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    Gay male
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    Mid 30s
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    City of London, England
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    I have been into watersports, and specifically into guys (not women) pissing, for as long as I can remember. This evolved from a mere curiosity to a deep sexual arousal watching guys piss, and has further evolved into a full kink for drinking it from the tap. Nowadays, I still like watching guys pee (guys who whip it out in public are a big turn on). In terms of actually tasting it, this can be part of a sexual encounter, or using my setup at home, can be purely functional where I simply serve as a guy’s piss receptacle, which may not be a sexual thing for him.

    Lately, I’ve been exploring how this fetish of mine has been represented in literature and other artistic media. Looking to chat with likeminded guys all over the world.

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    Drinking a hot guy’s piss from the tap
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    My best friend in secondary school broke his right arm and left collar bone when we were both 18. For a number of weeks, his right arm was in a cast and in a sling, and his left was permanently raised, making it impossible for him to deal with calls of nature himself. Instead, he needed me to help him take his big floppy dick out, pull back the foreskin, then hold his dick in position while he pissed. I even had to shake off the drops when he was done. Once, he got hard halfway through and we laughed it off - him saying my hands were clearly too soft :D I licked a few drops off my fingers when he had his back turned. Happiest few weeks of my life.

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  1. Fan fiction! Love it. That’s a pity. I had thought that Joyce (who was big into Dante and spoke exceptionally fluent Italian) would have loved this part of the Divine Comedy. I am so curious to find out who the author is!! @Gotah are you sure you didn’t invent this yourself? Thank you @longbastard for shedding some light. X
  2. Can I ask what Canto this is in? I’ve searched for this text elsewhere online (using exact quotes) and this forum discussion is the only hit that comes up on Google. Would really appreciate seeing/reading the original source.
  3. I recognise some but not all of these guys from videos (taken in the U.K.) I saw on Twitter a few years ago. I lost track of the person who originally uploaded them though. Lots of gorgeous guys with thick floppy dicks pissing long strong streams of the good stuff… Has anyone got any good recommendations for Twitter / X accounts to follow to see guys pissing on the street like this? If not comfortable sharing here, can always dm me.
  4. Welcome Kevin! Hope you tell us (and show us) more about your interests in due course 🙂
  5. Sounds like he was desperate 🙂 Great story man. I wonder if you had got off the train after him, whether you might have been able to fetch the bottle from wherever he deposited it. Perhaps even while it was still warm…
  6. Hi Bert. I’m new here. Love that you are into getting caught peeing in public. I’d enjoy catching you in the act, with your dick out, mid-flow.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. Still exploring and finding my feet on here.
  8. Sounds good. Do you get to see much of it where you live? Do you just like to watch or more?
  9. Thanks @Pisslover40 for the warm welcome. Warm is how I like it. 😉
  10. Gay male here. 35 years old and in good shape. I’ve been a huge enthusiast for guys pissing, for longer than I can remember. Say hi!
  11. Wow what a great thread. The Dante is insane. I like how he describes getting his dick out, and also hope he characterises the fetish of being pissed on as something you are damned to be hooked on forever once you get started. @Gotah thank you for the excellent translation. I’m curious to know @PuddingPipeTree whether you continued with Ulysses past episode 4 and found any other interesting passages?
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