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  1. themoneyman102

    How's everyone been

    I'm trying but having a baby running around the house takes up a lot of time, you know? I hope to be more active in the near future
  2. themoneyman102

    Up In Smoke Tour

    In 2000, my freshman year in High School just ended and me and my friends wanted to celebrate getting through a year at catholic school (That shit was rough) by going to a concert. Recently I was at my parents house and finally ended up going through some boxes and I found a lot of pictures and what not in my room, and I found these jewels that brought back some good memories. Me and my friends being huge rap fans at the time, drove all the way from Birmingham AL to Chula Vista CA to get see Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and others live in concert on the Up In Smoke Tour. My friend Lynn (In the zebra top smoking the joint) was 17 at the time and drove me, her cousin, and two of our friends down there. While we were down there at the Coors Amphitheater we started hanging out with some of guys and girls in their 20s and up who bought us beer and hooked us up with a shit ton of weed. Later that night me and my buddy Phil (guy who took some of the still shots below and submitted them to the concerts website, got paid a lot of money for them) started talking to some girls who went to college in San Diego. we started drinking more and afterwards went back to my hotel, turns out we were all staying at the same Holiday Inn and those two college girls gave us the best experience of that High School year. I fucked the black chick in the white thong (nice ass and tits) and Phil got her friend in the pink thong (not as good as my girl, but her pussy was really wet so...) and Vanessa ended up banging some dude she met earlier that day on the beach. That was one of the best weeks a young high school kid could have and i'm glad I got to experience fun like that before most of my class ;) Only thing I regret is forgetting the girls names, I'm sure if me and Phil weren't both married we'd go for round two.
  3. themoneyman102

    How's everyone been

    Good to hear. TBH, I wasn't too fund of the old admin, felt he let too much slide and had too many restrictions.
  4. themoneyman102

    How's everyone been

    Damn it's been a while since i've been on here! Glad to see the old Admin back and the site thriving once again! Just wondering how's everyone been?
  5. themoneyman102


    My school did that play my freshman year of high school, it was quite strange
  6. For Me, it was at my school. Me and my girlfriend had the same study hall junior year, and we asked the teacher can we go to the library, but instead of going there, we went to the field house and had sex. The riskiest part of this, this was a catholic school.
  7. By Free, they meant you can sign up free of charge, but anyone who goes on those sites know that you have to pay to have a special show, nothing in the world is free bud.
  8. themoneyman102

    Exciting News

    After a year and two months of dating and having a daughter together, I am excited to announce that as of today, Abby and I are officially engaged!
  9. themoneyman102

    Good News And Sad News

    Update: Londen is two months old! and is a big bundle of joy, couldn't have asked for anything more!
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. themoneyman102

    Good News And Sad News

    Exciting News: I am ecstatic to announce that on Tuesday Night (March 8th, 2016) at 6:58 PM, Abby gave birth to our first child: A baby girl named Londen Marina Latemore !!!
  12. themoneyman102


    Your account isn't associated with Rachel21, Kayla30, and Genna21, is it?
  13. themoneyman102

    Predictions, WWE fans

    [media] [/media] [media] [/media] [media] [/media] [media] [/media] [MEDIA=youtubhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpqnGJPRUGMe]dSURiIBqEX8[/MEDIA] stuff like this
  14. themoneyman102

    Predictions, WWE fans

    professional wrestling @fannywatcher @mikeviewline