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    • That is exactly the joke. There's a lot of images of Iran before the Islamic Revolution circulating social media. This one is pretending that this picture was from there/then, implying it was a normal practice before said revolution, even though obviously the actual origins are from elsewhere.
    • Doubt anyone would care if they did, much less make a fuss over it. In school most of the guys peed on the floor in the locker room, even so, I was always hesitant to do so thinking that surely some day they'd get into trouble for doing so. One day my mom overheard my friend teasing me for being the only guy running to the restrooms and started a conversation with me about it later, saying it wasn't a big deal for guys and that my dad and here brothers used to pee in places like that all the time. She added that sometimes it's better to follow the crowd rather than be the odd guy trying to do the right thing. Still I was hesitant, but mom kept after me about it  and brought up the subject around her friends, her sisters and grandma all sharing about where their boys and husbands pee trying to normalize it. It wasn't until the day she was conversing with a friend of hers who happened to work at my school as a night custodian that I finally relaxed about it. Unlike my mom, who goaded me about as much as my friends were,  her friend was understanding about it, saying that while it was considerate of me to think of others and not trash the place, urinating on the floor is harmless as they're going to rinse down and mop the floors every night anyway and went on to say that it's much easier to rinse the floor than it is to clean the toilets and urinals. With that I stopped worrying about getting into trouble and have been peeing on the floor ever since.  
    • Hey everyone, I made an alternate version of @Public P2 story : Halloween party. With the authorisation of the author of course, I made it centered around male pissing which turn me on more than female pissing. This story contains: Male destructive peeing, humiliation, sex, pee drinking and naughty peeing. The story is about the not-so-popular Michel, who is convinced to throw a Halloween party. Only during the party, he quickly gets taken advantage of, as most guests do not bother to use the toilet to relieve themselve Enjoy 😉  The small fire inside the Jack-o'-Lantern didn't stand a chance as it was rudely extinguished by a strong beam of piss coming from above. It came from the big, uncut cock, of a pretty blond boy wearing a Playboy costume. He stood in front of the pumpkin as if it were just a normal toilet, emptying all of his bladder contents into the hollowed pumpkin. The pumpkin soon overflowed and urine started to flow out of its carved-out mouth. The boy soon finished, shook his cock then kicked the pumpkin with his foot, making it fall of the porch right on some flowers crushing them and flooding them in a wave of piss as the pumpkin exploded. He then proceeded to enter the house to attend the Halloween party as if nothing had happened.    The house belonged to Michel; Michel was a bit of a loser and was often picked on in class. He was an only child and lived in a high middle-class neighborhood. A few days prior to the party, Michel had a call with his parents during school break. They told him they would be out of town during Halloween, so he would be responsible for the house. This would have been no problem for him if it were not for Josh, who overheard the phone call. Josh was the one of the popular dudes and knew how big Michel's house was, so as soon as Michel had hung up, Josh took his chance and went to sit with Michel. Before the break had even ended, Josh had managed to manipulate Michel into hosting a Halloween party in his house when his parents were away. Michel was convinced that Josh's plan of hosting a party would give him respect and finally make him one of the popular kids in his school, and with Josh promoting his party, he was sure it would become a success. He had never organized a party before, but what was the worst that could happen?  The next few days Michel could think of nothing else than the party he would be hosting. As soon as his parents left the house, he started preparing. He prepared lots of decorations like skulls, fake cobwebs, and he even made a big Jack-o'-Lantern which he was really proud of. He also bought lots of drinks and snacks, which had all cost him a lot of money, but it would be all worth it because of the respect it would earn him, he thought.   The first guest arrived, and slowly more and more people started coming. Michel was quite nervous since his parents didn't know about the party and he was responsible for the house. Unfortunately, no one really knew Michel, so no one really cared for the property. It started with a group of four guys dressed as Teletubbies passing around a joint in the living room they were seating on the back of the couch with their feet on the place where you would normally sit, their sneakers clearly making the couch dirty. Even though this looked quite goofy, it was not so funny to Michel and he tried to stop them when he saw that they were carelessly spitting on the floor. But before he even asked them to stop, he saw a boy dressed as a lumberjack grab a small glass vase threw the flowers on the floor and hold the vase under his cock, he soon started to piss in it. Michel walked up to him and stammered, “T-the toilets are over there”, “You're funny,” was the dude's response as he placed back the glass vase, now clearly filled with yellow liquid. Michel got really nervous now and was feeling like he was starting to lose control. Not knowing what to do, he decided to first dispose of the vase's contents. He grabbed the vase, feeling the heat of the man's urine radiate through the glass, and proceeded to walk away to the bathroom. The lumberjack just said, “Weirdo,” as he saw Michel walk away with his pee. When he got to the bathroom without hearing any flush, a boy dressed as a tiger walked out, still adjusting his outfit. When Michel entered, he was greeted with a floor covered in toilet paper completely saturated in a big puddle of pee. A man was pissing in the toilet, as he was on his phone he didn’t even try to aim properly and was making a mess with his stream hitting the bowl, as he was getting weaker his stream started hitting the floor but the man didn’t even bother to aim back into the toilets and finished pissing on the floor. After shaking the last drops of urine out of his cock he got out of the bathroom without flushing or washing his hands. Michel poured the contents of the vase into the toilet and started cleaning. He knew he had to keep the toilet clean, otherwise they would make the rest of the house their toilet he thought. Starting to panic, he kneeled down and started to scrape the saturated toilet paper from the floor with his bare hands and flush it down the toilet. When all the paper was gone, he grabbed his towel to soak up the pee on the ground. When he finally finished cleaning, he stormed to his room to be alone and put on some clean clothes. However, when he opened the door, he was almost in shock of what he saw. A couple, both dressed up like vampires, was busy having rough sex right on his bed. The guy grunted, “If you need a slash, just use those drawers; you won't be the first,” he said while still having his dick deep inside the dude. Michel was lost for words. On his knees, he opened his drawers, hoping his clothes would be fine. However, while still trying to ignore the loud moaning of the couple, he discovered all of his clothes were soaked. Michel started to touch his clothes to see how bad it was and hoping to find something dry to put on. As he was doing this, he looked to the side and noticed a guy come to stand next to him. As he was kneeling down, the guy's dick was at eye level with Michel. The guy was not embarrassed to pull out his dick and, without hesitation, started to pee into the drawer. Michel was a bit stunned by this, but quickly snapped back as the guy's pee was directly hitting his hands that were still in the drawer. The dude didn’t seem drunk at all, he just didn’t care that he was using someone’s drawer as a urinal. Michel pulled out his hands from the drawer and stood up, it was at this moment that the vampire dude let out a big moan; he took out his cock and came on Michel’s bed spraying ropes of thick cum all over the sheets with no intention to clean. Michel wanted to yell, but he was too afraid to do anything, so with his head down, he just left the room. In the hallway, he saw a hot-looking Goth boy leave the bedroom of his parents; he opened the door to see that his parent’s bedroom has been turned into a bathroom. Each corners was used by up to three dudes, he could see the big stains on the walls while the wallpaper has started to become wavy, the carped is soaked and can’t absorb anymore piss so it accumulate into big puddles on each corners. Michel was pushed aside by three dudes entering the room, upon seeing that all the spots were taken they opened a closet, took out their cock and started showering all the clothes inside in a rain of beer piss from their cock, they were talking between them paying no attention to the expensive clothes they were so carelessly vandalizing. At this point, Michel had pretty much given up. Trying to hold back tears, he went back to the living room, he saw that peoples were carelessly littering all over the floor, a floor which as now covered with marks of shoes from the guest coming in and out of the garden, but he also saw Josh standing close to a wall in the kitchen. Relieved, Michel walked up to him; sure Josh would be able to help. But when he got closer, he noticed Josh had his dick out and was casually peeing onto the cobwebs, using the decorations he had so carefully put up as his urinal. He paused, he couldn’t help but watch josh’s big, uncut, cock as he was spraying the wall with yellow piss. The stream was destroying the cobwebs and flowing on the wall making a big puddle on the white tile covered floor.   "Hey, dude, great party!" Josh said as soon as he saw Michel, not making any attempt to stop peeing. "Y-you gotta help me," Michel stammered to Josh, "this has gotten out of hand, you have to stop this." "Dude, relax," was Josh's response as he shook off the last drops of urine from his penis. He put it back in his pants and put the hand he was just urinating with on Michel's shoulder. "A-are y-you going to stop this? It's getting out of control," Michel said. "Look man, this party is great and I'm sure a lot of people will help clean up the mess, okay?" Josh lied. This was a bit of a relief to Michel as he was afraid that he would have to clean up everything by himself. "But now it's time for you to party, man, have fun," Josh said. "Come with me, let me introduce you to Eric and Spencer," and he took Michel to the kitchen where two handsome boys were standing. The boy named Eric was a redhead dressed as Mario and Spencer was a blonde wearing a Luigi costume. Eric immediately put one arm around Michel as if he was his friend, "you must be Michel, right?" Michel liked the attention and tried to be cool by telling the dudes he hosted the party. The two guys pretended to be impressed and invited him to drink with them. They went to a more secluded part of the living room and sat on the ground. Spencer had brought a bottle of vodka and asked Michel how much he thought he could drink. Michel, sure to impress the boys, said he could easily drink the whole bottle. So they poured Michel a full glass of pure vodka, and another one, and another. At the third one he really started to feel dizzy but was sure not to give up as he did not want to seem weak in front of the two boys that gave him so much attention. It became harder and harder to understand what was happening around him. At some point he saw a big black dude dressed as a pirate. He pulled his cock out of his pant and turned toward the wall, his ass facing Michel. He let out a thick stream of urine right onto the carpet. Michel was mesmerized and thought about how convenient and easy it was for the dude to just let out a waterfall of his piss not needing to care about any mess or consequences. He was the one now caring the consequences for this dude's actions. He would be the one responsible for cleaning up every drop of urine the black dude had so easily left for him. He got a bit angry at the thought of how easy it would have been for the dude to relieve himself in the toilet but him choosing to urinate right into the carpet of someone else's house and leaving him with a mess that would take him ten times longer to clean than it took him to make. But before he could voice his thoughts on the social injustice the dude dressed as Luigi put a glass in his hand telling him he gave it some of him own honey flavor. Michel did not really understand what he meant but not wanting to look stupid by asking he just thanked him and downed the glass. It did not taste like honey at all and tasted a bit vile and sour. "How did it taste?" the Mario dude asked. Not wanting to offend him, Michel just said "good". Both boys chuckled and the dude in the Luigi costume told him that Eric probably had some more of his honey for him. Michel already heard Eric filling up his glass but was too drunk to care what he was putting in his glass. Michel drank about three more "honey" flavored glasses of vodka before passing out. He was lying on the ground with his eyes closed but could still hear a little bit of what was going on around him. He heard Spencer say "finally" to which Eric responded "too bad I could still fill one more glass, I think". "I still can't believe how easy it was to make him drink your piss," Spencer responded. Then Michel started to hear Josh's voice but not understanding what he said. He could hear Eric say something like "we did what you wanted, can we now have some fun?" to which Josh answered ‘’Sure man, go have fun lol’’, ‘’are you coming?’’ Eric asked, "I’ll catch up, I'm bursting" josh said, just after that Michel felt a warm liquid hitting his head and soaking into his hair but he was too far gone to do anything about it. He heard them all laugh and that was about the last thing he could remember.   He woke up with a terrible headache, lying on the ground in a huge puddle. All of his clothes were completely soaked, meaning quite a few people must have seen his unconscious body as an adequate toilet. At this point he was too weak to stand up and fell asleep on the ground again. What woke him up was a beam of liquid hitting his face. As he opened his eyes, he looked straight up into a hairy dick that was emptying itself right in his face. As the dude was done, he looked down at his toilet, seeing Michel had his eyes open. “That’s the first time that ever woke you up,” the dude said as if it was normal that he was using Michel as a urinal. “But I need to go now, thanks for the party,” he said, walking away. Michel stood up and walked into the main part of the living room which was completely fucked with the floor and walls covered in mud and trash. There were not many people, but there was still a couple having sex on the couch. He walked up to them and asked if they would help him clean. It took some time for them to react, but finally the guy started to grunt, pulled his dick out, and threw the used condom on the small living room table. “Oh, we’re so sorry, but we really need to keep going,” the girl said, adjusting her outfit before heading out. “Yeah, we’re really sorry, but you’ll manage,” the dude said while standing to pee on the couch. Michel was dumbfounded as he looked how a beam of piss came from the dude’s cock’s slit, hitting the couch after just telling him he wouldn’t help cleaning. This lasted a minute with the dude moaning as he soaked the couch with piss, making a small lake at the back of it, “Well, good luck cleaning,” the dude said when he was done pissing and left. There were a few people left, but everyone he asked to help clean turned out to be really busy today. This finally left just Michel to clean the whole house while having a hangover before his parents came home.  
    • Try the living room ! My favourite is to pee onto the carpet while watching TV or something. Maybe try that!
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