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  1. As they say the simply ideas are sometimes the best. Looking forward to Jo's next hike.🙂
  2. Worth trying the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, there are 650 saves for peesearch.net. Its a bit hit and miss what is available on each capture, but you might be lucky
  3. Will second that, hope there's another chapter where Penelope can enjoy an outdoor wee with Kelly on the next ride out.
  4. Hope to hear about their next adventure @Apple78
  5. Good start to the series @PeeOV330, looking forward to the next chapters.
  6. Sounds like the start of a good night @Big Bear.
  7. Would have loved to have been in one of the other stalls.🙂
  8. Another great chapter @Apple78, the girls certainly enjoy an outdoor pee.🙂
  9. Or he could get his revenge and piss all over Lily's room.
  10. Wondering was it found it a lockup in Peckham.🤣
  11. What is wrong with Warren, he should be delighted to be be spotting and peeing with two great girls. I'm sure it won't put them off though.😉
  12. Thought the way the story was going, you would have went into the interview and it was the same man Linda. If that was the case, I'd bet he would have given you the job.😉
  13. Another excellent story @rochauthrowaway. Have you anymore stories from Rebecca, she sounds like a girl who does this regularly.
  14. Great first story @Apple78, certainly a different take on spottings. Looking forward to hearing about their future trips.
  15. Looking forward to hearing how you all managed it @colette888.🙂
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