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  1. No i would never do that 😁
  2. If you have on a skirt or dress it's easier to just go in the aisle while pretending to look at food on the shelf.
  3. Ok I've got a guy lined up to do this and film it. Give me ideas on locations ect. Most popular one ill do.
  4. I will be trying my best to post as much free stuff as i can to a new instagram i set up. It will inevitably get taken down but I'll see what i can get away with before then 🤣 https://www.instagram.com/pcatielee?igsh=YTFpOXk4Z2Vxa25h
  5. As @Hightower said you don't have to find a girl who is in to pee. If a girl loves a guy she will be in to what he is in to. Trust me when we fall for a guy the word no stops existing.
  6. I like making it look accidental so i don't go full nude or anything. Maximum i go will be laying down on my stomach tanning with my pussy facing the ocean and have my legs spread so my lips open and anyone coming out of the water can see straight inside me.
  7. In the top photo you can see my nipple showing a bit and ill wear see through bikinis on the beach so my nipples at visible but i prefer flashing my pussy i find it more thrilling.
  8. Not currently. Heaps of them were starting to leak and as you would know i had plenty that could have got me in a lot of trouble so i decided to pull them for now.
  9. Ill be back one day. For now I'm still enjoying what i do and filming most of it so when i do come back there will be more videos and some crazier than before trust me on that 😘
  10. 2 choices. The first is a see through bikini. Once it becomes wet it hides nothing. The second is as suggested already is have the buttons "accidentally" move to the side and as you lay on the beach you can have your pussy completely visible without it seeming on purpose. I attached a photo of me at a hotel swimming pool, i spent the whole day swimming and sunbathing with the bikini bottoms to the side. Was extremely thrilling and after a while i forgot i even had it like that until i noticed someone stare 😅
  11. As someone who has tasted my own pee and squirt i can confirm its very similar if not identical.
  12. To celebrate my 50th naughty pee video i wanted to find out what the most popular suggestion would be as well as maybe get some inspiration for future videos. Whats your perfect naughty pee video? ❤️
  13. I think every drunk girl can relate. We have smaller bladders and longer toilet lines. My friends aren't in to pee but when we are out we will pee on buses, taxis, movie theatres, change rooms ect when we really need to. Not to be naughty but because it's the only option.
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