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A vast collection of photos/images of girls peeing everywhere you can imagine.

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    • I share this passion of yours, very much!!
    • Friday's is usually a very busy night for me, I use to go out to a Discoteque¬†or similar type of venue, where I can pee while dancing and/or eventually get to meet one or more girls interested in having sneaky sexual encounters... My trained routine implies that I check in a Hotel room downtown, because I live quite far from the City, and driving in the early hours of the morning, after¬†having drunk more than¬†the allowed, would be quite irresponsible and risky. So, I often have dinner in a not-too-expensive Restaurant near the Hotel before catching public transports (Metro+Bus) to reach the night-life area, where I can choose among a few Clubs and even a couple of Open-Air Dancing places. Yesterday I had decided to spend the night in a Club I often patronize, a GayPub where a fairly renowned band was performing live. The Dance Floor was unbelievably¬†packed most of the time but I managed to have¬†plenty of fun. Pissing was quite easy to perform, and so was some quick sex on the backseat of a car parked not far away. Then, just before three o'clock I began to think of organising¬†the return to the Hotel, which is located on the other side of Lisbon, at least ten kilometres from¬†where the Bar is. My plan was to find an Uber or a Lyft, because¬†I was curious to personally¬†verify¬†if it's true that one can pee in their car without much fuss, as a couple of friends told me... But,¬†then, it became impossible to obtain a reasonable option from both Companies, probably because many people were enquiring and booking at the same time. So, I went out in the street¬†and hailed the first conventional Taxi/Cab (Green&Black) I saw. That fairly outdated but large Mercedes Sedan¬†stopped¬†immediately, and the driver, quite an old man, bald and wrinkled, wearing a white shirt under a brown jacket, first asked where I was heading¬†to and then got out to open a door and help me in. Only when he saw me comfortably¬†seated on the backseat returned to the wheel. After we moved and the meter began to tick, I suggested taking the CREL to avoid crossing¬†the Center, he nodded, adding that he thought that was the best option. And so, five minutes later we were on the Motorway, as I had planned... I considered then the option of a little sneaky piss from the edge of the seat to the floor, almost certainly I could have succeeded without being caught, the guy was too concentrated in driving. But, my curiosity of checking his reaction, made me ask bluntly for permission to pee because I was in great need: -¬ęSorry, do you mind if¬† I take a little leak?¬Ľ -¬ęAre you joking? in ten minutes we are out of the Highway and there I find you a proper place near a garden, just wait¬Ľ. ¬ęBut I cannot wait, my bladder is exploding, I can pay for the cleaning¬Ľ My plan for the Uber was exactly to offer money, as I was told that's a fairly common practice¬†in those situations... ¬ęTwenty ‚ā¨ is OK?¬Ľ ¬ęAbsolutely not, nobody¬†can do dirty things in my car!¬Ľ- He raised his voice visibly angered. So I switched to PlanB... Last night for the Discoteque¬†I was wearing for the first time a pair of very convenient crotchless red pants which I had bought in one of the most exclusive lingerie boutiques online and received very discreetly.. To show 'em I lifted my dress entirely and told him to watch. He didn't turn the head but his eyes on the rear mirror seemed¬†flaming, when he said slowly, measuring the words in a completely¬†changed¬†attitude, finally quite conciliatory: ¬†¬ęWhat a beauty you are, you can certainly do what you¬†like¬Ľ ¬ęSo do you allow me to make a mess?¬Ľ - I asked, smiling provocatively...¬† ¬ęYes, you can, please¬Ľ ¬ęDo you like if I show you as well?¬ę ¬ęYes, very much so¬Ľ ¬ęOK, then, but if I do it now while you drive?,don't you get too distracted?¬ę ¬ęOf course I'd prefer if we stopped somewhere quiet¬Ľ ¬ęRight, let's wait a while then¬Ľ... While driving fast for the following¬†few minutes he always kept my pussy in his sight, while I was fondling the hard clit and spreading the labia in a very explicit way. I could have released a few spurts but I resisted because I knew there was a more appropriate time¬†for those¬†ones I was feeling his excitement rising fast! We weren't exchanging many words but one could easily tell what he was thinking, when his right hand left the wheel¬†to reach the open legs and the crotch. As a reaction, I invited¬†him to touch himself, just when he had already lowered the zip and was fiddling inside the opening of the boxers I leaned forward to catch a glimpse, he realised what I was doing and immediately the dick-head was out, extremely excited, covered by shiny precum! Avoiding to comment specifically, I told him not to cum just yet, teasing and laughing a little... No more than a minute later, we were parked beside a huge lawn where a few trees and a couple of fences, obviously deserted¬†at that time, were giving us privacy from any unlikely indiscreet spectator... The driver, with the cock in his hand, asked me if I wanted him to watch from the front seat or if he could come besides me. Before he made a move I answered to stay where he was, and so, luckily, he complied... And then I started my long-awaited show. Firstly a gentle¬†piss while seated¬†right in the middle of the leather bench,¬†where a tiny puddle appeared,¬†then I moved slightly to one side and released a¬†powerful¬†couple of spurts against the door and to the floor. I could feel my first orgasm coming up when I got distracted¬† hearing his¬†moaning and sighing,¬†obviously quite¬†uncontrolled. .¬† He then shouted three words whose¬†meaning I didn't understand and lifted on his feet almost¬†standing so¬†that¬†I could see his¬†final act.. which was quite impressive - I must admit.... I continued my play for¬†a¬†while after he had cummed on himself,¬†he kept¬†watching very attentively and pronuncied some insultive¬†expressions, which I didn't react to, pretending I didn't hear¬† When I finally¬†had no more fluids in myself,¬†the back seat had become a lake,¬†and the moquette on the floor was soaked entirely. So I told him I'd move to the front¬†seat,¬†and with me there we reached the hotel.¬†
    • My favorite time to piss is in the morning time I love it cause my bladder be nice and full so it's lots of piss. I love spraying my morning piss all over the carpet or my wall. It's nothing like pissing all over something first thing in he morning. Morning piss to me is the best piss cause it's so strong steamy hot and extra yellow I can't stand clear piss!!, I get so turned on and feel naughty spreading my legs and spraying my yellow ass morning piss on my carpet or wherever I want. Anyone else feel the same or is it just me,?
    • Hi and welcome.¬† It's good to see Sweden represented.¬† I hope you have an awesome time here.¬†¬†
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