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    I love to hold it until I am absolutely bursting for the toilet

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    Having an accident in my knickers
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  1. A few years ago i woke up with a morning wood feeling very horny. I gently tried to persuade my then GF to play with it. She started to lightly feel it but said, she was bursting for a wee so couldn’t do any more. Then she started to wank me but kept on saying, oh god hurry up and cum i,m nearly wetting myself. Then again, oh god hurry up and cum i am about to do it in my knickers. That did it, i shot my load.
  2. I love to be watched when i wet myself.
  3. I love having accidents in my spandex knickers.
  4. All the time, it saves a lot of water.
  5. Peeing in my knickers is my favourite place.
  6. I like to hold my pee until i am very desperate, if I can’t get to the toilet in time and end up wetting my pants As soon as the last drop comes out i get a hard on, i am so horny i have no option, but to pull it fast until i cum.
  7. If i am having an accident in my pants, i try to slow the stream down so i can make it last as long as possible. I love all that hot water running around my balls and pooling around my bum hole.
  8. I was asked by a landlord to replace the flotte de robinet in an apartment toilet. The tenant a middle aged woman stood watching me jumping up and down with her hand between her legs. She was only joking but it was still a big turn on for me.
  9. In France we have a few, a good one is . desperation.fr
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