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  1. For me currently it's seeing a women pee with her legs closed and sitting down. I've found several vids of women peeing in bed laying down but I love thinking about peeing with her legs closed in a sitting position, preferably on a chair or couch, just letting it flow in her own lap. I like the nonchalantness of it.
  2. I'm personally really happy with the moderation you guys do. I like the fact that, despite this being a site with people having a taboo kink, it feels like a safe place and a really wholesome and supportive community. I think if this site would have been more like a dating site, it would only be a matter of when abusive situations would arise, not if. Everyone should remember that it's these moderators and admin that make Peefans what it is. Without them, it could have just as easily been a cesspit of lurkers with no good intentions at all. And to those who really believe meeting up via the i
  3. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. Never been a huge Gorillaz fan but this song always stuck with me.
  4. So I personally like this idea of having a lady tell me when and where to go, as I love being challenged in a naughty way. I've even looked for videos like that but the ones I did find were too dominant in nature for my taste. I don't like being "humiliated" so much as I like the idea of having a mutual interest in naughty pees. I'd personally love it if a woman in a naughty mood would ask me to pee somewhere for her pleasure, just for the sake of both enjoying it. How do you feel about that? Have you ever experienced something like that? For me it would increase the overall naughtiness of tak
  5. Man I wish that would happen to me. Sounds like a very hot experience!
  6. I LOVE chess myself. For me it's the ultimate thinking game lol. Though it is also very frustrating if you've played hundreds of games, really trying to improve and then still end up blundering.. But that is also simultaneously the thing I love about chess; You can play chess for years and still learn new tactics, lessons and gambits every day!
  7. Welcome to the club @QueenRami! I've watched some of your pornhub videos and they are without a doubt amazing 😍 I'm sure many here, myself included, can relate to never having found a partner who also has a pee kink. This community is definitely the second best thing in my opinion though!
  8. I'd say it'd still be as hot for me as it is now. Even if it would be "accepted", others would still not know it's a huge turn on for me to watch a woman pee for example. I'd still enjoy peeing myself to turn myself on too I think. I'd definitely do more naughty peeing, like peeing indoors or on myself just to have that indescribable feeling. I guess it would be much easier to tell who's really into it because they'd keep staring despite it being normal haha. Peeing in public would definitely feel much less like a thrill to me though.
  9. Definitely discreet for me. Though if someone catches me by accident I'd think that'd be hot too. I wouldn't go out of my way to find a risky spot though. Ironic, since I do love watching women take a risky pee. 😜
  10. Amazing videos @Baby_ennie! Would love to see you pee off your bed. Was thinking of doing the same later lol.
  11. Includes female holding/desperation/wetting and masturbating Warning: long(ish) story This is my first time writing a pee story so let me know what you think and hope you enjoy! This is a story about Nina. Nina is a 25 year old German with brown eyes and long brown hair. She has a slim athletic body and thanks to her running and yoga habit, she has the most beautiful legs to ever walk this earth. Still studying to become a surgeon, Nina is a busy girl and she never really has time for serious relationships. That being said, it never stopped her from fulfilling her own needs
  12. @JDGI've been in multiple situations with my ex where I could've been in that same boat too. Im glad to hear you've found a way to talk it through and come to an understanding though!
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