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  1. UnauthorisedGuy

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    An early contender for "Best Real Story 2019"!
  2. UnauthorisedGuy

    Ask me anything!

    From your posts, I see you like to masturbate while holding your pee. Do you ever lose control when you cum? There's a thread on another site in which women describe doing this: "One of the best feelings ever is having to piss so bad & being so turned on you’d rather masturbate than piss, knowing at any second you could explode with piss or orgasm. And actually orgasming so hard you piss." That sounds like the hottest thing ever!
  3. UnauthorisedGuy

    Funny pee pics

    I was going to say her special power is being able to pee standing up, but given the puddle on the floor, perhaps not
  4. UnauthorisedGuy

    Long hair or short hair?

    I do think it depends on the person, but generally speaking, I think long hair is more attractive than short hair. I love the long plait in the seventh pic, and I'm always a bit intrigued by complex plaits/braids. Do women learn how to do them for themselves, or do they need someone else's help?
  5. UnauthorisedGuy

    What would you do?

    #1 Suggest she pees behind a tree, hedge or whatever else would provide some cover. I'd tell her I'd keep watch and make out I was looking the other way, but I'd sneak a peek if I could. When she had finished, I'd say "I need to pee too". That way, if she wanted to, she could also sneak a peek! #2 Suggest she goes to the toilet, and I'd tell her that I'd fill her in about what she's missed when she gets back. #3 I'd say "Can I watch?" or "I really need to go too, can we share the toilet?" Meanwhile, back in the real world, I'd probably just say "Ok". #4 Find somewhere safe to pull to the side of the road, hopefully near a tree or something else that will provide some cover. #5 Comfort her and do whatever she wants, for example, take her home, lend her my jumper... #6 If I thought she would be ok with it, maybe I'd pee down the shower drain while she used the toilet. Could be a good opportunity to see if she has any interest in peeing, without having to take the risk of asking! I'm really enjoying your recent posts, Riley
  6. UnauthorisedGuy

    New Finds

    Your comment got me thinking that carpark owners should just surrender to the inevitable and recognise that people are going to pee in carparks. Maybe they could put up signs - in a carpark like the one in the pic, they could put a roadside type sign, showing a man peeing, on a clump of trees that provides sufficient cover for guys needing a pee. For women, they could paint a sign on the ground in front of a parking space that provides good cover in all directions for women who want to 'pop a squat'.
  7. UnauthorisedGuy

    Using the sink

  8. UnauthorisedGuy

    What part of peeing are you most into?

    Like you, I'd be open to trying new things, but my favourite thing is watching women pee.
  9. UnauthorisedGuy

    All in the course of a day's work...

    I'd love to know the story behind the second pic. A flight attendant, who seems to be happy to have her picture taken, in an aircraft toilet, reading the Financial Times and talking on the phone. Rather different from your usual pee pic.
  10. UnauthorisedGuy

    Using the sink

    Interesting that none of them seem at all embarrassed about being caught using the sink.
  11. UnauthorisedGuy

    Using the sink

  12. UnauthorisedGuy

    Keep Trying lol

    Good question, but perhaps her partner didn't mind that she wasn't squirting! If so, then no one is sorry (lol)!
  13. UnauthorisedGuy


    Lucky mailman!
  14. UnauthorisedGuy


    I've been a Literotica member for some years and I've posted a number of stories (not pee related) in the past. I'm not here to defend Lit, but it doesn't allow any references to persons under the age of 18 in forum posts or in stories published on the site (see paragraph 2 of the Forum Guidelines https://www.literotica.com/support/forum_rules.shtml). I post a fair bit on the forums, and in my experience, flaming and trolling are rare.
  15. UnauthorisedGuy


    Thanks for the pics, Puddyls I like your boots. Just as well you remembered the tampons - no panties and no tampon might have been a problem!