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    From an early age I've enjoyed peeing in unusual locations. Seriously got into unconventional peeing about 20 years ago. We all have to pee every day, so why not make it into something fun?

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  1. I was brought up to pee anywhere outside, but not if someone other than mom or dad could see me. We had a summer place in the country and my father and I often peed outside, but I never saw my mother do it. I had fun taking "pee anywhere" to the limit as I've posted before: from way up climbing trees, from rooftops, into rain gutters, into loose pipes, etc. My mother's diary even mentioned that I peed off of a little climbing structure I had when I was aged 3-4. Nothing was considered "naughty", just fun, so if my childhood influenced me as an adult, it was to instill in me the idea that peein
  2. What a lucky find in that fitting room! Did you add to the puddle?
  3. In college there was a small classroom with a dozen wooden chairs around a table. The chairs had soft fabric on the seats, the fabric permanently attached (not cushions). In the late evening I would go there and pee on ONE of the chairs. I marked it so that I could pee only on that one chair... many times! I wondered who sat in it later. Eventually it had a noticeable smell. In another classroom I peed several times into the chalk tray below the blackboard. And that was in a room I had a class in. Ah... college fun
  4. Just stayed at an airbnb. The thing about them is, if you pee in your room and discovered, they will know it's you and you will be rated negatively. I'm always careful to keep the room spotless. But there are other opportunities. In the shared bathroom there was a small black rug by the sink and a gray bathmat by the tub and shower. And someone had spilled water onto the tile floor. So that was an invitation to pee quite a lot onto the rug and bathmat. It was natural that they should be wet from getting out of the shower, or splashed from washing. So I had a good full bladder pee in there wit
  5. After reading about this subject for several years, my first reaction is to say... my ideal pee partner would be @Paulypeeps! To share in all the things she does... wow. Another response would be: a woman into stealth pees/naughty pees, especially in hotels, stores and restaurants, but not peeing around the house. A fantasy answer would be: a woman who has a pee-soaked car, likes to sleep in a pee-soaked bed, and has a living room where nonchalant peeing everywhere is the rule. I wouldn't live with her, just would be a pee partner.
  6. Furniture stores give many opportunities for trickles or floods. Check for cameras; find a carpeted place to sit on a chair or sofa and pee while appearing to think about the furniture or checking your phone. Easy to do under a skirt or out the leg hole of shorts. Some clothing stores have carpeted places with racks/shelves/etc. blocking camera views; easy to pee while handling merchandise. Once I was in a tire store with huge stacks of tires all over, creating a maze to walk through... many opportunities there too. And another place is secluded water fountains... any liquid on the floor looks
  7. As a kid approximately 10 years old, I sometimes climbed on our roof and peed off the gable end two stories off the ground. Just for doing something different. Also peed on the roof and watched it go down into the gutters. Cheap thrills for a kid.
  8. It has never even occurred to me to take a shower after a bath. You take a shower, or a bath! To remove soap residue you can just take handfuls or cupfuls of water from the tap and rinse where you want. Pee in bathwater is so dilute it's a non-issue.
  9. I love the moment when I've found the perfect place after checking everything, in a restaurant or other public space. Carpeted floor? Check. Available place to sit, which is mostly screened from view? Check. All sight lines to my lap from people and cameras blocked? Check. Skirt or shorts out of the way? Check. OK! All systems go!
  10. That is so good of you to do this! I absolutely love the feeling of peeing under a table while eating. Sublime! I can so identify with your worries about if anyone can hear, if anyone can see, making too strong a stream, being hesitant... it makes it that much sweeter when it all comes out.
  11. There are a lot of strategies here, depending on several things. Freestanding public restroom, maybe by a beach, park, etc.? Chances are it's dirty. If single use, pee anywhere but I'd avoid the seat out of kindness. I like to pee under the sink or on a wall away from the toilet/urinal. If multi-use, I like to linger outside and wait until there is no one inside, then go in a do a pee under the sink keeping an eye on the door. While doing that, have some water running in the sink. If someone comes in, you can just stop peeing and pretend you're washing your hands. This is easiest wearing
  12. If you're not yet into wetting, it's a very simple matter to switch from the toilet to the sink (especially for us males). Uses less water, too. It's fun to use the sink in other people's houses... and good in single-use restrooms if you choose not to use the floor or wall.
  13. I was encouraged to pee any place I cared to outdoors at a very early age. But at age 6 I peed on my bedroom wall a few times, and was caught as the evidence was in plain sight. I know I did it again after that, but was probably scolded more severely, so I stopped doing that. I did my purposeful first naughty pee at about age 15 in a stairwell and never looked back!
  14. Wow Sunny, I just found this thread and love it! Keep those pees coming! It really does feel great to pee all over the place... something I can't do at home but can in hotels.
  15. Literally the last place was the sink in my house, but next to last was on the wall alongside a urinal in a grocery store restroom.
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