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  1. - Peeing in my wife's mouth (her begging for it, or my demanding it adds to this one) - Watching her wet herself - Wife peeing while I eat her out - watching her pee on herself (in her own mouth) - Wife peeing on my dick, then blowing me
  2. What is some piss related dirty talk that you just love to hear? 😊
  3. Wife and I have a free weekend coming up. Both want to make it kinky. She suggested (to my surprise!) that the only place we'd be allowed to piss is on each other, which sounds awesome! Just looking for other fun suggestions... Thoughts?
  4. I noticed my wife really focused on herself in the bathroom mirror first thing this morning. Quickly scooting up behind her I gave her a big bear hug, lifting her off the floor. She shrieked, giggled, and yelled "Oh No!" as I squeezed. I almost immediately felt the front of my shirt and pants get warm and wet. She was also still in her pj's. For around 30-45 second she soaked us both before I put her down. She had gone in to pee but got distracted. Oops...lol. She hopped in the shower and I cleaned up the spill.
  5. We've incorporated piss many times since, and she is cool with it. I am always the one initiating, though that is for sex in general, not just piss related. She seems to be allergic to initiating.
  6. What was your first piss play experience with another person like? I had expressed interest and my wife was happy to play along. We had discussed kinks and I think she realised that in the scheme of fetishes, piss was actually quite tame and harmless compared to others. Our first time had me between my her legs eating her out. Once sufficiently turned on she pissed over my face and mouth which culminated in an orgasm for her. I tired to return the favour during a blow job but was unable to until after I came. After blowing my load on her face I was able to wash it off with piss. She
  7. Just found this site... Has likely been shared before, but regardless - https://pisshamster.com/
  8. I would love to see my wife wet herself on purpose, and just engage more pissing in general. She has always been incredibly shy and self-conscious in all things sex related. While somewhat vanilla, she has always enjoyed it, and other things we do, but only if I am the instigator. She will never, ever start anything herself... not even regular plain sex, let alone pissing.
  9. Honesty and open communication - which brought with it the realization that in the scheme of fetishes and fantasies, even the most common ones, piss is actually incredibly tame and utterly harmless.
  10. Do you play any pee games/challenges with your significant other? Just something lighthearted and fun to do throughout the day, whether together or apart. My wife is quite vanilla, but is always willing to entertain my kinks, which is awesome. So I'm looking for some inspiration to try and engage her in this more and make fun for her too.
  11. 1) Peeing on a partner - 10 2) Being peed on by a partner - 9 3) Peeing in your partner's face - 10 4) Having your own face peed on - 9 5) Having your partner drink your pee from the source - 10 6) Drinking your partner's pee from the source - 9 7) Watching your partner piss all over the carpet - 1 😎 Yourself pissing all over the carpet in front of your partner - 1 9) Wetting yourself while your partner watches - 1 10) Watching your partner wet him/her self - 10 11) Having your partner hold your dick/part your labia while you pee - 8 12) B
  12. I'm getting a bit carried away reminiscing. I just joined the site and am remembering all of the situations and such that lead me here, and to this fetish. I used to work for a recreational facility. The vast majority of our clientele were male, but we also hosted female tournaments a handful of times per year. Part of my job was to clean out the change rooms after each rental. We asked that the rooms be vacated within 30 minutes of the end of the rental. For whatever reason the rooms were always significantly worse after womens events than mens, especially the washroom. Anyway, we
  13. Another incident (one of many that eventually lead me here) was when my wife was having some fainting spells early on in our marriage. It was quite worrisome at the time, but turned out to be quite minor and easily corrected. We often joke about it now. Anyway, she would occasionally become light headed and pass out. On several occassions I found myself catching her on her way down. As can often happen when one looses consciousness, she would loose bladder control; so she would soak herself and me as well. She would wake soon after to find us both sitting on the floor in a puddle of pee.
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