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  1. It's funny the stuff you stumble across on the internet - in this case, a slideshow of "genius" products. There's 123 products (mostly not bathroom products, but worth scrolling through if you have the time), but here's some pages that might be of interest: "Bathroom indicator lights: Using public restrooms isn’t exactly something we all look forward to, but it’s just part of life. However, it’s not always as simple as going in, doing your business, and heading out again. Finding a vacant stall on a busy day can take up precious minutes, and sometimes result in a red face if the occupant
  2. I agree with a lot of what has already been said. People being interviewed on TV are invariably asked, "If you could live your life again, what would you change?" I can't believe the number of people who reply "nothing". I don't think excessive navel gazing is particularly helpful, but you must be living a totally unexamined life if you wouldn't change anything. Having a mentor is one thing I think would have really helped me. I'm thinking the best mentor would be a more senior person at work, but some universities and industry bodies offer to match people up with mentors, and that could
  3. At least you've discussed it - it's a pity you couldn't come up with a compromise.
  4. I saw a survey on the internet a few years ago (can't find a link at the moment) about women's attitudes to menstrual sex. A lot of women said that they would like to have more sex when they were menstruating, but were worried about their partner's reaction if they bought the subject up. I've also seen comments by guys saying that if the woman was comfortable doing it, they don't see menstruation as a reason for not having sex. These people need to talk to each other more (lol), but I guess that's the problem with a "taboo" subject - people don't talk about it. Puddyls, thanks very m
  5. @1badboy - your post is timely, because I'm actually having the same debate with myself at the moment. I've written a story for Literotica (not about pee), but I'm undecided about whether to post it or not. The main character does something that is not only morally wrong, it's a crime. Why am I even considering posting it? Because I can separate fantasy from reality - the fantasy of doing this turns me on, though I'd never, ever even consider doing it in real life. I posted a story that contained some of the same elements on a site some years ago, and got a number of emails from women saying h
  6. I follow horse racing (I have a small share in a horse) and I was watching the races today when I heard this: The racecaller (talking about Harry, a jockey, who wasn't riding at today's meeting): "Harry and Tracy got married yesterday. So Harry's out of action today." So not exactly out of action..... 😁
  7. I like Vegemite better, but maybe that's just because I've had Vegemite all my life, and Marmite only when I've been visiting the UK. I'm not sure why Tesco sell Vegemite in a large bottle - over here you can buy it in much smaller bottles.
  8. Follow up question; Have you tried/do you like Vegemite? It's the Australian version of Marmite. When I was in UK, I always bought Marmite because I couldn't find Vegemite in the stores, although I see Tescos now sell it: Results for “vegemite” - Tesco Groceries So glad to hear you and Eliminature like Marmite, lol.
  9. I'm wondering if we might have seen the same first video, lol. As I remember, the video was quite short (maybe about 30 seconds), and it ended with the woman laughing as her final pee spray almost hit the cameraperson.
  10. Maybe others knew this already (I didn't until just now), but there's a map that shows the location of PeeFans members (click on the "Forums" drop down menu and go to "Member Map"). Obviously, it only shows the location of members that have chosen to give a location in their profile (currently 8397 members), and since this is an English language forum, countries with few English speakers will be under-represented. Still, it gives some idea of the distribution of members by country.
  11. There's quite a few sounding groups on FetLife (https://fetlife.com/) if you're interesting in finding out more.
  12. This question is inspired by a comment you made in reply to a post by Eliminature . You said you didn't think you'd be confident/brave enough to use a urinal in the men's toilets. Have you ever peed using the standing position?
  13. It's a bit outside my normal comfort zone, but I've done this in places where I could have been caught a couple of times.
  14. Lol - there must be some reason for all the signage. Wonder if they've done something like swapping the toilets around - the men's are now the ladies, and vice versa. Going on the destination boards, it could be London King's Cross station.
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