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  1. Happy Birthday
    1. ZoeSoSexy


      Ah thank you bpb, that's very kind of you Zoe xx
  2. ZoeSoSexy

    Nude CGI Babes

    What great skill you have, I like her, you gave her a gorgeous little muff :thumbsup::wink: Zoe xx
  3. ZoeSoSexy


    Oh by the way, I am a long time admirer of Escorts :) Zoe xx
  4. ZoeSoSexy


    Hi Anonymous, while I would agree that prostitution should be decriminalised and women allowed to choose whatever career path they wish, I feel it is necessary to point out to you that 'serious' sexual assault, (all sexual assault is serious!) rape etc are not the product of extra horny males. Sex crimes are about control, hatred and power. Decriminalisation of prostitution would not bring down the quantity of these offences. Please come and join us here on WGP and be less anonymous :wink: Zoe xx
  5. ZoeSoSexy

    Do you like big natural tits?

    I fancy a nibble on both her & her nipple :wink: she is sexy :x3:
  6. ZoeSoSexy


    Lol, oh Puddyls you mad thing you :biggrin: you have balls girl, I would never have the nerve to show my 'special day' panties in all their gory, I mean glory! :laugh: Cudos to you girl, smh! Love & lolliepop's, Zoe xx
  7. ZoeSoSexy


    That's definitely Tera Patrick, I'd know that cunt anywhere :wink: FW, is that the 'before' or 'after' shot? Just wondering? Zoe xx
  8. ZoeSoSexy


    I know a guy who married one!:) lol, sorry FW, couldn't resist! Thanks for this thread though, I found it a fascinating insight into wanking :x3: and also funny at times. Be assured guys, I am laughing with you not at you :thumbsup: Zoe xx
  9. ZoeSoSexy

    Does anybody NOT like feet?

    From a girls perspective (mine anyway!) I absolutely detest feet, I can't abide the look of them, to touch them or God forbid to smell them! I don't even like my own feet! I have had a few girlfriends who could not understand my dislike for their feet and tried to force their toesies on me, which in one case lead to a departure, feet first :laugh: I did once spend a night with a babe who sucked my big toe and I was wet for weeks after it, whow it was a fantastic turn on, but there is no way in hell I could ever return the compliment, jeez the thought of it......... :frown:
  10. ZoeSoSexy

    Names for our bits.

    what about 'twat' and 'snatch' for the female. 'John Thomas', 'dick' and 'pecker' for the male. I have no idea where I pick up such info! :wink:
  11. Hi Zoe. I found some pics you might like. See my post "six girls play together" in the pictures forum.
    1. ZoeSoSexy


      Thanks, they are great quality images, with some very sexy babes in there ;) thanks for posting :) Zoe
  12. Hi Zoe. Thanks for liking the pics I posted. Do you only like solo girl pictures or do you also like to see two girls playing together?
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    2. likesToLick


      Nice. I'll keep it in mind in case I see any pics you might like.
    3. likesToLick


      Tried to post a picture link in the comment for you, but it seems the forum doesn't cater for that.
    4. ZoeSoSexy


      Nice one, thanks for trying ;) Zoe
  13. Thanks for liking the retro pic I posted!
    1. ZoeSoSexy


      Your welcome! :) Zoe
  14. ZoeSoSexy

    Shocking News

    Thanks for the reply Admin, ....like I said, maybe we should bury this and move on. I'm feeling all Christmassy, warm and fuzzy and forgiving :). I didn't realise that WGP had lost two members over the incident, which is a pity. Anyway, I still believe you have a great site here and I look forward to getting back into the swing of posting asap. In the mean time I continue to enjoy the offerings of others, long may they continue to post. While I'm here let me wish you a very Happy Christmas and continued success in 2015, keep up the good work :thumbsup: kindest regards, Zoe xx
  15. ZoeSoSexy

    Shocking News

    With all due respect Admin, this 'saga' has made me fade from WGP, I was and still am annoyed at how the saga was handled. I believe it was you who should have dealt with the matter 'privately' with themoneyman101 and not my fellow followers of WGP. Now the issue is further compounded by your knowledge of a matching IP Address for the 'new' member. I was annoyed at the loss of moneyman101 but also the manner in which he was outed. Wake up and smell the coffee people, this is the internet, anyone can be 'anyone' the question is 'do we really care?' I just want good quality content, no kiddy porn, and world peace, oh if we could end world starvation that would be nice. I don't want to meet, shag, pose for or marry any of my fellow 'weirdos' here :) So, PLEASE, let's move on and bury this bloody drama! Kindest regards as always, Zoe xx