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  1. piss licker

    Ever drank urine?

    bloody superb
  2. piss licker

    My Husband is obsessed lolol

    good man i drink it outside in the bath anywhere i don't care just love drinking the wife's piss
  3. piss licker

    Ever drank urine?

    my wife went out with friends one night i knew she would be drinking a variety of alcohol mostly wine maybe him i also she always needs to pee lots with drink i was rock hard in bed thinking of her out in her tight white jeans with her shapely bum getting nice and hot in them i couldn't sleep so when I heard the front door open about 1 in the morning i heard her coming up the stairs i ran into the bathroom and lay down in the bath she walked in and said why arnt you asleep i said I've been thinking about you needing a big piss when you get home now take off your boots peel off your clothes she did she put a food on each side of the bath squatted over my belly and unleashed a huge torrent of warm sweet pee i drank probably 90 percent of it .It was like a power jet i was covered boy it tasted bloody good i licked he pussy clean whilst I blew my stack had a shower and went to bed after i shagged her senceless
  4. piss licker

    Sex in a Public Toilet

    yes many times in the ladies what a thrill got caught in a bar in st Ives got a knock on the cubicle door we went upstairs back into the bar and got a round of appl6
  5. Hi I am from MIdlands too, nice to sort of meet, well on here !!

  6. Happy Birthday

  7. piss licker

    Pee drinking.

    i never go for the first morning pee horrible after that fine
  8. piss licker

    Midlands newbe

  9. piss licker

    Midlands newbe

    Hi fellow pee lovers good to meet you all and look forward to writing and listening to real stories about pee
  10. piss licker

    Pee drinking.

    Hi im very lucky i love drinking my wifes pee especialy in the summer when weve been out and had a lot of wine we will go in the garden on the lawn and i get her to squat over me facing away from me so i can see her sexy arse and then she just lets go and i try to swallow the lot but i do spill some i cant explain how it makes me feel to see her piss gushing out of her shaven pussy i lick it clean and then we have great sex
  11. piss licker

    Gin drinking pee surprise

    Let me tell you about a fun night last weekend that involved gin my fantastic wife and lots of pee my wife had been threatening to go to the local salon to get her pussy waxed i wanted her to go bald but we settled on a nice brazilian strip .Finally she went and got it done i was very excited to see the new shaven haven but she wouldnt let me have a peek told me id got to wait well im not noted for my patience and pulled a face mean very mean i said to her .That evening our next door neighbour steph who lives next door on her own invited the wife round for a few gin and tonics ,I could hear them laughing and giggling next door and for some reason i was feeling realy horny thinking about her newly shaved pussy 4 hours later she arrived back next to me in a rather jolly state they had drank a whole bottle off gin mixed with tonic between them as soon as she walked through the door she complained she was desperate for a pee.Now before we go any futher let me describe our views on watersports im hooked i love being peed on love seeing women fills it fills me with excitement that i cant explain the wife doesnt get it but will do it for me cuz she loves me but shes growing into it slowly even wetting her jeans standing in the bath. So lets carry on after complaining she needed to wee i put my arms around her my cock was rock hard we had an urge to have sex i sat her on the edge of the dining table pulled her thong off stripped off myself i entered her and she said i realy need to pee i was eating her pussy and she let a little squirt out into my mouth my heart was pumping she said not in here i will flood the kitchen so we went out into the garden .She said she was bursting not surprising after telling me how much she had drank i lay on my back on the patio she how do you want me to piss on you i said now im.lying down stand and hover over me with your bum sticking out i want to see your piss gushing from your pee hole well i couldnt belive it i opened my mouth and a huge torrent of piss filled my mouth i was swallowing it as fast as i could take it and still spilling some she pause and let out another gush shook.her arse a few times to drip dry now was was amazing about drinking this pee was usually her wee is salty but this was just like drinking water i think the gin must have cleared it nutrilized it i wiped her pussy clean licked up the dribble off her thighs and we went inside and fucked her so hard she came on four different occasions and even got a little drink later lying on the living room carpet what a night