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  1. I think most of the users of this forum would disagree on the punchline but still funny :) But I brought something too:
  2. please take a look at the pee dnd topic:
  3. There's a huge, old hungarian forum with thousands of categorized topics, and within the erotic section there a few active threads about peeing, but every time I decide to become a more integrated part of that community, I always back up quick. It's not organized like this, because that would end up in dead spaces soon, but this way anytime someone tries to start a relevant conversation, its quickly overgrown by horny males looking for company and endless reposting of thousand year old pics from the internet.
  4. Secret knowledge 😄 Trust me, I just know, okay?! Intriguing situation
  5. Sorry its my internal voyeur and creep speaking, but I would love to have a pee sense! It would certainly be the base for some pun play with my name, but not because of that. It would work like this: whenever anyone in my close proximity started to relieve themselves, I would sense it! Not smell it, but like a unique sixth (tenth? twenty-second?) sense, just telling my brain exactly which direction and how far is it happening.
  6. I might have already mentioned this on this forum, but not sure, so here I go: A few years back I was sent to a business trip from my previous workplace. Didn't had too much time to be alone in my hotel room, but I tried to make the best of the situation, hardly using the toilet to anything else but number twos. On my morning to leave I was in a little hurry, but decided one more naughty pee will fit in my time. I spread out a clean bath towel on the bathroom floor and peed all over it. Now, I didn't consider two things. It was my first pee in the morning, and the hotel being a
  7. I often have dreams involving peeing, in various situations, but last night I think I had one with my wife for the first time. She is not into peeing, and her tolerance varies a lot too, depending on her long term mood. During the many years we have been together I had some very exciting peeing moments with her but also complete denial and refusal. I can't say I see her a lot in my dreams, but last night she was there, and I asked her to pee in the baby tub (don't worry, we don't use it anymore, and she keeps bragging me about taking to the basement already). To my biggest surprise,
  8. 😞 note to the the admins: there is no sad emoji in the post's like menu
  9. That actually sound like something I am looking for for a little while now, so if you happen to put together anything, keep us updated!
  10. Sure, do as you like. So will this be a video game?
  11. I think this is related, BTW Im still looking for players
  12. The linked article doesn't contradicts you actually: Which means there is orgasmic liquid which is produced by a female counterpart of the prostate, but the majority (I would say >95% at least) of the squirt is urine. Like when you pee after cuming.
  13. It's the hiss. I love most sounds related to pee like most people here, like the bubbling sound when dry sand absorbs it quickly, or the ice cubes cracking when the hot pee hits them, the loud drumlike hits of a metal surface or the changing pitch of splashing water as the bottle fills up. But nothing beats the hiss.
  14. I'm pretty much in the same situation as you, and I handle it the same way you do. To add something new: my wife turned out to be a squirter. I'm not talking about a room soaking flood, but she does lets out small spurts now and then during sex, both when fingered or being licked. I can definitely tell because the overall lubrication changes significantly right after it, and when I'm down on her I can literally need to slurp and gulp. And recent scientific studies show that squirt is technically pee, so I'm handling it as such.
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