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  1. Given I can found a private place to fill it (unless if the stranger is from the opposite sex and insists to watch, and she's definitely of legal age), I would be in! Especially if it would happen on a music festival or similar and I would probably be slightly intoxicated. Why not? The first rule of improvisation is not to say no, so I would just go with the flow here. Pun intended 🙂
  2. A couple of months ago I wet myself at work (on purpose). I tried to pee as little as I can, sitting on the toilet with my underpants on. Then I used a lot of toilet paper to absorb as much pee from the fabric as I could but it still remained wet enough for me to feel. I was wearing black pants so nobody noticed I was walking around all day with wet underwear.
  3. Snow and sand. I just love how my pee changes the surface. Peeing on ice cubes is nice too especially the cracking noises they make.
  4. Exhibitionism and ass play - and I mean my ass 😄 But they are like a 2-3 on a scale of 10 while my piss kink is around 8-9. Oh yeah and voyeurism but I'm not telling the level on that one 😉 But mostly satisfying my partner.
  5. same here too. Maybe if they would make that talking in the dark with the back lit thing, changing my voice. You know, faceless. And I would like to watch the whole think before agreeing they can use my part. I'm afraid its easy to misinterpret our love for peeing and mix it with some wrongdoings, like the things this site battles with every day (see recently updated rules). So if someone ever does this, it should be one of us.
  6. I think you overestimate you numbers a lot. Or we need to separate 'being into' and 'not fully against if asked' here, where being into is about 5% for the first two and around 1% for the last category. But these are just my guesses. For years I was using the opening line 'How do you feel about pee sex?' in a local chat site where you could talk to strangers anonymously, and sometimes hours passed before I got into a conversation with anyone, most of them left right away. I think it would be very hard to measure anyway: any women willingly participate in even in an anonymous interne
  7. I would definitely choose a. I'm surprised I'm minority 🙂 d is unhealthy, b and c are technically against the law. using the ladies is not.
  8. I did, and not even only once! First when I was around 8-9 we visited a thermal spa with my class and spent most of the day there. The showers and toilets were in a separate building with four doors. It wasn't really clear to me so for first I went into the men's shower where I asked someone where the toilets are, and he said its on the other side of the building. So I went to the other side - but to the other other side! The door was open so I didn't see the sign and I didn't notice the lack of urinals as I was already looking for a stall. All was fine until next time - I went straight t
  9. Now that's an interesting question. Personally I think that no disability or condition should be nor a turn-on or a turn-off either. These things in an ideal world should be considered neutral in a relationship. You wet yourself because you wanted to? That's hot! You peed your pants because you miscalculated yourself and didn't find a toilet in time? That's even hotter if you enjoyed it at least a little. But wearing a diaper just because you have to, that's a different story. That fact alone wouldn't be enough for me to find it appealing. But if you have to wear a diaper and l
  10. Buy a slice of cake and those number shaped candles they use at birthday parties. But instead of blowing them out, you need to put them out by peeing on them! Just make sure to add a disclaimer to the video that it's not your 50th birthday 😄 But if it doesn't necessarily has to be naughty, just nice and special then make an underwater pee video for me 😉
  11. Here's a very theoretical scenario: imagine a crowded place, no matter if its out- or indoors, but it only has one toilet. Queue is long but you manage to wait through it. The toilet lady tells you that there are two stalls: the first one costs lets say $1000 to use the second one is free but there are multiple cameras planted Which one would you use? What is the financial limit that would make you choose the camera toilet? Does it matter if you knew the image of the camera is closed circuited back to the others also at same place or if it's streaming straight to public int
  12. We are married for more then five years now, started dating more then ten years ago. When we got together, learning from a previous bad experience regarding the fulfillment of my fetish, I asked her on the very second night we spent together if I can watch her pee. She was surprised, but said sure, if that's what makes you happy. She even tried to pee on me once during sex, although she did not admit it afterwards, but later I found out that she was very much into me and only let more things because she was afraid I will leave her otherwise. After a while she admitted that it does bother her a
  13. 1) Peeing on a partner = 6 2) Being peed on by a partner = 9 3) Peeing in your partner's face = 4 4) Having your own face peed on = 7 5) Having your partner drink your pee from the source = 5 6) Drinking your partner's pee from the source = 9 7) Watching your partner piss all over the carpet = 10 😎 Yourself pissing all over the carpet in front of your partner = 10 9) Wetting yourself while your partner watches = 10 10) Watching your partner wet him/her self = 10 11) Having your partner hold your dick/part your labia while you pee = 9 12) B
  14. I have only been to a hotel's private pool once which had a bar in the middle, serving alcohol too. Now you made me have a fantasy about it! Just think about it, a crowded pool where you keep drinking and drinking but don't want to leave the bar because then you'll loose your place....
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