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  1. great job, it’s hot One in the car would be hot
  2. If you are enjoying writing it that’s the most important thing. Why else are you writing it. 🙂
  3. Curious about what happens next 😉
  4. Write a story about Several young hot women need to pee at a house party after a number of drinks, but the bathroom is full so they decided to find a naughty place to let go what will leave a mark It was a wild and crazy party, and the drinks were flowing freely. Several of the young women had had a few too many and were feeling the urgent need to use the bathroom. They made their way to the bathroom, only to find that it was already occupied. Frustrated and desperate, they began to search for other options. As they were wandering around the house, one of the women had a mis
  5. Alternative ending Sarah giggled to herself as she replaced the cushions and went about her day. She couldn't believe that she was using the couch as a toilet, but it was just too tempting to resist. She made a mental note to always make sure the bathroom was available before she needed it in the future... but deep down, she knew that she would probably end up using the couch cushions again. Over the course of the weekend, Sarah found herself using more and more naughty places in the Airbnb as makeshift toilets. She peed in the kitchen sink, in the bathtub, and even in the bed
  6. One more. Write about a young woman in an Airbnb who needs to pee, but has to find another place because the bathroom is locked. She decides it’s fun and picks a particularly bad place. A young woman named Sarah was staying at an Airbnb for the weekend. She had been out exploring the city all day, walking through bustling streets and crowded markets. She had been so caught up in the excitement of it all that she hadn't realized just how dehydrated she had become. As she returned to the Airbnb, she suddenly felt a surge of urgency wash over her. She needed to use the bathro
  7. Another one (I’m just going to put the original prompt and final story here) Write a story about a young woman who needs to pee in a parking garage and uses an open car As soon as Jennifer stepped off the elevator and into the parking garage, she knew she was in trouble. She had drunk more water than usual that day, and now she desperately needed to pee. She looked around, hoping to find a bathroom, but there was none in sight. The only options were the dirty concrete walls or the cars parked on either side of her. Jennifer knew she couldn't just go anywhere. She was a yo
  8. Here is a story I had it generate. (Has a few iterations) Write a story about a woman needing to pee in a hotel conference room Once there was a woman named Sarah who was attending a conference at a fancy hotel. She had been listening to lectures all morning and her bladder was feeling the strain. Unfortunately, the conference room was in the middle of a session and Sarah didn't want to be rude and disrupt the speaker by leaving the room. As the minutes ticked by, Sarah found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what was being said. She crossed her legs and tried t
  9. Nice story. Hope you write more about what happens next 🙂
  10. Wow! That’s an incredible story!! Would loved to have been in that taxi with you!
  11. I’d love to hear any stories people have of naughty peeing at house parties. Have you ever needed to go too badly to wait for the bathroom and snuck into an empty room to pee on the carpet or bed? Or maybe you were in a room getting sexy with someone when they decided to take a piss in there instead of heading back through the party to get to a bathroom. The most I’ve done is pee into a drawer in the bathroom at a party. I was in there and thought it would be hot to relieve myself somewhere other than the toilet so I opened an empty drawer of the cabinet and let my piss out into it.
  12. Awesome start! Hope to read more of her crazy piss adventures!
  13. Would love to read more of these if you write another 🙂
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