on my couch watching tv. I needed to go, so I pulled my panties down and pissed on the floor. I feel a lot better and now I'm snuggled under a throw blanket.
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