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    Central France
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    I love to hold it until I am absolutely bursting for the toilet

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    Having an accident in my knickers
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    Wetting myself in front of someone

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  1. Wish i did Luna Swift is a wonderful writer.
  2. Hate having to visit England and driving on their Autoroutes, the speed is supposed to be 70 mph but that keeps changing every few hundred meters it seems. How the brits don,t get lots of speeding tickets i,ll never know.
  3. I,m lying on the sofa with my feet up on the back rest and dressed in tight shorts made of a thick material and I,m wetting myself. The hot pee is pooling on my stomach then running round my balls and pooling round my bum hole. The feeling is magical and everything feels so hot down there. As soon as my bladder is empty I,m sure I will get a good hard on.
  4. I would love to meet someone but as I live in the middle of rural France I think the chances are zero.
  5. I just love to be bursting and then wet myself in tight Spandex knickers.

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