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  2. I can totally believe that - it's exciting just to read about it!
  3. Would you like to have a Lush vibrator, and would you let someone else control it when you were out in public?
  4. No, I haven't. I think I might feel awkward about having sex in the presence of someone who's just watching and not participating. That leads me to ask this question - what do you/would you prefer - to watch, or be watched?
  5. I had a FWB who had large nipples, and I can remember circling them with cream, so that her nipples were "the cherry on top" (sounds lame now, but it was fun at the time). I like the bucket list question, so I'll re-ask it (I presume that's ok) - what's one item on your sexual bucket list?
  6. The panties are more or less the same colour as her dress - maybe she wants to put them back on before the plane lands??
  7. I agree, and I've also noticed some women wipe a lot - backwards and forwards several times. Perhaps that's why they use so much paper? If you're wiping that vigorously every time you go to the toilet, wouldn't you get sore? As you say, some women line their panties, and I've also noticed others who fold and wedge the paper between their lips.
  8. I agree with you about pads - women whose preferences I am aware of only use pads at night, if at all. I think you're right too about pad bulges - if they were common, I would have noticed them by now, lol.
  9. Don't think I've ever actually seen a "pad bulge" - I'll have to pay more attention when I'm out and about, lol.
  10. I've got a lot of questions about the outdoor urinal, lol. Why would anyone put a urinal in a carpark, on the outside wall of an industrial shed, that seems to drain into a bottle? There's what appears to be toilet paper on the ground, so does that indicate the urinal is sometimes used by women? Very strange!
  11. In the movie, Fish Tank, Conor has sex with single mother Joanne, and when Joanne passes out, he seduces her daughter, Mia. He then goes back to his mundane, married suburban life, but Mia breaks into his house and pees on the carpet in an act of revenge. This clip shows the beginning of the pee scene (I think she pees for longer than this in the movie): Katie Jarvis Pee Scene in Fish Tank
  12. I only bought a couple of Sex Bizzare mags, but I do remember wondering why the women quite often wore wigs, Was the wig supposed to be some sort of disguise? Filming pee porn must have been a bit trickier than filming vanilla porn - the performers had to be ready and able to pee on command, and if a scene didn't go to plan, you couldn't go back and do a second take. I'm thinking the blonde with the shaved pussy in SB 4 would have been a rarity for 1970s porn - all the women in the SB mags I bought had pubic hair.
  13. The homemade(?) gyno table is interesting. It's a pity it doesn't have a proper collection tray (if that's the right terminology) for her to use.
  14. In Australia, in the days before everyone owned a VCR, sex shops often sold illegal, hardcore porn mags like Sex Bizzarre. Shops were regularly raided by the police (our tax dollars being put to good use, lol), but it didn't stop them selling hardcore stuff - the fines were probably fairly miniscule, compared to the money that could be made. I guess the sales of magazines would have declined as more and more people got VCRs. I can remember buying a couple of watersports VHS tapes, but I can also remember buying a tape in which a scene of a woman peeing on a guy had been edited out. Sex Bi
  15. It's funny the stuff you stumble across on the internet - in this case, a slideshow of "genius" products. There's 123 products (mostly not bathroom products, but worth scrolling through if you have the time), but here's some pages that might be of interest: "Bathroom indicator lights: Using public restrooms isn’t exactly something we all look forward to, but it’s just part of life. However, it’s not always as simple as going in, doing your business, and heading out again. Finding a vacant stall on a busy day can take up precious minutes, and sometimes result in a red face if the occupant
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