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  1. I have previously been able to post videos directly in a thread and I could then see the first frame of the video, click it and see the movie. It was a while ago and I just tried doing it again but it now seem I can only post pictures and gifs. Am I stupid that can not find out how I do it or has something changed ?
  2. kewet

    Best Free Video Site? (2017)

    Pornado, assuming it is .com does not show up for me. Instead I get pravoxxxx.ru
  3. kewet


    Because it is in japanese, a Language you dont speak. Because virtually all japanese are very bad at english including english teachers. Because they have a very large home market so the dont have to go abroad with translations, taxes etc. My major question about japanese Women is why they are so openminded what they are doing in the stalls ? There are thousands of videos on the market that are obviosly rigged with cameras in any possible angle. What makes the ladies willing to be filmed and not even masking their pretty faces.
  4. It seems there is a need to write something down on your beach experiences in the True stories section.
  5. I could not log in all day yesterday with my android phone that I always use. Today I posted some pics in Pee and a smile....... and they posted anonymously bit I am still logged in. WTF ?
  6. This thread lacks videos of the incidents :tongue:
  7. kewet


    Just do a torrent search for ff-058 and ff-069. The fuzzy pussy are a big turnoff for me. Pussy should be fuzzy by hair not by computer.
  8. bpb

    Happy Birthday
  9. kewet

    Earliest Internet Memories

    Anybody know if old issues of Nugget is avaliable on a website? I loved that magazine.
  10. kewet

    Hairy on not????

    Definitly hairy. Never understood why the hallmark of the adult woman should be taken away to look like a 12 year old ? On the other hand there is scary hairy which is not so attractive.
  11. kewet

    Your first pee website...

    My first site was a Japanese called Giga.jp if I recall correctly. Not only pee if you understand. Must have been in 92-93 somewhere. Surfed from work and had to be very early or late to have acces to the one line we had. Then in 94 I built my first own computer and got a modem which made all easier but painfully slow. Stumeister was also a favorite for years and also Fatsospeeplace.com which is still active.
  12. kewet

    How many countries?

    Sweden, born and raised and living Norway Finland, actually Ă…land and not mainland Finland Denmark Germany East Germany (yes I'm old) Luxemburg Belgium Netherlands France Switzerland Lichtenstein Austria England Scottland Spain USA about 30-40 times for work Canada Bermuda Israel Egypt Yemen Japan Dubai and Abu Dabu but they are both in UAE (united arab emirates)
  13. In french the word Pisseuse might give some results. Spanish word (?) Orinando or chicas orinando