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    I adore pee and masturbation

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  1. I love pee in my mouth and on my face while I am lying in the bathtub
  2. Heather your experience is very exciting. Actually I have done the same several times. Pissing on the floor through my panties, then sitting on the floor and mopping the pee with my panties while wearing them, licking the remaining piss from the floor
  3. I am not very much in drinking my pee from a cup, but I have done this sometimes while I have pissed in my panties (or boxers) and masturbating through them. I do drink a lot of water so my pee is very clear and I love the taste especially while is still warm but it's not so exciting to me like wetting my panties, But when I am in the mood I can drink 2-3 cups of my pee in one session
  4. I pee in the sea every time. Before one month i peed in my sand chair too.
  5. About 10-11 times per week since i divorced. I don't masturbate every day, i do it about 4 or 5 times per week but the days i do i usually masturbate 2-3 times. But even the days i don't cum, i edge except if i am very tired
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