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Tutorial Gold Membership - "I've just paid, now what?" (A reminder of what you can now do/access)

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If you've followed the short instructions sent and paid for either 3 months or 12 months of gold membership, please allow me some time to upgrade your account. I will do this as soon as I am online, which is regularly, but unfortunately can take a day or so (usually much faster). 

Once I have performed this upgrade, you will instantly be able to do/access the following:



Access to PeeFans Official Video Gallery (click here)

Access to NEW & Exclusive Pee Videos From Member Of This Forum (Spywareonya) in Full HD (click here)

Access to The Gold Member Lounge + Archive (click here)

(There's handy links directly to all three of these on the main page of PeeFans).


You no longer see any adverts, banners, or messages about upgrading etc - the forum is tidy again!

You can change how the forum looks - press the 'Theme' button on the bottom of any page of PeeFans!

You can edit and delete your posts at any time - the 72 hour limit is removed! 

Unlimited Private Conversations! (Including group convos, unlimited inbox space & image attachments!)

Private Live One-to-one chats (Facebook Messenger style)

Gold Coloured Username & Gold Member Rank! (or this can be disabled if you would prefer, please just ask)

Change Your Forum Username & Title In Your Account Settings!

Priority support - you will be heard first!

PeeFans Will Continue To Run & Improve! This site would not exist without you. Seriously: thank you!

& more... (with new perks always being added!)

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