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    Well its pretty simple I like to see and hear women pee...and guys. Its a MAJOR turn on!!!

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    Watching it and Listening to it

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  1. Omg...that's so hot...makes me wish I could have been there to experience that with you!!!
  2. I just like to see it flow...but if she's desperate and it comes gushing out that's just a plus.
  3. Ok this is a question I want to know and this happened to my wife. Long story short me and my family were on a road trip stopped at a Burger King/gas station my wife knows about my pee fetish. Anyway her and my daughter go into the bathroom I noticed a lady went in a few minutes before they did. I'm a good 7-8 feet from the restroom door now take note I know the sound of my wife's pee stream. So as I'm there waiting on them to come out I hear a extremely strong pee stream it was so loud it was like the restroom door and the stall door was open. So my wife and daughter come out standing next to
  4. Omg that was a amazing video...great pee stream and a beautiful "peter" too....
  5. Well for me...I was in high school and worked at a grocery store as a bag boy part of the job was to clean the bathrooms and everytime a woman shopper or co worker would come in there while i was in there. Luckily I wore a apron....but from then on out i would want to be in there all the time if I could just to hear women peeing. Some didnt care and some did...and hell some didnt even close the door to the stall. But to this day I still love to see and hear a woman pee.
  6. So...what is it about pee that you all like and love so much? And when did your discover that peeing turned you on??
  7. Hello everyone I'm new to this site and found out about it from a friend who enjoys the pee fetish loke myself. And I really like the videos and stories on here!!!
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