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    • Are we allowed to write fictional stories about video game characters?
    • Summary: Two young women were facing obstacles to using the only functioning bathroom on board their plane flight. Making things worse was the plumbing issue that rendered the only bathroom still functioning occurred in the middle of the flight. Plus, the flight isn't able to land on schedule for repairs and departure. Do the two women make it or fail to keep themselves dry? Title: Airborne Desperation Content: •plane flight •desperate/bursting •frantic •obstacles •leaking •accidental urination Comments: •first time writing with double desperation for two main protagonists Characters: •Colleen Dael - main protagonist •Lyra Jenson - main protagonist Plot: Today was a cool Wednesday afternoon in August at Crenshaw Airport. As usual, life was always on the move. Flights took off while others landed, people arrived for their flight or left the airport, or waited to board another plane. There was never a dull moment. Today, two young women were embarking on the same flight to Rhodensia City. Rhodensia City was one of those large metropolitan cities like New York or England. Rhodensia city college was the most affordable, yet prestigious campus due to their ability to streamline costs and remove waste. The first female was twenty-year old Colleen Dael. She graduated from high school two years ago and spent time earning a living for tuition. Not only that, she earned some scholarships from high school. That with the money she saved up meant paying for her college education. In addition, Colleen was saving money by staying with her aunt and uncle. And a job was already lined up for her to pay for tuition until she could land a job in her field. Colleen always wanted to go into fashion designing to make clothing more afforable, comfortable, and more female-body friendly for all females. The other woman making the same trek was Lyra Jenson. She was twenty-seven years old and a successful pharmaceutical sales representative for an international drug company. She graduated from a prestigious university with high honors and earned the job immediately after graduation. Today, Lyra was returning home from a one-week business trip to a summit concerning a symposium about advancements in medicine. Lyra was sent in to spread the word about her company's new experimental drug product to deal with breast cancer. She could not wait to return home since she spent several hours flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Her body was feeling the effects of jet lag and sitting around for long periods of time was torture. She hated boarding another plane, but it wasn't possible to come home by one flight. At least it was another three-hour flight followed by another forty-minute cab drive. 'I hope the flight goes by quickly. I hate sitting there as time moves slowly. Ugh'!" Lyra thought to herself. It was 2 pm and both women boarded American Phoenix airliner 447. Colleen was estatic and nervous at the same time. For the first time, she was going to be attending her new job and new school in a week. "I can't wait to attend my new school and earn my fashion designer degree.". Colleen sat in second class while Lyra sat in first class. After about half an hour, the plane began its guided movement towards the tarmac. Colleen sat there, feeling giddy about her new journey in life. She couldn't wait to begin her college education, meeting new friends, taking a bunch of interesting courses to broaden her world, and fashion excellent clothes. Lyra just wanted to go home and sleep. After another ten minutes, the airliner was in the air making its journey to Rhodensia City. Fast forward two hours and fifty minutes later. The flight was ready approaching the destination and ready to start landing once over the Rhodensia airport. Both Colleen and Lyra were finally going to land at their destination. Nothing brought them more joy and relief than knowing their respective journeys were coming to an end. Everything was working out perfectly .... that was until the captain spoke. "Good afternoon, this is the pilot speaking. I regret to inform you we will not be landing as scheduled. Due to an incident on the tarmac of Rhodensia airport, we have to wait another hour before landing. Please remain seated and we appreciate your patience." Many passengers became annoyed and started complaining to their nearby stewardess. Colleen and Lyra both felt upset by this news. Lyra was already feeling jet lag and now has to wait longer. This simply won't do. "Gaaaaawd I want to go home! "For **** sake. What's going down there? They better land this thing in the time frame they said!". Another passenger said "I wanna go home! This is taking forever! Whaaaa!". "Baxter calm down!". "But mom ...", "BAXTER BE QUIET!". Colleen sighed, but her optimism was not shattered. Truth be told, she wasn't thrilled about having to wait another hour. But she figured whatever was going on would resolve itself. The issue occurred due to a small tap by one plane against another. It was a small tap, but it was significant to scare a few passengers of the plane receiving the tap. They were filled with fear and terror. The flight had to keep flying nearby the airport so as to stay nearby and also not crash into another plane. In addition, both Lyra and Colleen had to urinate. The fluids they drank during lunch was now affecting them. They began to feel the need to go. Lyra felt more than Colleen whose desperation was only at the point of having to go. Lyra had mild desperation which continued to grow. Making matters worse was the plumbing. 30 seconds after the captain's announcement, the stewardesses started quartering off the bathrooms onboard the plane. Thanks to poor plumbing maintenance and a dumb passenger, the toilets became off limits. Lyra was one of the first to protest the decision by cabin staff. "You can't be serious! I have to pee and now you tell me I can't use the bathroom. This is first class and first class is supposed to be the best. I paid good money for this flight, not so that you tell me basic necessities like using the bathroom is banned.". The stewardess she spoke to politely spoke to Lyra, trying to calm her down "I understand but right now there is nothing we can do. Our flight will land in about an hour. For now please remain seated.". "I will not! I have to use the bathroom." Lyra replied. "Look, our bathroom isn't available to use. Not even us stewardesses can us it. I'm sorry but you will have to wait until we land." replied the stewardess. Lyra had no choice but to accept the situation all while her need to go grew. Colleen tried to stay distracted with some music. She loved songs by artists like Blondie, Bonnie Tyler, Katy Perry, and Judas Priest. She still tapped her foot against the floor but not with much intensity. Lyra kept her hands in her crotch, shaking her leg up and down rapidly, scrunching her face, and looking worried. She was becoming more more more desperate. She wasn't sure she could wait until they landed and exited the plane. In the end, that fear would prove to come to reality. At 5:45 pm, both Colleen and Lyra were desperate. However, Colleen had a soda and juice, plus a water bottle. Lyra had two large coffees and some red wine plus a soda. Her need to go was more intense as she held it. Her urethra was screaming for relief while Colleen felt significant desperation. It wasn't "oh my gawd I have to go now!". It was more of a "time to go or else". Another 5 minutes passed, and Lyra couldn't take it anymore. She was about to urinate in her pants. She got up and made a quick B-line for thr bathroom. She didn't care about the plumbing. What she wanted was relief. Cleaning the toilets was the job of the airliner staff. However, airplane security stopped her right on the spot. "Excuse me ma'am, return to your seat.". "Move it bozo unless you want an accident to clean up.". The security guard replied "I can't let you go in their regardless of what happens." Now Lyra was very angry. She was tired, irritable, and had to urinate badly. "I have rights. You can't deny me the bathroom. Move it.". Another stewardess showed up and went to hurry Lyra to her seat. Lyra, who had her hands in her crotch, shifting from one leg to another fighting off wave after wave of desperation. "Hmmmmmmmm .... ... please l-let me peeee. I have to gooo!". "I'm sorry but I can't do that. You have to wait until we land in the next 8 minutes.". Lyra, now panting and stiff, wincing in pain as she tries to stay dry. Poor Lyra just wanted to use the bathroom, even if it didn't work. At least she could empty her bladder and give herself relief. She couldn't hold on any longer. The stewardess, seeing Lyra in pain, but standing firm in her resolve to maintain the bathroom restricted, told Lyra "Miss, it is time to return to your .... ". That was it. Lyra couldn't hold it. A stream of her urine escaped her, jetting down her left pant leg. It was a dark wet patch going down her leg and into her shoe. Lyra had some relief but she wasn't out of the woods yet. The stewardess, fearing lawsuit was now considering allowing Lyra to use the facilities. However, the security guard didn't change his mind about anything. "Ma'am, return to your seat. I won't tell you again.". "Excuse me. How long until we land?" asked another passenger. It was Colleen, who by now was holding herself and worried. She was met with the same attitude as Lyra faced, who by now was about burst. "Please let me pee damn it.". "No. Gia take this woman to her seat, accident or not!". The stewardess did a she was instructed and took Lyra to her seat. Lyra was too busy trying to stay dry to fight back. Poor Lyra. All she wanted was to empty her bladder, not have an accident. This was embarrassing! Colleen was about to go the same way as Lyra if the bathroom wasn't opened or if they didn't land. At 6 pm, the captain spoke over the intercom. "This flight will now begin descending. Please fasten your seat belts and remind calm. There could be turbulence which is normal. Thank you for your patience." Now there was no time to go either. Both women had to wait until they landed. Lyra was still struggling to hold it as her urethra muscles were churning inside out. Colleen was also becoming more desperate and distracting herself wasn't helping. Suddenly, the plan jolted upwards due to turbulence. Lyra let go for a second, dampening her undergarment and pants. It was a small spurt, but now she wasn't able to hold on. Colleen also felt the jolt from the plane, but no accident. Again, the plain jolted upwards followed by 30 seconds of shaking. That was it for Lyra as the shaking made it impossible to hold it and start urinating in her pants. Tried as did to squeeze tighter, it only made it come out more. There was nothing she could. Colleen eventually began urinating too. However, she stopped her 1-second spurt. She wasn't in danger of wetting herself to the same degree as Lyra, but still had to hold on. After the shaking was over, the plane landed safely. No issues and no mistakes. Everything was perfect. The passengers chose to leave with their belongings. Even Colleen who had to urinate also got off without without hitch. Only Lyra was left wet and mortified. Everyone could see what happened and there was nothing she could about it. To make matters worse, Lyra had to get up and for the person sitting next to her. In the process she exposed her wet butt and front. She was in tears, and burying her hands in her face. Just as almost all the passengers left, Lyra got up out of her seat. She knew she couldn't be on the plane just sitting there. Lyra went up to the stewardess and security guard, and stated her intent. "When I depart, I am reporting this to your supervisor." She departed the airliner. Colleen was right behind her, walking with her legs tight close together, muttering to herself "Don't let go, don't let go ...". Colleen really had to go and badly. The turbulence and spurting made her on the brink of a flood. The passengers behind her were getting antsy. One woman told Colleen to move it. Another said thought she looked funny walking so weird. Colleen was almost outside the hallway that connects the plane and the terminal. "Almost there. Just a few more whoa!". An impatient passenger came from behind and pushed her aside, causing her to spurt for 2 seconds, and producing a bigger dark spot on her undergarment. In addition, rivulets emerged down the inside of her thighs. q She remained still as she stopped the bleeding. Staying dry was of absolute importance. Despite feeling a great wave of desperation, she kept holding it and moving as fast as she could. Once inside the terminal waiting area, she made her way to the line of passengers being screened by customs. "Damn it. I need to pee." She thought. The line was taking forever and her need kept pulsating. It was unbearable. After another 10 minutes, her turn came to be screened. The security guard asked her to out her luggage on the belt, along with her purse and belongings taken out. Colleen did as she was told. She didn't want to argue and be pulled over. After she was screened and determined safe, she took her things and made a quick dash for the bathroom. She had to go and now. To her horror, there was a queue. Colleen couldn't take it, and she started urinating on herself. Rivulets snaked around her legs while a stream jetted through her underwear and to the floor. Everyone in front moved out of the way in shock and disgust. Colleen hung her head low in shame and not wanting to face those staring eyes. She was able to stop the flow halfway, and hold the rest inside. Just then, Lyra came out and washed her hands, and still ticked off. She wasn't paying any attention to the outside world. She turned around to get paper towel from the dispenser and saw another female had wet herself. Colleen looked up and saw Lyra standing in shock. Colleen thought for sure a judgmental word was coming, when Lyra asked "Bad day at the airport too?". " .... yeah. The airplane bathroom was locked and I had to wait until it landed. I tried to get to stall, but I failed.". Lyra looked upon Colleen with sympathy, dried her hands, and handed Colleen some paper towels for her to dry her legs. Ever grateful, Colleen took the paper towels and wiped off her legs. "Thanks ... what is your name?". "I'm Lyra Jenson."  " Colleen Dael.".
    • Video linked below 😳 I would love to try this concept in other places or undies ....    https://www.erome.com/a/kRErmi0W
    • Id be happy give you some suggestions! 
    • Scientist believe life could evolve on another world in an environment we humans never thought possible. Honestly, I think it could be some sort of complex life or microbial life similar looking but different to humans. But I am not sure. What do you think could actually and logically exist beyond Earth? And why? This is a question about life in the universe, not science fiction stuff. 
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