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  1. I wonder how much beach peeing goes on in Summer Bay, all that coffee will have to go somewhere.🤣
  2. Great set of stories @paatujo. Any possibility of the girls having another picnic?
  3. Sounds like there could be more pissing as the drinking continues, can't wait to read about them.🙂
  4. Brings a new meaning to water boarding.😉
  5. Another excellent chapter @BeneathMyWillow, looking forward to further exploits as the ski trip continues.🙂
  6. Great set of sightings @Alfresco, keep up the good work posting them.🙂
  7. Great set of diary posts Sophie, always a great read.🙂
  8. Great set of stories @privatewiddle, can't wait for more of Abbie's piss stops.🙂
  9. Great to have the sightings report back Big Bear. 🙂
  10. What gives you that idea Con2h4?😉
  11. This story contains female toilet, male and female outdoor peeing Hi I’m Hanna and thought I share a story of a few lockdown reliefs from a few days ago. A dawn chorus of birdsong had woken me up at the unearthly hour of 4.00 in the morning. After tossing and turning for half an hour, I admitted defeat and decided to get up as with daylight breaking and the sunlight shining into my second floor flat, I knew there was no chance of getting back to sleep. Climbing sleepily out of bed, I made my way across the hall to the bathroom and sliding my knickers down to my knees I sat down on the loo. Almost immediately my morning pee thundered out of me, noisily hissing and then splashing as it hit the water below. I sighed in relief as it continued, enjoying as always my first wee of the day. The volume of this one though surprised me as it hadn’t been that long since my last one. Then I remembered I’d had a few glasses of wine last night and just before bed I’d downed a pint of water as well. What goes in.🤣 Leaning forward for some toilet paper my knickers fell further to my feet and after wiping as I stood up I stepped completely out of them. After flushing the loo and washing my hands, I reached up to open the bathroom window. The morning air felt so refreshing on my exposed muff, I decided not to put my knickers back on and threw them into the laundry basket. Wearing just my long vest top I made my way to the kitchen to make a cup of tea before deciding what to do. One thing I decided straight away was to take advantage of the fact that I had the flat to myself and go commando, not that my flatmate would have objected if she had been there. Having been furloughed, she’d decided to get out of the city and return home for the lockdown. I was still working, mostly from home only going into the office on a rota basis to staff the phones. I was due to be working from home today, so with a good day being forecast, decided to get my days work done early and then take advantage of the good weather and take a walk and spend a bit of time sitting in the nearby park, now that some of the lockdown rules had been relaxed. Switching the computer on I soon got through my work. Working at this time of the morning certainly had its advantages as with no distractions it took about half the time and the dress code was very relaxed. Good job I hadn’t any video conferences booked as I would certainly have flashed my colleagues with something more than a smile. Having said that though, although the hairdressers were still closed, I’d kept everything down there, neatly trimmed, so it would have been a nice view, that some of the blokes would certainly have enjoyed. Finishing up around 8.00 I made a bit of breakfast, had another cup of tea before taking a quick shower. I then dressed in a pair of red bikini briefs, a sports bra, and half length leggings that showed off my shapely legs and ass and finished off the outfit with a white t shirt. Gathering up a few drinking bottles of water, a can of orange, some snacks for lunch and I couple of books, I stuffed these and a blanket into a small backpack, put on my trainers and was out of the house around 9.30 and on the way to the local park. I have to admit that until recently despite having lived in the flat since my last year at university around four years ago, I hadn’t really spent much time in the park or made much use of this great natural resource. Since the lockdown though it had been an absolute godsend and many walks and runs through it had kept me sane. It was a typical city park with a few main paths through the centre, one around it all interlinked with side paths. I had decided to walk round the long path before finding a quite spot at the back to sit and relax and was about three quarters the way round when I felt the first twinge from by bladder that I needed a pee. This wasn’t surprising since I hadn’t gone since I got up. Normally I would have had a pee in the shower, but had forgotten all about it as I was hurrying to get out. Spotting a side path coming up, I nipped down it hoping to find a suitable spot. There wasn’t actually that much cover on this path, but as there weren’t that many people about either, I reckoned I could get away with it. Ducking behind a large tree, I quickly slide my leggings down, which also brought down my briefs due to the tight fit of the material. Dropping into a low squat, a thick jet of pee arced out of my lips, hissing as always, before forming a foaming puddle in the soil at the base of the tree. It was at this point that I realised that anyone coming up the path from the other direction would have had a perfect view of me having a wee, but I don’t think I would have actually cared as I was secretly getting a thrill from this alfresco pee. Finishing up I bounced up a few times before quickly pulling up my leggings and knickers in one go. They hadn’t exactly found the right spot so a few quick adjustments were needed before I headed off again much relieved. Working out where I was, I figured that if I continued on the side path it would take me close to where I wanted to go. I walked on for about another ten minutes and then cut across a small hill and found my spot at the back of the park. It was in a bit of an alcove bordered at the back by some mature trees and thick hedge on the boundary of the park, on one side by a group of young trees, the other by large bushes and at the front a path at the foot of the hill. Being slightly off the beaten track, I knew that even if the park got busier later on this place would be quiet enough and with enough space to allow plenty of social distancing. There were a few other people already there, so I found a nice spot towards the back and unpacked my blanket, lay down and was soon engrossed in my book. Other than occasionally glancing up as I was taking a sip of water from by drink bottle, I wasn’t really paying much attention to those coming and going around me, but had noticed a few people nipping behind the bushes obviously for a wee. Around lunch time it seemed to get slightly busier with a group of late teenage girls sitting down to my right more towards the path for a picnic. It seemed to be the first time they’d met up for a while and they were taking advantage of the new rules, as were an early thirties couple who sat down to my left. I was feeling a bit hungry myself so sat up and started into my lunch. It was at this point that I started to take a bit more notice of my surroundings, but pretending not to be. Firstly I overheard some of the girls saying she was busting for a piss. One of her mates gestured towards the bushes and they were soon on their way behind me to the bushes. They disappeared along a grass path between them and the boundary, emerging a few minutes later looking much more relaxed. Glancing across the path up the small hill I noticed a girl, who to the untrained eye was just sitting just there taking in the view. To an experienced pisser though it was obvious what she was about to do. Taking a quick look round she first flicked her skirt out from under her bum and drew her knees up slightly. Then she reached in under her skirt and slid a white thong out of the way, before a small jet of pee arched slowly from her landing between her legs. As her pee came to an end, she casually slid back adjusting her thong and skirt as she did so. Damn I thought, I should have worn a skirt as my own bladder sent a signal that it would need emptying again soon. There was also a young man exercising on the hill. He might have been with the girl and had been sprinting up and down the hill, but now looked like he was stretching it off with a few low lunges. Again after a quick look round, he pulled the leg of his shorts to the side and reached in releasing his cock slightly. It wasn’t long before a stream of pee was released into the grass a few centimetres below. With a few final spurts he was done and standing up everything disappeared again as cool as you like, without almost anyone noticing. Whilst not really listening in, I couldn’t help but overhearing the girl beside me sounding in a bit of bother. She was busting for a pee, but was telling her partner that she couldn’t go outside. He was trying to convince her go behind the bushes like the other girls had as another two of them reappeared from the path. My ears pricked up more when he said, “well I’m going for a slash even if you’re not”. He then got up and out of the corner of my eye, I watched discretely as he headed off towards the bushes. I was somewhat surprised that he didn’t go down the path but stopped at the corner, pulled the waist band of his shorts down and flipped his dick out. Sipping on my drink bottle, again pretending not to be paying any attention, I watched intensely as he began his pee into the bush. I love watching a pissing cock and was thoroughly enjoying this one, but all too soon he was done and after a few quick shakes, it was tucked away and he returned and sat down again beside his partner. My own bladder was now sending further signals that it needed emptying, but knowing how desperate the other girl must be, I decided to wait a few minutes, before offering her a bit of help with going outside. Trying to be subtle and not make it obvious that I had been listening, about 10 minutes later I got up and heading in their direction I asked, “Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind watching my things as I nip for a wee?” Now there was nothing of any value amongst them and whilst I could have left them quite safely, I thought it might convince her to go if someone else was going. “No problem” replied the bloke. I then heard him say to her “told you there’s no need to be embarrassed, why don’t you go with that girl” and very shortly afterwards she got up and called after me in a low voice “Sorry do you mind if I join you?” “No problem” I replied as she caught up with me at the corner of the bushes. If I had been on my own, I would have stopped and squatted down as soon as I was round the corner, but thought as she was already nervous, a bit more privacy was probably going to be needed, so walked in a bit further and noticed in a cut in the bushes a few discarded tissues where others had already gone so thought this would be ideal. Trying to put her further at ease, I introduced myself. Doing the same she replied “I’m Amy, thanks very much for letting me join you. I’m absolutely busting but couldn’t summon up the courage to go on my own. I normally need to be really drunk before I can pee outside.” Laughing, I replied back “as you might have guessed I can go anytime,” before asking her if she wanted to go first. “No go you ahead, because I will no doubt be a bit pee shy” she replied. I them slipped my leggings down, again bringing my briefs with them and dropped into a low squat. Almost immediately a hissing wee arced out of my lips landing in the grass in front of me. As I had been sipping water all morning I wasn’t surprised that this continued for almost a minute before waning. Amy then offered me a tissue and after wiping, I stood up slowly, this time fishing my knickers out of my leggings before pulling them up and into place. Again I thought watching someone standing comfortably with their pussy on display would encourage her to go. Finally after pulling up my leggings, we swapped places. Amy lowered her denim shorts and pair of black lacy briefs to her knees and dropped into a low squat. As she predicted though she was extremely pee shy and after a couple of minutes, she still hadn’t started. Almost in tears with the agony she was in, she was about to give up, despite my encouragement. Then she said “one last thing to try” as she got up and adopted a high squat with her ass pointing backwards as she leaned forward. Explaining she said “I usually hover over a dirty public loo like this, so hopefully it might trick my bladder into releasing” Sure enough it done the trick and a thick stream of pee erupted out of her neatly trimmed bush shooting behind her. “You certainly needed that” I remarked. “I can’t tell you how good this feels” was her reply as the stream continued backwards into the bushes for at least a minute and a half. Finally empty her stream shut off in the same way it had eventually started. I was certainly the most unusual pee I had witnessed. Making our way out, we passed another couple of the girls from the group with their skirts hitched up and thongs down, busily relieving themselves. They certainly weren’t pee shy and as we passed we smiled at each other, acknowledging fellow naughty pissers. I then made my way back to my blanket and Amy to her partner, the relived expression on her face telling him she had successfully overcome her fear. They stayed there for about another half hour before leaving. As they passed by she whispered “thanks” to which I replied “remember to hover”. She laughed and made her way towards the path. It must have been around 3.00 o’clock when I decided it was time to go. Taking one of the main paths towards home, I noticed a lady coming down a path from the park toilets. I was surprised that they were opened and although I could have waited until I got home, I decided I might as well nip in. It would also give me the chance to wash my hands and then call into the supermarket on the way home and save me going out later. Making my way up the path, I passed the front of the building and continued towards the entrance which was down a short alley at the back between the toilets and a walled garden behind. Rounding the corner, I quickly noticed the locked gate at the end which confirmed what I thought they were still closed. I also noticed quite a few puddles and tissues on the ground in the alley where others discovering the same thing decided to have a wee there anyway as it offered a bit of privacy. I was about to find a dry spot and do the same, but then remembering how Amy had gone early, decided to try the same and shoot a jet of pee out behind me through the locked gate. Sliding my leggings and briefs down, I backed up to the gate and dropped into the hover pose. Knowing my own stream tended to shoot forward, I adjusted slightly sticking my arse out further and thought I better push down a bit harder when my pee started, otherwise I was going to end up with very wet leggings. I needn’t have worried though as soon as I felt my bladder opening I immediately shot a stream of pee backwards out of me through the gate. It only lasted for about 30 seconds, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and vowed to try it again sometime soon. With that I decided I better make tracks and headed home. Don't worry I made sure to wash my hands before going to the supermarket. Despite the early start, it had definitely been an interesting day of lockdown relief. Hope you enjoyed reading about it and look forward to sharing some more experiences soon. Stay safe Hanna
  12. Any chance of a job at the next festival pwpj?
  13. Great comeback to this series peedude.☺️
  14. Great account of the sightings Big Bear, looking forward to hearing more of them.🙂
  15. Great set of sightings Big Bear.🙂

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