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    From an early age I've enjoyed peeing in unusual locations. Seriously got into unconventional peeing about 20 years ago. We all have to pee every day, so why not make it into something fun?

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  1. Welcome to a great bunch of folks... glad you consider the subject a "passion"!
  2. As a guy, I find skirts are not only great fun to wear for their own sake, but they make stealth peeing very easy. All I have to do to get ready is to pull panties to the side so the penis is ready to use with no hands required. Also I make sure the skirt is not in a position to get wet. This method makes it possible to pee under tables without detection, even if in view of a camera. Also you can raise the hem of a skirt in front and pee, if people or cameras are behind you, and no one will know that your front is exposed. Wearing short loose shorts is almost as good, as the penis can e
  3. As a non-naturist, I had some questions about the nudist gatherings. Do people talk about why they do it? I understand the feeling of freedom…are there other reasons? Maybe a sensory aversion to fabrics, or heating/cooling issues their bodies have? Is it a spiritual thing? At naturist gatherings, we all know why we go so there's no point discussing it. It's like asking football fans why they go to watch football games. Sometimes we talk about those reasons in the context of talking to non-naturists and enlightening them (just a few of the reasons are: feeling of air and water on the body,
  4. As a few of you have said, pee into the sink while brushing teeth. If it doesn't go in the shower, it goes in the sink.
  5. I forgot to mention a GREAT opportunity if you are staying in a large or fancy hotel. Go to the function rooms! Larger hotels host conventions, seminars, trade shows, meetings, etc. which use rooms, usually on the ground floor or second floor, from small rooms to ballroom size. There are no cameras in the meeting rooms since discussions are confidential. If you find a room vacant and unlocked, just go in and pee wherever! Usually they have absorbent carpets that hide any evidence. Some have water dispensers -- you can carry a cup of water out so if there is a camera in the hallway you won't
  6. In my experience, naturists do not pee openly. For example, on a nude hike, people go off the trail several feet and discreetly pee, just like they would do if clothed. In many visits to naturists festivals I've never seen anyone pee, except very rarely outdoors in the dark. It's still possible to stealth pee with others around, for example while sitting on the grass. Card-carrying naturists (it's sometimes mysterious where they carry the card!) also believe that sex does not belong on nude beaches. Many clothing optional beaches have closed because open sexual behavior outraged people a
  7. As a kid, I loved peeing in long trough urinals in sports stadiums. They still exist at Wrigley Field in Chicago. I never heard of a bar urinal before. On a few occasions I have peed from my seat at the bar, out the leg hole of shorts, onto a wood or tile floor. Had to make sure there was no one behind me who could see it.
  8. Side comment: lesbian bars are known as Her-She Bars...
  9. Peeing a full bladder under the table at restaurants. Also peeing a full bladder while talking to someone close by but they can't see what you're doing... such as at the order window at a restaurant or in front of a counter when the other person is behind it.
  10. I have peed while charging, while sitting on the curb wearing a skirt. My car blocked the view from any other car.
  11. Have you ever done a nonchalant pee in the kitchen while making dinner or washing dishes?
  12. If you like the idea of peeing in cars, go to toiletstool.com/toilet and search the forum for "carmom" between 2010 and 2013. She and her daughter, and many of their friends and even strangers, peed countless times in her car. I wouldn't spoil a classic car, however!
  13. Yes they do, and the place can be brightly lit too! I love peeing under restaurant tables onto carpets. Just move undies aside, and let penis out of leghole of shorts, completely hidden from view by the legs. It's even better wearing a skirt. Just be careful of sight lines so the stream can't be seen. Booths are pretty safe places. Also be careful of the noise your stream makes... I have had people turn their heads toward me when I peed too strongly. So satisfying to pee out a full bladder under the table!
  14. Has anyone tried mixing a can of condensed soup with a can of pee instead of a can of water? Just a thought... Maybe pea soup.
  15. But it can be done wearing clothes. Guys can face away from a camera, pretend to be checking their phone, while peeing out the fly of a pair of shorts. Gals can let pee run down their legs under a skirt. Almost certainly, no one is watching all those camera feeds in real time. And if they are, each camera view is a tiny image on a multiple image screen. The footage is there in case a crime or other problem happens and they need to go back and check it.
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