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  1. Welcome dear you found the right place. All languages welcome. ❤️
  2. It’s friday and it was payday for me so I decided to treat myself. I decided to go to the mall and get some lingerie, perfume, and shoes. I started the day with a large mug of hot tea which was so delicious and fragrant. I made sure to fill my half gallon water bottle up for the day and wear a cute dress. The particular one I wore was very flowy and short which I love and no panties. (Easy Access) I walk downstairs from my apartment complex with my purse and full water bottle I get in the car already feeling that familiar twinge in my bladder. I’m drinking more water on the way to the mall to
  3. I was honestly bored and my boss pissed me off this morning. (No pun intended) He left for lunch I watched him leave I closed the door behind him his office was now mines for the moment. I am still currently in the office with a small urge to pee. So I pulled my skirt up a bit and slid my panties to the side. I felt the air hit my slit and it was over I peed on his chair quite a bit. It pooled and fell onto the floor making a little puddle. I then went on top of his desk and rubbed my swollen clit until I came. 10/10 would do again.
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