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Tutorial Advanced Searching Can Help You Find What You're Looking For

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You've probably seen the search bar at the top of the site, but don't forget to use our advanced search function to help find more specific content. You can filter by specific member, section etc. 

This is also where tags come in handy, so please remember to add appropriate tags when creating a new thread.

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Please note, that the page you are on will affect the search. For example, searching from this page will only search this thread (useful if it were a particularly long thread) unless you change the setting. Likewise, searching while on the homepage of a club will only search that club, not the entire website (as would happen if you searched from the main homepage).

Remember, if looking specifically for a member, change the drop down menu next to the search bar accordingly. Doing an empty search with 'member' selected should show a list of every member registered. 

If struggling to find something specific, try playing around with the settings on advanced search, and feel free to ask if that doesn't work. 

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