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  1. Not sure how to define "most public" but the list includes shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, hotels (outside my room), and the occasional city street. Take your pick,
  2. Whenever I'm in a hotel room with a balcony, I try to enjoy the opportunity. I remember a particular time in Milan when I had a French door with just an ornamental railing but no real balcony. This allowed me to be in the room whilst peeing freely into the street. I was really horny and had a raging hard on ... I let go at full force and watched my stream arc up and out onto the flat rooftop two floors below. It sounded sooo loud when it landed that I was sure people in the road would hear it, but they didn't seem to notice. Of course, it was very late and the pedestrians seemed a bit
  3. I only speak English fluently ... but through the efforts of various school programs, I can find the loo, order (some) food & drink, get directions and do basic counting in French, German & Spanish. I used to be able to do the same in Chinese but it's been too long and I've forgotten everything except hello.
  4. @Mary Moon ... your boobs are beautiful (even though I've never seen them). Don't buy into the media hype and remember that you're beautiful just the way you are. Going back to the original topic, I remember a beach trip from long ago. It was a special night and we were pretty much out of our heads. In brief, I pulled and we went off into the dunes. The next morning, my friends came looking for me and I walked down to the group with my "date", both of us stark naked. I hardly even noticed I was nude so I must not have been sober yet. Luckily, my friends all looked at her, not me ...
  5. Pornhub just gets worse and worse. Personally, I have a short attention span so I can't be arsed watching videos more than about 3-4 minutes. Watching someone else have sex for an hour is sooo boring. Makes you wonder who the target audience is for this. Maybe they think they're in the movie business. The next logical step will be to put a minimum length on all uploads, presumably to reduce storage costs. There will be far fewer "long" videos and the video snippets we all know and love (30 seconds to 2 minutes) will disappear from PH. Overall, the storage volume would reduce dramati
  6. I don't think I've ever been in a hotel pool without peeing in it. There's something about standing next to strangers and just letting it all out .. and they have no idea. I would love to do it around people I know, as @MidoriLemonade85 described, but I don't know anyone with a pool. 😛 At the local gym, I tend to pee in the changing room ... in the pool, I'm focused on getting the laps in. But I think I may try peeing while swimming to see if I can. One should always set interesting challenges.
  7. I'm torn on this, so I'll cheat and answer twice (I honestly don't know which I like more): My niche: Discreet public pee Makes it enjoyable: The buzz, the hunt for the "perfect" spot, the sheer naughtiness, the risk factor Makes it less enjoyable: Potential consequences, having to hide what I'm doing My niche: Carpet peeing Makes it enjoyable: The puddle/wet patch, the sound, the ability to release everything and let it flow Makes it less enjoyable: Trying to leave an invisible puddle (especially in hotels), the cold wetness when I accidentally step
  8. I've done this in hotels, but rarely in public (like @Paulypeeps). I may try a public pee if I'm wearing black running shorts ... something to consider
  9. I admit that I'm extremely devious and imaginative in my sneaky pees, but that's because I don't want to get caught. Getting caught would be a major buzz kill. But guilty? No, I don't think so. If I can make it look like a simple spill, what's to be guilty about? A spill gets cleaned up anyway, so there's minimal extra effort involved. And a puddle that's never found is even less trouble.
  10. I'd certainly do it more often, but I prefer a sneaky wee in more public places so I wouldn't do it on a regular basis.
  11. As I often do, I finished my morning swim with a relaxing pee in the changing room. It's a turn-on to pee with the sounds of the pool all around ... even more so if there's someone in the next cubicle.
  12. I am so insanely jealous of your neighbours
  13. The most public place I've emptied my bladder was in a cinema. For other, smaller, pees ... well ... everywhere. Shopping centres, fast food joints, streets, gyms, etc. Wherever I thought I could get away with it.
  14. Coding is a language. AI is extremely good with language ... and there are plenty of code examples on the internet. Put those together and I'd expect ChatGPT or similar to produce reasonable code without difficulty @gldenwetgoose makes a really good point about code maintenance, though. If a human needs to maintain the code, it needs comments, etc. which I doubt an AI would bother to include. Simple code wouldn't be a problem but I shudder at the idea of debugging 10k lines of AI generated code. Good code is like poetry. I used to pride myself on the efficiency of my code (I
  15. I have a sneaky suspicion you'll make a lot of friends here with that approach. I'll volunteer to be your friend anytime. 😎
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