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  1. Hi and a huge welcome to the community. Do shout up with any questions as you find your way around.
  2. I have thought similar and have expressed the same to a bisexual friend here in the past.
  3. Huge Happy, Happy, Happy (Have-a-Pee) Birthday wishes to @wilbur
  4. You're all beating me by a good 20-30 seconds - great efforts. Full kudos to you and your bladders.
  5. I don't want to stray further from the original topic - but just to pick up on a couple of points there... I'm not going to disagree that most of us want Peefans to be fun, encouraging and welcoming for all. The responsibility doesn't just lie with Admin though - or more accurately Staff which comprises Admin and moderators. Reviewing every post 24/7 would be a near impossible task. I only spotted the comments in question after the event as I was enjoying browsing the topic myself, and did take appropriate action by removing them. But EVERYONE can play their part and help in that
  6. It's not like you peed in his favourite glass, emptied it out and then he drank his beer from it without knowing what had gone before is it? Like others have said, a few drops of wee along with water from the shower - there's only you would know. I guess you could have said 'sorry, I should have put that towel in the laundry, I used it when I showered - but hey, we've shared enough DNA anyway, what's a little bit more...' and if he questioned what you meant, you can comment on drying your lady parts - he doesn't need to know why they were wet.
  7. < Public service announcement - I'll admit to being naive enough to have to look it up: Clothed Female Naked Male. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=CFNM >
  8. There's a couple of variations on 'in public' here which I find quite fascinating. Some would interpret 'in public' as being in full view of everyone - right on the main street, in the middle of the carnival parade or whatever. And for others it's a case of finding somewhere less visible with less chance of causing offence. Time of day also plays a part I guess. In a busy daytime context whether that be at a park, a busy shopping area or a parade there's more chance of families about and a wider cross section of people, some of whom may be offended enough to alert the authorities. It'
  9. ^^^ ...and even if you don't need to piss, you find yourself looking down every alleyway and side street wondering where would be a good place - and wondering when was the last time someone made that their toilet.
  10. Indeed @jeffpicard totally agreed, and I've just removed the political comment and the thread of discussion that followed it. This thread is indeed intended to celebrate the more mature ladies pee activities. There is no need to draw in politics or discussion about young males shyness. Both are off topic and out of scope here. Rule 16. Please keep your posts politics free. This is meant to be a fun light-hearted community, and is not meant for debates about extremely serious or controversial issues.
  11. Today's another day, another set of candles to light. Have a great one @No Toilet and @Kingfisher28
  12. Happy Birthday to you - hoping you're in the right time zone.... I'm a bit late in the day (sorry!) @pisslover94 @wetguy321
  13. Only thing is - PeePals could be taken as meaning that we’re a site for finding real life pee pals. Twice today already I’ve had to correct that misunderstanding 🤣
  14. Great @Scot_Lover - You two are so lucky to have each other. A wonderful day and thanks for sharing.
  15. It's very regularly stated that we aren't a hookup or a dating site - we're a worldwide community and many people find the site to be unique in supporting respectful and mature chat with like-minded people from all around the world. But arranging real life meet-ups is not what we're about. It's not so much that nobody is interested, it's that it's against site rules, at least until people have grown to know each other through deep friendships.
  16. How's it going @peegirl99 - still hanging on? Or has the dam burst?
  17. What a great way to celebrate a Friday afternoon / evening @peegirl99
  18. It's true the best things come in threes right? Happy Birthday @b2939 @jahman22 @canipee
  19. The post you made last Tuesday mentioning Jeepers Creepers is still there. It's just pretty much all the rest that have been removed - posting just names and 'remove the space' names doesn't help people. If posting a Youtube clip, all you need to do is highlight the address in Youtube and then copy it, and paste into a post. Hit enter and the site here will put the correct clip into your post. Copy the web address from the browser whilst watching the Youtube clip Paste the address into your post and it will automatically pull in the Youtube clip
  20. Today we're celebrating another few birthdays - including one of my very favourite Peefans contributors - a guy with impeccable taste. I'm not going to embarrass him by singling out though. @skyfunk @notme69 @will64 Have an amazing day all.
  21. Happy Birthday wishes to you @Misslittlecutie1 & @UnauthorisedGuy - I'll be raising a still-warm glass to you to celebrate.
  22. @jim fisher - The movies you listed had no links with them, just their clip names which doesn't actually find the clips. For that reason posts tidied up. If you'd like to repost, all you need to do is highlight the name in Youtube (the https://youtube.com/.... address) and then paste it in here. The site will take care of the rest.
  23. What a wonderful day to have a birthday - @BGSB86 - Enjoy the hell out of it.
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