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    Bi-curious, occasional crossdresser, self-wetter + rock music fan

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  1. https://www.erome.com/a/NJeuIvnx Got myself a new account at erome. Hope you enjoy this...
  2. Had to delete my erome account as my wife found the vid when i carelessly left my browser open when I left the room for a minute 😞 Fortunately she doesn't know about my peefans account so hopefully I can upload a new video soon. Let's just say it was an interesting conversation that day -- the wife is not a porn fan and deffo not a pee fan...
  3. I used to occasionally pee into an empty 2ltr mineral water bottle -- without spilling! That was a few years ago when my wife wd go to bed around 9pm and I wd stay up for a couple of hours watching soft porn and posting nude selfies on Tumblr (back before they cleaned up the site 😞 ) I used the bottles so i didn't have to go upstairs for the toilet and risk waking her up. My favourite is to pee into a wine glass or other drinking glass or maybe a porcelain teacup and then to 'decant' the pee onto myself as i am into what I call 'self-anointing' with my own fresh pee...
  4. Sometimes in the bathroom I will pee into a wine glass. I will gradually trickle the contents of the glass over my genital area, enjoying the warmth of the liquid and feeling myself getting hard. Then I will massage the rest of the pee into my cock... and finish up by masturbating. It doesn't take long for me to blow my load in these circumstances... Maybe I should make a video?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have, since asking my question, actually registered with erome.com so, when I'm ready, I'll be using that hopefully :)
  6. Very nice cock and a good pee. Suggest poss peeing in a pair of ladies knickers next, if ur ok with that?
  7. Urine is often a deeper yellow first thing in the morning. After you rehydrate during the day it gets nearer to being almost clear. Just one of those things...
  8. If I'm getting the old split stream problem, i usually stand to one side of the toilet rather than in front. Generally stops splashes. Also good idea to actually raise the seat...lol, you can tell I'm a proper educated geezer now right 😉
  9. Usually unzip and pull it out. If I'm wearing shorts i just pull out over the top or sometimes out via the leg -- always the right leg, never the left, lol
  10. 50yo Brit guy here, like to pee on myself at bathtime. I think I might like this place 😉
  11. Is imgbox.com ok to use for my videos? AFAIK it has some advertising but no pop-ups. Advice welcome, TIA 🙂
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