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  1. As a farmer myself, i can confirm its rare to find a toilet on many farms/yards. I have become quite used to having a wee with livestock watching, or hiding behind a shed/hay bales/tractors!
  2. I've been here for a long time but have never been brave enough to post, and often don't get round to responding to any messages as its rare I get much time to myself. But I thought I would share my wee at the park which went terribly wrong! So I took my daughter to the park for a walk, and a play on the swings. After we had a walk around, I started to get really desperate for a wee, but thought I would try and hold on untill I got home. There were probaby about 10 others walking their dogs etc in the park. As soon as I got to the swings, it suddenly hit me that I just couldn't h
  3. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for nearly 2 years now. I've finally taken the plunge to become active on here and hopefully get to speak to likeminded people as well sharing my own experiences. Looking forward to this new step! Hope you're all well!
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