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    Just a normal guy with a high sexdrive and a secret pee kink

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    The warm feeling running over my ball a butthole
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    First time I pissed myself was in my Grey bover briefs, it felt so good I pulled my briefs off and pissed on my chest and belly. Started masturbating and shot all over my piss covered chest and belly

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  1. Id love to that for you! I enjoy watching and being watched
  2. I thoroughly get turned on watching women pee in their panties or swim suits...
  3. Alone is fine, but having a female friend peeing with me would be very erotic especially out in the woods! Mmmmm
  4. I do it occasionally as a foreplay before edging to a huge orgasm
  5. Hi, im Jim... live to piss myself an masturbate
  6. I self pee often... then masturbate on myself, sometimes into my mouth and on my face... not into guys buy I do enjoy my own cum
  7. I love the feel of the Hot piss soaking my underwear, then I pull my dick out and splash on my chest and body! Then jackoff and cum on myself love the heat and naughtiness of it all.
  8. I will pee myself and masturbate during and after till orgasm all over myself
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