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  1. Found a couple today that where new to me
  2. http://letitpee.com They have about 200 pages with about 20 videos per page.
  3. Hi Cyclist and welcome here. Maybe you can tip us off on some Italian pee-site. Its always hard to find non-english sites. I saw a bicyce race some time ago in Belgium on TV and they have to wait for the start due to weather. After a short ride "everybody" stopped for a leak along the course. Unfortunatly it was a mens race but I could not help thinking; maybe the girls do the same.
  4. I have diabetes type 2 since about 20 years ago and I dont drink a lot and dont pee a lot. Cant remember when I last had to get out of bed to pee.
  5. no doubt, Platoon.
  6. As long as the management are ladies I see no problem with this.
  7. When I grew up Internet wasn't even a dream. My pee fixes was in town an friday and saturday when you could spot actaul pissing in the streets.
  8. I have previously been able to post videos directly in a thread and I could then see the first frame of the video, click it and see the movie. It was a while ago and I just tried doing it again but it now seem I can only post pictures and gifs. Am I stupid that can not find out how I do it or has something changed ?

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