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  1. I'm not sure about complimenting but I've started the occasional laughing fit amongst my friends when I would pee for more than 2 minutes and they couldn't believe I was still not finished 😛
  2. Both, but usually a tree unless that would be super public. I don't know why I choose trees but it's somehow very natural to do that lol.
  3. This next one is seriously something else, this guy plays guitar like no one else. Videos like this truly show the difference between a guitar player and an artist!
  4. The smell of chicken soup always kind of reminds me of urine lol.
  5. I like toying around with coding projects, raspberry pi builds, pulling electronics apart to see how they work and stuff like that. I also enjoy reading and creative writing, though I don't consider myself a good writer lol.
  6. My family didn't have an influence on that, though I did have an experience at a very very young age with a girl on my block. It wasn't anything inappropriate but it did plant the seed that peeing could be naughty. Though shortly after that I had a real accident in church where I totally flooded myself, which is one of my most embarrassing memories to this day lol - I do NOT have any fond memories of that moment at all. So I'm pretty curious too how that all added up to become a pee fetish, or if it even had anything to do with it at all. I wonder if a fetish is something you "choos
  7. To me, it's a huge turn off to see an actress who doesn't really enjoy herself or is obviously following a very detailed set of instructions. That's why I mostly love the amateur solo content. I would much rather pay for a video of something unique that a performer came up with herself.
  8. Yeah that was definitely a fun experience! 😁 I liked that I had visibly wet shorts that time but it wasn't suspicious because they were swimming shorts. I've actually always worn boxer shorts for as long as I can remember, briefs are a little tight for my taste. I like the ones from on that ass (no I'm not sponsored lol). They're nicely snug but still comfortable - perfect for wetting imo. And I like any absorbent fabric, because I like seeing the fabric getting wet (though not when I do outdoor wetting).
  9. I agree, amateur is my preferred type as well and nothing is hotter than seeing a woman who is genuinely into it
  10. I love sneaky wetting! I posted a reply on another post where I detailed that I love wearing black soccer pants, as they barely show any signs of being wet (unless you're going for visibly wet ;). I like to go to a park or outside in my back yard and wetting myself there or on my way home from groceries. One of the naughtier wettings I've done is after I went swimming in a public lake. I didn't change out of my swimming shorts and rode my bicycle home, but got quite desperate to pee on the way. So when I had to stop for a traffic light, I looked around and nobody was close by and
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