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  1. I've done it a number of times; just like that guy you're describing. I piss a thick, heavy stream, so I spray & splash a lot. My piss just comes out really fast. The guys alongside me tend to shy away from being splashed on. I've got some comments before though in amazement of the stream force hitting the trough wall...
  2. Maybe 4 or 5 women have that I can remember; they all loved aiming and watching the stream come out the slit. They also were fascinated by the feeling of my urethra really pulsating as the urine was passing through it.
  3. I feel relief but also I'm fearful that I might feel a kidney stone or something passing through my urethra, especially when the urine is really flowing fast. It has never happened to me before but I heard stories from other people who had the unfortunate experience.
  4. I have the same problem too, so I don't piss in the sink anymore. My piss stream's too thick, it just splashes all over too much and I actually feel the drops hitting back at me.
  5. E5, anywhere else it sprays too much. Rather put up with the noise.
  6. No message at all. The uploading mechanism works fine, it's just that the pictures no longer appear, just the placeholders.
  7. Sorry it still doesn't work. I was able to upload before but now am no longer able to. Thanks for your help.
  8. I piss a pretty thick, strong stream and these were the only ones that could take it without splashing back. They work really well...
  9. For some reason the pictures don't show up, any ideas to rectify this?
  10. Girlfriend snapped a pic of me right before taking my shower...
  11. I've never tasted any piss, my own or of others, But those who have tasted mine all said it's like what the OP said - tastes like hot saltwater...
  12. Do you mean straight on or me looking down as I'm going?
  13. I usually spread my piss slit in the morning before pissing, but this time I forgot - I had the dreaded stuck peehole. I had 3 streams going at once in different directions, going everywhere but in the toilet bowl. I made it worse by try to force my piss out, some of the piss landed back on my glans. It Finally turned into one stream and took a picture of it...
  14. Apologies for pic orientation, this was a really "golden" stream. Had a strong musky salty aroma to it too. Must've been something I ate, lol...
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