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  1. A while ago I caught up with a couple of friends at my local, and when I went to get some drinks, I noticed a sign on the bar, "Cocktail of the month - Bloody Mary". Didn't order one, but I presume the only ingredients were vodka and tomato juice
  2. Lol - what did you tell him?
  3. I'm very sorry to hear about your bad experiences Unfortunately, compassion seems to be a quality that's sadly lacking in many health professionals.
  4. I presume the pic was taken on Grand National Steeplechase day at Aintree. It looks as though she's in a temporary toilet block - I'm thinking that perhaps it's just rows of urinals with no cubicles? So that's why she's forced to use a urinal. Perhaps some of our UK members who have been to GNS day can shed some light on what she might be wearing and the toilet facilities?
  5. Yeah, when I saw the unisex toilet sign, I thought it was a guaranteed result, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. First time I can remember being legitimately in the women's toilet, although in Europe I can remember using unisex public toilets.
  6. It's hard to tell, because of the wide angle of the pic, but is she wearing a onesie? If so, she must have been really desperate for a wee, because it can't have been easy to use the urinal in a onesie!
  7. Sad news about Wetman :( He was also a member of PeeSearch (http://www.peesearch.net/), and his last log on there was in July 2018. In 2014, he met up with Miss Piss, and posted an account of their meeting on PeeSearch. Well worth a read, if you haven't seen it already.
  8. Another possible reason for sitting is that some men's shorts have quite tight leg holes and no fly. So seeing you have to pull your shorts down anyway, you might as well sit.
  9. I was out last Sunday doing a few things and passing a pub on the way home, I decided to drop in for a beer. Because the pub has a “Happy Hour” with really cheap drinks, they get a reasonable crowd on a Sunday afternoon. After I’d been there for half an hour or so, I needed to pee, so I headed for men’s toilets which are down a corridor, and right next to the women’s toilets. On the frosted glass door of the men’s was an “Out of Order” sign, and there was a sign on the women’s toilet door, “M/F Unisex”. There was no one in the toilets when I went in, but this seemed like a great chance to get to listen to women peeing, so I bought another beer and took a seat from which I could see the toilet door. I didn’t have to wait long before a short woman in her twenties with dark hair entered the toilet. When I entered, I saw she had taken a cubicle next to the wall. I went into the cubicle two down from her, meaning I should have been able to hear what was going on. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything at all, so I assume she must have peed against the porcelain Anyway, I resumed my seat in the bar, but over about the next hour, no more women used the toilet. By now “Happy Hour” had ended, and when I looked around the bar, I realised that the vast majority of the remaining patrons were guys. Also, I had this ridiculous idea that if I sat there much longer, people would know why I was sitting there – I guess I had a bit of a guilty conscience. If only I’d stopped in at the pub earlier in the afternoon... I went back at lunchtime the next day, but predictably the men’s toilet had been repaired. I guess I’ll have to drop in one Sunday for a spot of sabotage
  10. No need to be sorry - pee and periods, my two fav fetishes
  11. Not a fan of drinking my own, but I'd love to watch a woman fill a glass and offer it to me. I'd probably just have a taste, rather than drink it all. Don't know whether it's true or not, but I remember seeing a post on another forum claiming that a pregnant woman's pee tastes particularly good.
  12. An early contender for "Best Real Story 2019"!
  13. From your posts, I see you like to masturbate while holding your pee. Do you ever lose control when you cum? There's a thread on another site in which women describe doing this: "One of the best feelings ever is having to piss so bad & being so turned on you’d rather masturbate than piss, knowing at any second you could explode with piss or orgasm. And actually orgasming so hard you piss." That sounds like the hottest thing ever!
  14. I was going to say her special power is being able to pee standing up, but given the puddle on the floor, perhaps not
  15. I do think it depends on the person, but generally speaking, I think long hair is more attractive than short hair. I love the long plait in the seventh pic, and I'm always a bit intrigued by complex plaits/braids. Do women learn how to do them for themselves, or do they need someone else's help?
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