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  1. great story my wife gladly pisses in my mouth the other night she went out with the girls she got back late i asked her what she had been drinking she said lager wine and gin she peeled off her jeans and thong straddled the bath i got underneath her warm pussy and she let out a huge power stream it tasted fantastic nice clear and sweet i reckon that it was from the gin
  2. I've seen another video of same girl peeing off the balcony of her apartment and it's 5 minutes up the road from this roundabout so obviously a dirty brummie pisser
  3. yes a good few times and i will name them too outdoors at attingham park Shrewsbury and a club in st ives called Isobar where we were rumbled came out to a cheer and also the womens toilets at the masons arms solihull and bar censa also solihull
  4. that girl is peeing in the middle of pagoda island in birmingham city centre
  5. jeese women in jodphurs send me mad
  6. hi greedy needy girl I'm surprised i havnt seen you as i drive between Henley and Preston often I'm going to keep my eyes open for you lol
  7. good man i drink it outside in the bath anywhere i don't care just love drinking the wife's piss
  8. my wife went out with friends one night i knew she would be drinking a variety of alcohol mostly wine maybe him i also she always needs to pee lots with drink i was rock hard in bed thinking of her out in her tight white jeans with her shapely bum getting nice and hot in them i couldn't sleep so when I heard the front door open about 1 in the morning i heard her coming up the stairs i ran into the bathroom and lay down in the bath she walked in and said why arnt you asleep i said I've been thinking about you needing a big piss when you get home now take off your boots peel off your clothes she did she put a food on each side of the bath squatted over my belly and unleashed a huge torrent of warm sweet pee i drank probably 90 percent of it .It was like a power jet i was covered boy it tasted bloody good i licked he pussy clean whilst I blew my stack had a shower and went to bed after i shagged her senceless
  9. yes many times in the ladies what a thrill got caught in a bar in st Ives got a knock on the cubicle door we went upstairs back into the bar and got a round of appl6
  10. Hi I am from MIdlands too, nice to sort of meet, well on here !!

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. i never go for the first morning pee horrible after that fine
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