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  1. Ages since I have been on here but I still get the odd notification. Amazing to see how many have got this bizarre interest from watching their sibblings pee as kids
  2. As well as Diane Lane, Jaqueline Bisset when she was young and gorgeous!
  3. I have seen women car passengers getting out to piss in layby's before but never next to the car, they tend to disappear up or down embankments or climb over the fence or farm gate & piss behind the hedge.
  4. Reading the title, I was thinking of the que for the ladies or mens room & was not expecting this. Personally I would be offended if I saw her doing that
  5. Probably so but it is not a fetish I think about nowadays
  6. Like Kevin above I have had a 'Pantie fetish'. Not so much nowadays but when I was younger yes. I have stolen women's washed panties off clothes lines in the past! I was once nearly mauled by a Doberman Pinscher in somebodies garden one summer night, I had climbed over a wall & it was sleeping in the corner of the garden, I did not see it but it heard me land. I just escaped without being bitten. In later years I was more into worn panties & I have sniffed soiled panties from laundry baskets before. Dunno if I would bother now, I'm 50 & getting a bit past it:eek:
  7. Yeah, I have a younger sister who knew about my relationship with Annabel. She warned me at the time that women with violent husbands & lovers do tend to go back to them. She was very supportive when the relationship I had finished. My sister had said early on in the relationship that we would have to all go out on a double date, Annabel & me, my sister & her boyfriend Tony. I think she was keen to meet Annabel to see what she was like & whether or not she would be the kind of woman who would stay with me. I cannot understand why a woman stays with a violent man either? Ann
  8. I used to run in fell races, cross country & marathons etc, never considered going to a Gym. I also cycled a lot & used to race mountain bikes. These days I am very sedentary
  9. sumrexus


    You-tube tends to go through phases of being tolerant & intolerant of 'adult' themed content. I have a you-tube account but I find the present version inferior to the you-tube of the past. I keep having to press the refresh button to view comments & video's for some peculiar reason? I came here via a you-tube video...
  10. My first true girlfriend was called Annabel, she was 28 at the time & I was 20, you could say that she was a bit of what nowadays people would call a "Cougar". I had a few girlfriends at school & I once 'fingered' one girl while she fondled my penis, that was about it regarding me & girls, apart from the peeing with my sister as pre adolescents.. Anyway, Annabel was a single mum with a five year old son & she had divorced a man who used to drink & also knock her around, the bastard. Her ex husband used to have access to seeing the little boy on every other Saturday a
  11. This throwing plastic cola bottles full of piss out of truck windows goes on here too, Egwalrus. The highways department workers do hate dealing with these, after all, it is pretty gross. I am pretty observant but as yet I have never seen a female lorry driver peeing alfresco. I guess they time their comfort stops better & in emergency pee in a wide necked bottle in the cab :wink:
  12. It was actually a man around the back of a night club, he was a young man & seemed to piss endlessly against a wall. On the whole, women do seem to take longer to pee than men do
  13. I have come across this situation a few times, usually at Easter believe it or not heading towards the coast if the weather is OK. Have seen the odd woman heading up & down embankments on the M1 & M6 before in heavy traffic where they have been forced to pull over on the hard shoulder :rolleyes:
  14. I like Bianca on there :)
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