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    • Hi. I read that pee is a fetish that is most often triggered by something specific, even if it's not until years later that you realise where it came from. Interested to know whether you can pinpoint a moment that set you off on this path.  Here is my story which I'm sure (alongside another which I have written about previously) led to my fascination. As I said, love to hear your thoughts and your experience -  My parents used to have some friends who had kids the same ages as myself and my older sister. Every few months we'd go over to their house. Our parents would go out for dinner, and us teenagers would stop in to watch videos, eat sweets etc. Later on, the older siblings went off to university, leaving just me and their daughter of the same age. At the time, as teenagers we were into playing video games, so we spent hours doing that. Their daughter used to love them and really couldn't stop giggling as we were playing.  She'd complain every now and again that her giggling got so bad that she would wet herself a little, and occasionally she'd have to go off and change her pants where she had leaked. I remember one time her asking me to look to see if she had wet herself, and bending over in front of me in her jeans so that I could tell her if she had. Looking back, I think she was coming on to me (I think she was probably a bit more mature than me) but at the time I didn't really realise so took the request to look at face value. Nevertheless it was quite amazing to have a girl of my age stand in front of my and ask me to look at her bum. I said that it was impossible to see through the thick material, so with a little daring she pulled the top of her jeans down over her ass. I can still vividly remember that sight, first time, her pink comfortable cotton knickers, her legs pressed together so the bulge of her panty covered pussy poked out from under her ass. She had leaked pee slightly so that area was darker and moist, and a damp patch was making it's way along the groove, then slightly off to one side. It was an amazing sight for a young lad, and both perfectly innocent that there was such a fetish. Thinking about the missed opportunity still hurts me. Especially since that was one of the last time I saw her. Our parents were less friendly for whatever reason, and we at the ages where we stopped coming along anyway.
    • Another great chapter. Hope the series continues.
    • Thanks everybody! My DMs are open if anyone ever wants to chat!
    • Hi and welcome from the uk!
    • A public service definitely.  The more ladies realise that it is OK and natural to pee outside, the better.   I am also sure that you enjoyed both the experience of seeing your friend peeing and the opportunity to demonstrate that you pee outside in a natural situation.   I dare say you will not hesitate to do the same with her again in the future and now she has seen you peeing, you could instigate it without any concerns.
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