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  1. whiskey35

    The Hostel (A Kaymala Story)

    Absolutely nothing wrong with it @BeneathMyWillow as it is and sets the scene for further parts. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. whiskey35

    On the way home

    *characters have been borrowed from elsewhere, but this story is mine. Background Denise, Claire and Kirsty, are three work colleagues and friends who enjoy their nights out and usual find themselves having a naughty pee somewhere. Denise and Kirsty introduced Claire to this pleasure, to which she is still slightly hesitant, but does participate. Tonight they have been out and about visiting a few bars and clubs, have had quite a few drinks and are in good spirits. They have already had an impromptu pee and have just left the last bar and are making their way home. On the way home As soon as they hit the fresh air the girls realised just how much they’d had to drink and Claire’s bladder gave her a signal that it needed emptying very soon. Looking hopefully back towards the bar they had just left, she seen that the door was firmly closed so going back to nip to the loo wasn’t going to be an option. “Denise, how far is it to the station” she asked, “I’m busting for a wee”. “About five minutes, hon”, came the reply. Claire wasn’t sure if she could last that long and as the girls took their first few steps on the way she knew there wasn’t a chance and started scanning the area to find somewhere to pee. Fortunately just along the street she spotted what looked like an entrance to a service road. As they approached, whether it was the amount she’d had to drink, the urgent need or if she’d finally become used to having a naughty pee when out with the girls, she found herself overcoming her natural shyness and blurted out “hang on a second girls, I’m going to nip in here for a piss” much to the surprise of her friends. “You go for it Claire” a surprised Kirsty replied before exchanging a “she’s definitely one of us now” glances with Denise. Claire meanwhile surprised by her own boldness, had ducked under the barrier at the end of the service road and was looking for somewhere to have her much needed wee. Leaving the brightly lit street behind under a dim security light she found a double door set back slightly in an alcove about 20 metres down. Stepping up into the alcove, she noticed a faint smell of pee, so she wasn’t the first to have pissed here, but would be the first tonight. She was just about to unbutton her skinny jeans when she heard another set of heals clicking down the road. “Don’t worry its only me” shouted Denise, “You know what I’m like once I’ve broke the seal. You don’t mind if I join you?” This nearly sent Claire into a panic, as while she had no problem having a sneaky pee anymore she preferred a bit of privacy. She was nearly going to abort the piss and come back up the road, but decided against it firstly as her friends would have known she hadn’t peed as she wasn’t gone long enough and there was no puddle, but more importantly her bladder simply wouldn’t let her! “No, I’m in a doorway about 20 metres down” she shouted back whilst unbuttoning her jeans and slipping her black silky thong down. She had just dropped into a low squat when Denise stepped up into the doorway. For the second time in a few minutes she surprised herself again as rather than becoming pee shy as she would have expected, a thick shooting jet of pee burst out of her lips missing the step and landing directly on the ground in front of it. “When you said you needed to go, you weren’t joking” Denise remarked as she watched her friend continue her impressive wee. Claire just sighed as she continued enjoying the relief. Denise then joined her slipping her own skinny jeans and red lacey briefs down and dropped into a low squat in the other corner of the doorway. As was normal for her it took a few moments to relax before a weak pee started to drip from her pussy. This soon built up to a steady stream and splattered and hissed noisily to the ground just in front of her strappy heels. Meanwhile Claire was still going strong. Glancing across at Denise, she was secretly enjoying the thrill of being able to pee beside her friend. Eventually though with a couple of spurts she was done and bounced up and down a couple of times before remembering she had a tissue in her pocket. Standing up she took a couple of moments to wipe her neatly trimmed pussy before easing up her thong and jeans. Denise was also done and wiped a few times before standing up to redress. The two girls then stepped carefully out of the alcove avoiding the massive puddle of piss in front of them. Claire’s had formed into a number of river lets running across the yard whilst Denise’s had started running over the edge of the step and making its way to join Claire’s. Taking one last look at their handiwork Denise couldn’t resist teasing Claire slightly by remarking “look at the mess you’ve made you animal” to which Claire just burst into a fit of giggling, before they rejoined Kirsty on the main street. “Are you sure you don’t want to go” Denise asked. “No, I’ll be fine until I get to the station” replied Kirsty. The girls then headed off in the direction of the station, Denise somewhat surprised that Kirsty hadn’t stopped for a pee. Arriving at the station Kirsty was by now absolutely busting and headed straight for the ladies. Claire and Denise checked the board for the train time, which was in 15 minutes, so went looking for a seat on the platform to rest their wary legs whilst they waited. The platform was fairly busy, but they managed to find one about a third of the way down. They had just sat down when they were joined by an exasperated Kirsty. “You’re not going to believe it, but the fucking toilets are locked again! What is it with us and station toilets at night” she continued referring to previous nights out when they had to find alternative places to have a wee. Sitting down, she asked how long the train was going to be, thinking she could wait and go on the train. On hearing it was 15 minutes she knew she was in trouble and regretted not peeing with the others earlier. She contemplated hitching her skirt up and going right there, on the bench, but there were too many people about, so an alternative was required. Looking around there didn’t seem to be much until she noticed on the other platform a guy busy relieving himself at the side of a ticket machine at the far end of the platform. Checking their platform, there was also a ticket machine at the end of a platform so a plan was hatched. “Girls, I need your help as I’m about to wet myself here,” she started. “I’m going to pee beside that ticket machine” she continued, pointing at the machine further down the platform “But I’ll need you to give me a bit of cover.” Denise and Claire glanced in the general direction with Denise expressing a bit of concern “Sure babe, but are you sure, is it not a bit public?” “I don’t care, I’m busting and if that bloke can get away with it so can I” was Kirsty’s response. Getting up they made their way towards the end of the platform. Kirsty was wasting no time and as soon as she got there had her dress hitched up and silky thong down before Denise and Claire were in place. She hadn’t even fully squatted down before a shooting stream of urine erupted out of her shaved pussy. After the initial burst of relief had subsided, Kirsty relaxed slightly and continued shooting out a strong jet of pee which drilled into the platform beneath her, initially forming a frothy puddle before this made its way across the platform towards the edge and dropping unto the track below. “That’s an impressive wee” Claire remarked, “I think you win the prize for the best pee tonight” which brought howls of laughter from the others. As her pee started to wane, Kirsty breathed a huge sigh of relief. Finishing off she bounced up and down a few times before quickly pulling up her knickers and smoothing down her dress. Just then the girls heard the rumble of the train entering the station and moved quickly away from Kirsty’s flood, so that anyone on the train wouldn’t associate them with it. As the train arrived they got on further down and found a seat and relaxed into the journey home. Around half an hour later the train pulled into the girls’ station. Getting off Denise realised that she was in need of another pee and guessing the others probably did too, decided that a group pee would be a fitting end to the night out. “Girls slow down a bit and let the platform clear a bit” she started, “I need another wee.” Moving slowly off the platform towards the exit ramp the last of the other passengers passed the girls and Denise put the next part of her plan into place as they went down the ramp towards the car park. Stopping about halfway down she said “Right girls how about a group wee to end the night out?” “You’re intolerable, but I’m in” replied Kirsty laughing, “what about you Claire?” she continued. “Sure why not” was the response from a newly confident Claire. With that she started undoing her jeans and lowered them and her thong, dropping down into a low squat on one side of the path. Kirsty joined her on the same side of the path hitching up her dress, this time pulling her thong to the side and dropping into a squat. Denise knowing how strong the other two’s pees would be wisely decided to take up a spot slight above them on the other side, slipping her jeans and knickers down and joining the other two who were already peeing at full force, with streams of pee running down the ramp. Kirsty finished off first and though it would be funny if she could get them all to bounce up and down simultaneously as they drip dried, so stayed squatted down. Claire finished next and Kirsty made a gesture for her to do the same. As Denise finished and started bouncing up and down the others joined in. If anyone else had been coming down the ramp they would have been greeted with 3 pert bouncing bums, 3 rivers of pee snaking their way down the ramp and 3 girls laughing hysterically! When the laughter had subsided the girls redressed and made their way down the ramp to make their way home. “I think that has to have been one of our best nights out” Denise remarked, which the others readily agreed with. “We’ll have to do it again soon.”
  3. whiskey35

    The Holiday Pt 7: The Final Day

    Great series of stories BeneathMyWillow, enjoyed them. May be you'll revisit the characters again when they start university?
  4. whiskey35

    The Holiday Pt 2: The Walk

    A good follow up BeneathMyWillow, can't wait for the next part.
  5. whiskey35

    The Volleyball Girls - Part Five

    Lets hope the girls stay well hydrated and it isn't long before they need another wee.
  6. whiskey35

    The Holiday Pt 1: On the Beach

    Well written BeneathmyWillow, I'm sure the next part will be just as good.
  7. whiskey35

    The Volleyball Girls - Part Four

    Any chance of an invite to the party, sounds like it could be very wet.
  8. whiskey35

    A night in town

    Good story Alfresco, wish I was escorting the girls back to their hotel.
  9. whiskey35

    Leaky_One's stories

    Great to have so many leaky_one stories in the same place. Enjoying working my way through them, especially the "new" ones. Thanks Imrgt for posting them.
  10. whiskey35

    Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, Loved the recent sneaky pee stories from Linda, Carol and Cheryl, so I thought I would share a recent one of mine. I’m Sarah a sales rep for a stationery supplies company and my job takes me round the country visiting companies and shops that have accounts with my firm. You’d be surprised that even in this digital age with everything being done online how many people still like the personal touch which keeps the business coming in and me in a job! Last week, one afternoon I was visiting a Stationery and Office supplies shop in a shopping mall and met with Gail the shop manager. It had been well worth my while as I’d picked up a good order. Just as I was about to leave, I asked Gail if I could use their loo. “I’m sorry you can’t as we don’t have one at the minute” she replied, “You’ll have to use the main ones in the mall”. I was about to reply don’t worry about it, thinking to myself, if I passed them on the way back to the car I’d nip in or failing that I’d sneak a pee somewhere in the car park, as being on the road for a few years, I’d become quite adept at finding a place for a wee when the need arose, when I was surprised with what she said next, “unless something more basic will do you? I was going to go as soon as you left anyway”. Intrigued, I replied “I’m not fussy, anywhere will do.” With that Gail lead me towards the back of the shop, telling her colleague she was going to check on “the print run”. We then entered the storeroom at the back of the shop and passed some half finished building works. “That’s our new staff room and loo. It was supposed to be finished two weeks ago, but there was a delay with the units and the builders won’t be back until they arrive. For the first few days it was fine, but we found it was too much bother and took too long to track all the way to the main loos, so came up with an alternative” Gail explained, lifting a small plastic box, as we left the store through a rear door into a service corridor. “Don’t worry there’s no CCTV out here” Gail assured me as we made our way along the corridor past a few other units. It looked like we were making our way towards a dead end, but as we got to the end the corridor opened out on the right to an alcove housing a service duct and an emergency exit. What looked like an old desk top had been leaned against the wall beside the service duct to form a makeshift cubicle to offer a bit of cover. “I know it’s a bit basic, but will it do?” asked Gail. “It’ll do fine” I replied. “Thought it might” Gail responded laughing, before asking me if I wanted to go first. I took her up on the offer and handed her my business suit jacket, before moving into the stall and noticed a faint trace of a previous pee. She handed me the plastic box which contained a box of tissues and instructed me to drop any used ones into the box when I was done, as we didn’t want to leave any litter behind. “Do you want me to give you a bit of privacy” asked Gail, to which I replied “no don’t worry about it” as I hitched up my knee length pencil line skirt, first revealing my stocking tops and then my lacey white boy shorts, which I slid down as I dropped into a low squat. It wasn’t long before my wee started, slowly at first, but quickly turning into a shooting jet that hissed loudly as it left my lips, before hitting the floor in front of me forming a small puddle which quickly turned into a stream that ran across the floor. It quickly passed the end of the cubicle as it made its way towards the centre of the alcove. I could see that Gail was impressed as she occasionally glanced in my direction as my wee continued for about 45 seconds before it started to wane. After a couple of quick spurts I was done and taking a tissue out of the box I wiped carefully before standing up to pull up my knickers, adjusted them and then smoothed down my skirt. “You’ve done that before” laughed Gail. “What gave you that idea” I replied mischievously. We swapped places with Gail giving me back my jacket as she moved to a dry spot to the left of my wee. “Would you take a quick check to see if there’s anyone about” Gail asked me, “I’ve a bit more undressing to do with this outfit”. “All clear” I replied and this gave Gail the go ahead to undo the top half of the jumpsuit she was wearing, revealing a pink bra. She bunched this up, before hooking her thumbs into the waist of her blue and white striped bikini briefs and lowered these and the suit to her knees. Dropping into a low squat, it wasn’t long before a thick jet of pee sprayed out of her neatly trimmed bush. It thundered down to the ground forming a massive puddle in front of her, before a couple of river lets broke away and ran to the middle of the floor joining mine. “I thought I need to go, but you must have been bursting” I said as she continued with her pee. “I haven’t been since before lunch” Gail replied as her pee stopped as quickly as it had started. She bounced up and down a few times before she reached for a couple of tissues to wipe. Standing up she laughed “Would have worn a matching set if I knew I would have had an audience” as she continued to get redressed. “Didn’t expect to be pissing in front of a customer either” I replied as we both burst into a giggle. With us both fully relieved we started to make our way back to the shop, Gail bringing the tissue box with her. “Aren’t you worried about getting caught” I asked her. “No, nobody ever uses the end of the corridor and with the heat it soon dries up. We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and have got away with it and normally its only one at a time, so there isn’t a massive flood!” “Sorry about that” I replied, “wouldn’t want to get your facility closed. How many of you actually use it?” “There’s a few of us, but it depends who’s in as there are some who wouldn’t approve, so you have to be careful. I knew I’d be fine with you though” Gail winked as we got back to the shop. Thanking her for the order and the use of the “facilities” I made my way back to the car and made a note in the diary to make sure I delivered the order! Sarah
  11. whiskey35

    Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, I’m Carol and like Linda in a previous issue, I’m not averse to having a sneaky pee when out and about. The other day I’d been shopping and hadn’t intended to have an impromptu pee, but then that is often the case. I was making my way back to the car which was parked in the car park next to the mall. It was connected by a link corridor at the first two levels to the main stairs and lifts. I’d come out of a shop on the first floor and didn’t bother with the lift as I was only parked one level up. It was whilst making my way up the stairs that I got a twinge in my bladder that I needed a pee. Making my way back to the car I thought about going back into the shops and finding a loo, but they were down at the other end and by the time I’d get there and back I’d probably have run out of the time they give you for getting out of the car park after paying so didn’t bother. Arriving back at the car and bending over to put the shopping into the boot, my bladder gave another sign that it needed emptying now. I considered popping a squat there and then, at the back of the car, as it’s something I’d done before, but there were just too many people about, so I had to think of something else. Looking round I spotted another staircase opposite to where I was parked. I knew that it wasn’t used that much, as it was close to the main one and would be a good place to get the much needed relief. I made my way over and opening the door, I noticed it opened into a small lobby area before another door into the stairs. I was nearly going to go there, but again thought there were too many people about on this level so decided the ideal place would be the similar area on an upper level that wasn’t as busy. I quickly made my way up to the next floor and tried the door to the lobby area and found it was locked, which meant this level was closed so nobody would be coming from there and the stairs would be safe enough. Taking a quick check down to make sure nobody was coming up from the bottom, I knew I’d have plenty of time to have my pee. I backed over into the corner of the landing next to the locked door and unbuttoned my jeans. I then hooked my thumbs into the waist band and lowered them and my silky thong down my legs, dropping into a low squat. It didn’t take long for my pee to start and a thick streaming jet shot out of my lips and onto the floor below forming a large puddle. I hadn’t realised how badly I needed to go as the pee continued for at least a minute, with the lake beneath me spreading quickly across the floor and towards the stairs. The sound of the splashing and hissing as it was escaping my lips was echoing loudly around the staircase, something that I was secretly enjoying! Just like it looked like the river lets coming from the puddle were going to snake over the top of the stairs, my stream began to wane and then after a couple of spurts I was done. I bounced up and down a few times to shake the drops of pee off me before realising I had a tissue in my pocket, so reached for it, I wiped and dropped the tissue into the puddle. I then stood up and slowly pulled up first my thong and then my jeans, before taking time to admire my handiwork. With that I made my way back down the stairs to my car and got in. Smiling to myself as I drove out, I’d thoroughly enjoyed my unexpected pee. Carol
  12. whiskey35

    Leaky_One's stories

    As always good to read a few Leaky_one stories. There must have been a few versions of A Family Affair though as I seem to remember a slightly different version of part two and haven't seen part 3 before. I wonder if Leaky_one is still writing stories, as I'm sure they'd be very welcome.
  13. whiskey35

    Donald Trump allegedly likes Pee

    All hail the President??
  14. whiskey35

    The Rugby Girls

    Another great chapter Alfresco, I'm sure the driver appreciated the tip. ;)
  15. whiskey35

    Pissing Fun at the Gym, Part 3

    Can't wait for the next chapter in this series, equally worthy of the original Leaky_one version.