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  1. This thread will help you get used to using PeeFans and its features. If after viewing this you still have a question, please do reach out. You can either post a new thread in the 'PeeFans News, Ideas & Help' section, or you can directly send me (Admin) a private message. Firstly, PeeFans.com is fundamentally a community forum. We have different sections related to pee where all registered members can post their own content. This includes: Pictures, Videos, Stories and lots more. You can access all of these sections from the main page - PeeFans.com - which is always accessible f
  2. I am pleased to say PeeFans is at a level where there's so much content posted you could easily miss some greats posts just by browsing the forum the standard way. This is where a very handy feature called 'Activity Streams' comes in. Firstly, the site activity stream - of everything happening on the site - can be accessed easily from the main navigation bar by pressing 'activity'. However, hold your mouse over 'activity' and you'll also be able to view unread content, the content specifically you started, and a page called 'my activity streams'. From here, you can create customised
  3. If you've followed the short instructions sent and paid for either 3 months or 12 months of gold membership, please allow me some time to upgrade your account. I will do this as soon as I am online, which is regularly, but unfortunately can take a day or so (usually much faster). Once I have performed this upgrade, you will instantly be able to do/access the following: Access to PeeFans Official Video Gallery (click here) Access to NEW & Exclusive Pee Videos From Member Of This Forum (Spywareonya) in Full HD (click here) Access to The Gold Mem
  4. Every single day, one member of the forum wins an award. This is automatic, and determined entirely by who receives the most reactions to their posts. This will show on their profile. You can see current standings, previous winners, and far more at: http://peefans.com/index.php?/leaderboard/ Remember, reactions are a way of showing appreciation for posts you like by marking it with 'a thanks', 'like, 'love', 'laugh', 'cheeky', 'hot' reaction depending on which is most relevant. You give a reaction by clicking the relevant reaction icon in the corner of every post.
  5. This one might be a little obvious, but it's easy to think of PeeFans as just a forum - that is after all the central point of this community. However, don't forget about our: Chatbox (live chat with other pee fans) Private messaging (one-to-one private chat, or even group inboxes) Calendar (a list of all member birthdays) Our 'Off-Topic' Sections (technically part of the forum, but designated areas for content other than pee stuff - just in case you want a break!) Plus lots more you'll find just by browsing! Remember to keep an eye on the main page of the si
  6. You've probably seen the search bar at the top of the site, but don't forget to use our advanced search function to help find more specific content. You can filter by specific member, section etc. This is also where tags come in handy, so please remember to add appropriate tags when creating a new thread.
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