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  1. You're on to another winner there @BeneathMyWillow looking forward to the next instalment.🙂
  2. Will second that @wetwulf maybe they can introduce the couple in the next caravan to the convenience of an outdoor pee.
  3. Excellent account of the sightings @Alfresco and thanks for sharing.🙂
  4. Great story, would have loved to have been that guy.🙂
  5. Nothing wrong with a slower burner Kupar, it certainly heated up.😊 Hope the session continues.
  6. Good to read another Kaymala story @BeneathMyWillow. 🙂
  7. Keep up the good work @Qwertyboy, I'm sure there's plenty more peeing adventures to come from these girls.🙂
  8. Great first story @littlebladder, looking forward to hearing more of the girls peeing adventures.🙂
  9. I wonder how much beach peeing goes on in Summer Bay, all that coffee will have to go somewhere.🤣
  10. Great set of stories @paatujo. Any possibility of the girls having another picnic?
  11. Sounds like there could be more pissing as the drinking continues, can't wait to read about them.🙂
  12. Brings a new meaning to water boarding.😉
  13. Another excellent chapter @BeneathMyWillow, looking forward to further exploits as the ski trip continues.🙂
  14. Great set of sightings @Alfresco, keep up the good work posting them.🙂
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