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  1. As someone who has tasted my own pee and squirt i can confirm its very similar if not identical.
  2. To celebrate my 50th naughty pee video i wanted to find out what the most popular suggestion would be as well as maybe get some inspiration for future videos. Whats your perfect naughty pee video? ❤️
  3. I think every drunk girl can relate. We have smaller bladders and longer toilet lines. My friends aren't in to pee but when we are out we will pee on buses, taxis, movie theatres, change rooms ect when we really need to. Not to be naughty but because it's the only option.
  4. Find me a friend and write me the cheque 🤣🤣
  5. Yes sometimes I'll purposely go near someone but i don't think they have ever noticed or have been too polite to say anything.
  6. Videos like this get taken down even if sent pm on onlyfans. Trust me i know 😅
  7. Swimming pool yes both while in the pool and from the edge. Hottub i don't think so i usual just sit on the edge and pee out of it 😘
  8. I did like "naughty pee" a few times as a teenager but completely non sexual. Like i would be on a train without toilets and just go on the floor or out drinking and use an elevator as a private place to go. But it was rare and i mostly used the toilet. Then i started dating a guy and when i told him about some of the times I've peed in public he got really turned on and started getting me to do it more and film it for him. That's how it started.
  9. Videos will stay up for a few months then all at once they get taken down. I've had it happen a few times. It's not an instant thing. Really frustrating.
  10. I prefer to wipe. Sometimes I've had to quickly leave without doing it or havent had a tissue with me but most of the time yes.
  11. I made a video like this and it got taken down from OF. I even had a video of me playing with myself in a public toilet taken down. Anything public gets taken down you cant even use the word "public" on there. Such a joke of a site.
  12. I haven't worn panties since i hit puberty. Also not a fan of wetting. I like to keep myself clean and dry. 😇
  13. Sometimes someone will kind of see what im doing but only caught properly 3 times. First was on a train i was peeing on the seat with my friends after drinking all night and a guy came in to our carriage and saw us. He just turned away and walked off. Second was a fluffy toy in a store i put it on the ground and squated over it and a lady walked around the corner and saw me mid stream. I just kicked it under the shelf and walked off. Third was a hotel elevator i was going in and then it stopped on a level and opened up and there was like 5 people waiting who just looked shocked by didn't get o
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