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  1. I hope the surgery goes well for you. My dad had it, his surgery was a urostomy where the bladder is removed and he had a Stoma in place of it and a bag.
  2. I think age needs to be taken into consideration, for boys and girls.. At 30 I could hold about 700mls, at 60 + I'm pretty desperate at 400!
  3. I reckon your assumption is spot on and you almost caught her 'in the act'! That concentrated yellow brown wee you sometimes get can often be the most difficult to hold, it irritates the lining of the bladder. Was it hot weather? Maybe she is a fit girl and had been running or exercising?
  4. It is quite common to see UK police in McDonalds, KFC etc. They can get food while on duty, also probably take a wee etc. I went to The Royal International Air Tattoo some years ago, it was being held at RAF Cottesmore instead of the more usual RAF Fairford. Big traffic cues on country roads to the show. There were a few porta loos set up along the route in. I discovered these were for the police marshalling in the public! There were quite a few cars stopping with passengers getting out to wee behind hedges and in woods etc. There were some (mainly ladies) trying to get in the loos, the police
  5. Come and sit in my window anytime 🥰
  6. Pretty well getting the same here in England. A friend of mine works for my local council / authority. Cost cutting is one reason he gave, also the council has no official obligation to provide them.... Also..... cottaging as I believe its called, mainly gay men that rendezvous there as a meeting place etc. I once had to go in a stall with an upset tummy in one, a man was stood at the urinals jerking off when I came out, he was aware I was in there and did make sure I could see his penis! I quite like the look of a mans erect penis but on my own terms.
  7. I am pretty keen on running & cycling to keep fit. Pretty quick too for a vet 60 year old man. I am getting some coaching as of last week from a young lady that is quite well known in the east midlands UK, she is 30+ years old. I have to do slow paced runs plus some tempo and interval training. Diet and hydration come very much into it. On Monday evening she asked me about my hydration and pee before training! Colour, is it clear or straw coloured, how frequently I go before a session. I suppose I should have been ready for this but having this strange curiosity shared here I managed to ke
  8. Greets from Nottingham in the United Kingdom 😉
  9. Plenty of pissing goes on around that club when its turning out time, seen it a few times!
  10. Nice one, love your erect penis at the end, very erotic! I can't pee through an erect penis! I am pretty well a straight man but I find other men's penis's a real turn on!
  11. https://thisvid.com/tags/pee-voyeur/
  12. I think the idea of them is to wash your bum / ass / butt or whatever, after going for a number two, also for ladies to wash their Vulva and vaginal area. My dad had one installed in the early 1970's, it very rarely got used. It would be perfect for a lady or man to urinate into. Toilet paper is very poor for cleaning up your anal area, a bidet is a good idea 😊
  13. We used to sometimes piss in that bush with a neighbour called Robin (a boy) and that is another story!!
  14. I am uncircumcised / uncut. My father was circumcised. I have been able to draw my foreskin back from an early age, to pee. Interestingly, both my father and mother encouraged me to draw it back at toilet and bath time, I can actually remember this and I'm 60 now! I used to play with my younger sister in a bush before puberty, we used to from time to time examine each others genitals, I had seen her clitoris etc and she my penis well before we had sex education, our dad used to bath us together, I was taught to draw back the skin and clean the glans of my penis and she would have seen this. We
  15. I think you'll agree, a selfie of the penis is surprisingly difficult! Keeping exited and erect while fumbling with a phone or camera is quite a skill. Does your foreskin / prepuce retract? A bit of a personal question, I know 🙂
  16. I had a go at photographing mine, quite difficult with the selfie lens on my phone! Trying to support penis standing up and pressing the shutter, I'll persevere when I'm on 'bonk' again 🙂 I did it! Self timer set to 10 seconds
  17. You have a great athletic body ........ and a great Penis!
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