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  1. I definitely fantasise about female pee desperation - with the one proviso that I can't find it at all arousing if the lady at the centre of it doesn't enjoy at least the release at the end of it. If it's just painful and unpleasant for her, or humiliating and traumatic then it's a 'no from me' I'm afraid. But, on a positive note - my brain does seem to conjure up some wild and wacky desperation scenarios, some based on real life sights, others based on just a snippet of comment and some solely based on a girl I know and would not complain at seeing,,, I've written most of them into various fiction - although not for a while I must admit. If you put my name in the search bar you should find them.
  2. I wasn't really thinking to try and match the nerve density in a fingertip, more just a single 'actuator' on each finger, so instead of feeling the touch of five fingers on your skin you'd feel five vibrating stimulations wherever those fingertips touched.
  3. The 'simplest' to implement (as everything is relative) to my engineering mind would be some sort of very thin, flexible comfortable panty liner with embedded wires to detect changes in moisture levels. That would be connected to a small processor which can work out from the rate of change whether a dribble or a spurt of pee has occurred - and monitoring over short durations could monitor that leak soaking away or being followed by a longer trickle, flow or flood. Then the processor could be controlled by a phone app to do various things.... to send a message to the wearer's partner's phone perhaps - come straight home now for some fun? Also perhaps the app could link to a wearable display - perhaps a pretty pendant worn to a restaurant which changes colour or lights up under control of the app, tantalising the partner sitting across the table as to what's happening secretly in front of them. Perhaps the sensor could also be sync'd to a remote vibrator - perhaps worn by the partner such that any leaks give the wearer a very pleasant tingle... My other sex toy idea isn't directly pee related, although could be perfectly used on a partner with full bladder teasing. It may already exist, but basically a very fine light weight silky glove where the fingertips are equipped with tiny haptic type actuators, sort of micro-vibrators which all pulse and vibe randomly and rapidly. The effect could literally be electric, whether stroking a breast and nipple, the ladie's clitoris or guy's balls whilst being pleasured or the thighs and pubic area of a partner absolutely desperate to piss. (There is a video with a girl wearing something much more medieval looking, but I'm thinking subtle...)
  4. indeed - the rest of the world perceives a man who fundamentally seems unable to comprehend or just refuses to believe that he has been outvoted. Further, the world perceives him to be unaware / uncaring that a possible outcome of his constant communications with his target audience could be the biggest civil war ever seen globally and historically.
  5. That's a good summary of the whole problem.... Truth is an absolute, either there was sufficient fraud to change the otherwise natural outcome of the election or there wasn't. What us guys think is totally unrelated to truth and is therefore irrelevant. Our opinions are coloured by our own initial bias and snippets of 'information' however valid or invalid we may be fed with. Democracy is the principle where every eligible individual is provided with the right to cast their vote as they see fit, every eligible individual's vote carries an equal weight and the outcome is determined based on the majority outcome of the vote count. You already know that, so why mention it? Well, one person being swayed by their family, friends or traditions of the district they live in? Is that fraud? That is a republican state, so therefore the majority will vote republican? not in an open democracy. If a sack of postal votes had been missed during the counting (for example) would that be fraud? Well if entirely accidental then no(?) but certainly if a count was going in one direction and the officials, motivated by political bias, didn't want to risk a swing to the other party so chose to not count those votes - then yes that would be fraud. An individual casting a vote in the identity of a deceased relative? Fraud? Yes, an illegal act by the individual - and that vote should be discounted. But how far do you go to determine how widespread that is... Yes there may have been a number of individuals claiming to do that.... it may seem like it was widespread. If you'd seen 40 people admitting they fraudulently did that it would feel corrupt - but out of a voting population of 380,000,000 it would be 0.00001%. So turning that around, to have swing the result by 1% there would have to be 3.8M fraudulent votes across the country. I guess that is where the courts are coming from in each state individually considered - if a party won by 1% in that state and the state has a 4,000,000 eligible voting population there would have to 40,000 fraudulent votes to swing the result from equally tied to a 1% lead. Of course if that party won by a greater margin AND IT WERE TOTALLY DUE TO FRAUDULENT VOTES then the number of fraudulent votes would have to multiply upwards. A 5% win on a 4M voting population would need 200,000 fraudulent votes. If you're talking about votes magically appearing out of thin air, papers changed etc that's a lot! Final point, this is a great video - an advert for a UK newspaper from a long time back... Designed to show how our narrow view of a situation combined with our pre-bias can dramatically affect how we judge a situation. Unless we have the whole picture...
  6. Hi and welcome to the community, your absolutely right - we absolutely pride ourselves on politeness and respect for each other. No issues with piss either, who here doesn't absolutely love a loud hissing, bubbling, splattering piss or for that matter feeling the warming flow of their piss. Almost an absolute though is the absence, to the point where it's almost a shock seeing it on other sites, of all the derogatory terms and their connotations. I can't recall the last time I saw reference to "piss loving slut", "milf", "chubby", "whore" or any of those terms so often used in video titles. It's one thing I love about this community - long may it continue (and it will since it's effectively covered by site rules).
  7. Nice one, lol. Remind's me of another joke... "Ma'am, can I smell your pussy?" ".... No? Ok, it must be your feet then."
  8. Apologies for yet another covid related post - and apologies if this is meaningless to anyone outside the U.K...
  9. What's a pity @Naughtypisswife - is there something you feel is missing or needs improving?
  10. I'm not sure anyone will ever know 'the truth'. A vote was carried out, as is the way in a democracy. That we know. Anything beyond that is surely opinion - clearly the United States is a huge place with many, many millions of people eligible to vote in many thousands of polling stations. Lots of accusations have been made - good luck determining the truth through that - but thank you for remembering the ethos of this site with regards to respect for each other.
  11. RIP Lord Vader. Another disturbance in the force.
  12. Perhaps when all this is over, it could be 'fun' if a trusted group of us all signed onto the same experience day. We don't know each other in real life other than a few clues based on rough ages and hints that we've given here - but there'd most likely be other people on the course though completely independently. So the focus would be on the driving, but if someone commented on needing a wee whilst hanging about waiting their turn, could be amusing deciding who was feigning disinterest for real or not lol. (I know such a meet-up would be unlikely lol)
  13. Indeed - and I thank you and all my true PF friends from the bottom of my heart. Actually, no need to worry though - I must admit to a choice of melancholy tunes, I'd been listening to songs like Guns & Roses November Rain, Bryan Adams Heaven and Bruce Hornsby - but was in quite a good relaxed mood. My wife had headed off to bed leaving me with my Friday evening diet of Sky Arts music documentaries. Brian Johnson had met Sting, the third part of Icon* had been on and then the story of the album was playing when I posted it. Amazing how music can evoke emotions, in this case though no cause for concern. * Icon - Music through the lens - highly recommended for any lover of classic music, the stories from the photographers' mouths.
  14. Great account - thanks so much for sharing. I could well be wrong, but I'd guess perhaps your boyfriend's immediate reaction was one of panic and fear - that by him controlling your bladder at that moment that he'd caused a humiliating accident - him imagining that far from turned on you'd be mad at him and blame him for it. Would be interesting to hear how things progressed from there - did you both laugh about it? Did it put him off participating again? Or has your pee-lationship gone from strength to strength?
  15. Fair enough that I should have to answer my own questions... The thing that's moved most up my priority list - that is the thing that's hit me hardest and I'm missing most - freedom to travel. In general the pandemic has been easy on me, I'm incredibly fortunate I've been on full salary throughout, able to be idle at home initially and then to work either from home or office. But for the last twelve months I've been having to travel to Spain regularly. At the start of this year I was there one weekend in every four or five. The reason I need to be there hasn't diminished, yet the last time I was able to go was July, four months ago. As well, my Facebook feed started showing me photographs taken in New York a couple of years ago - will I ever get there again? Closer to home, we have a caravan, and there's a Facebook group discussing caravan sites. It seems to be weekly that someone points out 'if you're in tier three you can't visit a site in a lower tier'. I swear every time I just about stop myself replying "Yes you ^&*%$& - we've been in tier three since August, thank you so much for smugly reminding me what I can and can't do". (sorry - rant over). The thing that's dropped off my priorities - probably going out in an evening socialising. Don't assume from that I live in the pub every night like some soap opera characters seem to. Perhaps one night every week I'd have gone into our local pub with the same mate, and bumped into half a dozen to a dozen acquaintances. Sometimes we'd jump in the car on a Friday night and see my friends band at their residency venue where we know quite a few passing friends, or I would go on a Saturday night and sort of roadie for the band. I feel desperately sad that all their work is written off - no live music and at the moment no pubs open at all. But personally I'm not really missing it - I seem to have turned into something of a recluse, and it's not really hitting me as much as I expected. So - if you're still awake, hope that's answered that one. Please do keep asking...
  16. I'm sure this must have been posted many times already... How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here.
  17. Forgive my French - but JFDI...
  18. Can't wait! And of course if there's anything you'd like from us - seems only fair.
  19. Fantastic memories... The stuff of dreams. Thanks again for sharing!
  20. You're on! And likewise if you're 'oop north. Will think of a non-PF reason we know each other for my wife's benefit.

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