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What Song Are You Currently Listening To?


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Haha, that's goobeetrootar, no problem.

:headphone::headphone::headphone::headphone: Guns N Roses ~ November Rain :headphone::headphone::headphone::headphone:

Shouldnt that be golden rain or have you been eating beetroot again?

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I have always loved listening to Pink Floyd . In fact I still have a few albums of theirs I stll enjoy listening to . Plus have watched the movie version to '' Another brick In The Wall " , which I found most profound . In how it had effected one man in his life and the struggles he had in living . Such a unique and distrubing flim , but , enjoyable in watching in a way. With the music score to accompany it .

30 years ago - when I was a lot younger and a lot less sensible - I was a bit of a stoner and hung out with other stoners, aka potheads, and over-indulged in the wicked weed way too often for my own good. At the time, amongst my circle of friends, watching the Wall music video whilst totally stoned was something of a right of passage - something you just had to do along with losing your virginity, leaving the family home, and learning to drive....:laugh:.

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