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    • I have two risky places in my life I have pee at. First time was when I was at a bar drinking pitchers of beer and drink water too. I had to pee bad from all the water and beer I had. Mens room at the time was filled and busy. I cant hold it and walked out of the bar. When I did I looked for places open but no place was open at the time. It was late at¬† night and I had to pee bad. I went back to my car stand in parking lot took my zipper down and I took a long pee. I was scared letting go this long pee though I was going to get caught I didnt. Second time was I was on a boat with some women and men we all drinking beers and mixed drinks. Halfway though time we were on boat all had to pee bad. Caption pulled the boat to the side and all of us jumped out boat. We all stud in the sand and pee in the sand. I was very scared and I cant go right away. The women who were on the boat squat on the sand.¬†¬†¬†
    • Answer to your question is a yes, i do this occasionally and really enjoy about it. Basically i do it when i am in a naughty mood and have a good opponity to do it properly without any rush, i often wear diaper for just in case while making myself super desperate specially while in public.
    • I guess the whole thing here for me is not so much what would I do - but would I do things back then with the confidence I have now? It's sort of my mantra in life to have no regrets - so I've made unwise choices, I've missed out on opportunities by not having the confidence I have now. But it doesn't matter. That girl I could never have talked to in a million years because she was so far out of my league...?¬† What did I have to lose?¬† Ten minutes embarrassment if she was head-too-far-up-her-own-arse to have taken me seriously?¬† I know now just to be myself, take me or leave me. Back then I would never have had the confidence to try, or to ask a second time. So I guess living life over again with my current confidence would have perhaps led me down very different paths. That in itself brings the Marty McFly Paradox - would I be sitting here with you fine folks if I'd taken different paths 20-30 years ago?¬† I probably wouldn't live in the village I do now, wouldn't have the friends I have now and would have experienced very different highs (and lows). If I was a single millionaire playboy, a rich businessman or for that matter if my family circumstances were different would I be sitting here typing and looking at clips of girls peeing?¬†¬†¬†As things stand, I think I'm ok here right now.
    • After walking back up to the town square it wasn't long before the next sighting came along with two very sexy girls. I was watching the queue, enjoying the sight of a few people looking squirmy and wondering if they would leave the queue before getting inside. As I was I heard wolf whistling and some cat calling and when I looked round I found why. There were two girls walking up the main road, both looking very sexy and clearly turning a few heads as they walked by.¬† One of them was dressed as an angel in some tight white leggings and a white crop top, complete with big fluffy wings on her back and a halo. The other was dressed in the same outfit, only this time in red to be dressed as a devil, complete with horns and a tail. As they got closer it was clear to see why they were attracting attention, their tight outfits certainly left little to the imagination.¬† I checked them out as they walked up and turned into the square. I moved round a little and saw they had gone over to the nearest ATM and I couldn't help admiring their curves in their tight leggings, not to mention their clearly visible thongs underneath. The devil started using the machine and after about 30 seconds the angel suddenly moaned "ohhh I really need a wee" and did a cute little wiggle as she did. The devil finished up using the machine and stood to the side to let her friend use it. The angel pulled out her card and put it in and as she was stood waiting for the machine I noticed she was jiggling slightly.¬† As she was using the machine the devil walked over and looked across the crossroads to where the club was. She let out a shocked gasp and then turned to her friend and said "wow, the queue is massive". The angel looked round and said "how massive". The devil described where the queue was reaching to and the angel replied "oh that is massive". She finished up using the machine and then walked over and joined her friend in looking across. When she saw for herself she did a little bobbing motion and moaned "I need a wee first, I can't wait in the queue that long".¬† She turned round and walked back into the square and I turned and walked up and round to see where she was heading and expected her to be walking across the square. However when I came around the corner wall I found her standing behind the wall in the bottom corner by the ATM next to the bench. For a moment she was just stood there fiddling with her purse putting it away. Once she had she put her bag on the bench and without hesitation pulled down her leggings and thong and squatted down, holding onto the bench for support.¬† She immediately started peeing and after waiting for a moment I pulled out my wallet and walked around the wall and down towards her, heading to the ATM. As I got closer she looked up and looked shocked that I was there. I couldn't resist the situation and looked back in shock and said "well, I thought it was supposed to be devils that did naughty things like this, not angels" indicating towards her friend standing next to her. They both laughed and the angel replied "yeah well sometimes angels have to do naughty things too". I smiled and pointed to her halo saying "just make sure you don't do too much, don't want that falling off". She laughed again and I glanced down enjoying the sight and sound of her lovely stream.¬† I walked past and headed to the ATM pretending like I was using it. I glanced round when I heard her finish and enjoyed the sight of her pulling her sexy white thong and white leggings back up around her bum. After sorting herself out she picked up her bag and asked if her friend was going to go. Her friend laughed and said she was fine for now and they headed off to join the queue.¬† ¬†
    • Apart from a frankly bizarre and very blush-inducing nomination in one category, there are already some very strong contenders in all categories, and I won't repeat any here. So to ensure¬†that the ballot papers include those deserving of consideration,¬†here are some from me:¬† Category One :¬†Best forum¬†contributor - An impossible choice here. So many people on the site make it what it is and PF wouldn't be the same without them. But because the forum lights up when she's on it, and for her incredibly natural and heart-on-sleeve approach to the kink and to life, I'd like to nominate @Bacardi Category Two¬†:¬†Best picture contributor - @steve25805¬†just because of the dedication of the guy, and the incredible achievement of posting a different carpet pee pic every day during the calendar year Category Three¬†:¬†Best¬†video¬†contributor - For me, OC probably beats curated content in this category, and wow, have we had some amazing contributors this year - especially recently! By a whisker, my nomination goes to @WinterAzalea Category Four¬†:¬†Best fictional writer - Oh this is tough. But because I so much enjoy the well-crafted writing, the imagination behind it, and the relatability of the storylines, for me it's @gldenwetgoose¬†just for the masterpiece that is 'On the naughty train home' alone Category Five¬†:¬†Best real story/sighting¬†- @Eliminature¬†because I love every thing about her personal experience posts - the photos, the context and background, the description. She's a hero of mine¬† Category Six¬†:¬†Best NewcomerÔĽŅ - Lots of new members during the year, and almost impossible to suggest just one to be considered to be my successor ūüėȬ†but my nomination goes to @Colormerose Category Seven¬†:¬†Wettest memberÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅ - No additional nomination from me. There's only one winner here as far as I'm concerned, and she's been nominated already Finally - thank¬†you so much¬†@Sophie¬†for organising these awards again. And thank you also to you and all the moderators, and admin, for doing an outstanding job and making the site what it is - a wonderful place to spend far, far too long having fun with friends.
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