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  1. RedHatter76

    Martian Mores

    For anyone who may have missed me, I've decided to host all my erotic fiction on Literotica, largely because my interests have diversified a bit. The peeing fetish is still important, but it's nowhere near the monopoly it once was. I've written a whole series of breastfeeding stories, and I've also written a couple stories about a family of women who have no qualms about masturbating or having sex in front of each other. In fact, that seems to be the common thread running through all of my fetishes, namely the manifestation of non-sexual relationships in unusually intimate ways that can easily take on unintentionally erotic overtones from an outsider's perspective. It often involves the habitual suspension of normal standards of privacy, often stemming from a kind of pragmatism towards sex or other bodily functions. For example, in one of my stories, a trio of sisters discover a taste for anal sex, but much of what makes it hot, at least for me, lies simply in how they'll do it in incidental eyeshot of each other without anyone caring at all. Anyway, my most recent story is relevant to this site, so I thought I'd share it here. It brings together all my main fetishes (so there's plenty of peeing and pooping) and introduces my first unambiguously lesbian characters. It's about a Martian colony that develops very open standards of privacy due to the nature of the colonization process.
  2. RedHatter76

    Nanobotic Toilets

    For anyone who's into pooping as well as peeing (or at least for whom the former won't ruin the latter), here's a story I wrote on Literotica that's basically my usual style, except of course that #2 is involved in addition to #1. Nanobotic Toilets
  3. RedHatter76

    Things that annoy you about pee porn

    For me, it's fancy or extreme poses (like in the post just above this one), or really anything that makes it way too obvious that the woman is putting on a show. Seriously, I don't need a dead-on view of her vagina and anus with her legs straight up. I'd much prefer a good view of a strong, solid stream as it hits whatever unorthodox thing she's peeing into or onto. It's always hotter when there's at least some decent pretense that she's breaking decorum for some other reason(s) and the eroticism of it is inadvertent.
  4. RedHatter76

    When Ophelia Meets Kumiko

    Here's another one, this time bringing back the main character from my very first story! ~~~ Looking back, it's amazing how nonchalant I've become about using the spare bed in my dorm for convenient self-relief. I deliberately peed on it out of desperation for the first time halfway through last semester, and it was an unexpectedly primal pleasure that I couldn't help but want more of. By the time the semester ended, I often soaked the bed more out of convenience than desperation, exhilarated by the relief itself, the warmth of the puddle, and the naughtiness of it all. As the following semester began, I was actually looking forward to having that freedom again after about three weeks at home with my family. I love my folks dearly, and the holidays were as great as they always are, but using the actual bathroom to pee had acquired a certain ennui to it that left me fantasizing more than once about going in my dorm. When I returned to campus in January, my bladder wasted relatively little time in giving me reason to wet the bed. After three hours of putting my stuff back into place, my parents left to return home in good spirits, but all that work had made me hungry. So I cooked myself a quick bowl of canned pasta and raided my mini-fridge for some soda (I have very blue-collar tastes). It was barely over an hour before my bladder signaled that it was getting full, but I kept watching a random movie on Hulu until it grew urgent, which didn't take long. In just ten minutes, I started squirming ostensibly, but I endured only a minute or two at that stage before I swiveled my desk chair, stood up, and approached the unused bed, swiftly unfastening my jeans on the way. As I pulled the covers back and turned around, the urge intensified as if in anticipation, so I tore my jeans and panties down in a single hurried motion and had barely sat down before letting loose. I gasped as the warm flow started immediately and quickly swelled to my usual flood. I reveled in the feeling of my bladder deflating and a warm puddle spreading like wildfire and caressing my thighs, butt, and genitals. With already half-lidded eyes, I bit my lip and moaned loudly as I continued peeing into the mattress for about a minute or so, sighing in deep relief as the pressure dropped and the wet spot deepened. My already robust flow briefly swelled before I finally finished relieving myself. "Mm," I purred to myself, "it still feels greatǃ" It would by no means be the last time. Before going to bed that night, I felt the urge again. This time, perhaps due to sleepiness, I didn't even bother turning around to sit down on the bed like a toilet. Instead, I yanked my pajama pants down to my shins and kneeled on it with spread thighs. I moaned softly as I instantly released a fierce torrent onto the bed, surprised at how pleasurable it still was despite not sitting in the puddle as it grew. The warmth in my crotch as the pee kept flowing out was enough by itself to elicit multiple satisfied moans from me over the course of another minute or so, and of course, releasing all that built-up pressure always feels incredibly soothing. When my bladder was empty at last, I lazily climbed off the bed, pulled my PJ pants back up, and crawled into my own bed for sleeping. This is not to say that I never acted out of desperation. In fact, in a way, peeing on the bed after being really desperate was even a bit more enthralling. On one day in particular, an unexpected and rather long conversation with a professor of mine left me arriving home later than usual, and I was squirming so hard by the time I reached the door that I kept having to pause the process of unlocking the door just to massage my bursting crotch. As soon as it opened, I rushed in, and it hadn't even swung completely closed again before I unzipped my jeans and ripped the button loose. I was practically panting as I lowered them to my shins along with my panties, tore back the covers again, and let a fierce stream of pee erupt from my vagina even before my butt was fully planted on the mattress. I let out a long sigh as the pressure deflated rapidly and a huge puddle formed around me within mere seconds. "Oh, that feels so much betterǃ" I breathed heavily as my flood finally dwindled after almost two minutes. The next time I was that desperate, however, would take things to a whole new level. This time, it was my darn willingness to help my fellow students that left me leaving class later than usual, and I rushed home whining and groaning but also eager to unleash it all on my spare bed again. My heart sank, however, when I heard the familiar sounds of the fire alarm as I approached my building. "Are you kidding me?ǃ" I cried in frustration as the crowds of students pouring out of the dorms at the direction of the RAs confirmed that I had arrived at the start of a random fire drillǃ "Is this really necessary?" I grumbled to myself. "If there's an actual fire, it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they need to get the hell outǃ" I promptly pulled up along the sidewalk in front of the complex within earshot of the nearest RA and shouted, "Hey, I really gotta peeǃ Can I at least get into the commons?" I groaned when the RA shook his head. "I can't let anyone into any part of the complex during a drill. Sorry. It'll just be about five or ten minutes anyway." I may not have five or ten minutes, dipwadǃ I whined and massaged my crotch, which renewed its signals of urgency almost as if in protest to the RA's words. As I did so, I noticed an athletic Asian girl apparently returning from a routine jog. She slowed as she reached me. "Fire drill?" "Yep," I confirmed begrudgingly. "And damn it, I gotta pee so badǃ" I figured there was no point to discretion, given how my desperation left me no choice but to display some really obvious body language. I was still holding my crotch as I crossed my legs sidelong on the seat of my moped and visibly rocked my torso back and forth. I puckered my lips and hissed, and my companion gave me a sympathetic look. I was literally bursting by now, and my eyes started darting around the yard. "At this point I'd happily piss on the grass if I could find enough privacy somewhereǃ" The jogger bit her lip and stepped closer to talk to me a bit more privately. "If you're that desperate, you can go in my car if you want." I blinked, so shocked that I almost forgot my predicament for a split second. "What?" "I know it sounds weird and maybe gross," she hastened to add, "but seriously, I have an awesome cleaner that makes it very easy and quick to clean things up in there,…and I speak from experience." She gave me a pointed look with that last clause, making it clear that she'd actually peed in her own car before. "I swear, I don't mind at all. You just look so miserable, and my car is right here." I groaned. Even though I still couldn't quite believe what I was hearing, it was still tempting enough already, but when I saw that the vehicle she pointed out was a tantalizing mere couple of feet from where I sat on my moped, it almost did me in. I searched her face for any sign that she wasn't earnest and found none, but as a sudden swell in my desperation almost had me wetting my pants right then and there, I decided the brief scrutiny would have to be enough. "Open itǃ" She wasted no time in approaching her car, unlocking it with a remote from her pocket, and opening the front passenger door. I braced myself and rose from my moped, striding as fast as I dared towards the vehicle. "Just let loose on the seat," my savior said as I climbed in. "It'll feel great, trust me." Her confidence finally convinced me that it really was okay, and she had barely closed the door before I hastily unfastened my jeans and tore them down along with my panties. Collapsing onto the seat, my lingering hesitation managed to last hardly a second before I exploded with a loud gasp. I gripped the handle on the upper interior edge of the door and just gaped through half-lidded eyes as the immensely relieved sensation of an urgently emptying bladder overtook my entire lower abdomen, with warmth pooling at my crotch and spreading at incredible speed around my butt and thighs. I let out a long half-moan/half-sigh as I kept peeing uncontrollably into the fabric for at least a minute and a half. A subsequent moan turned into another audible gasp as I released the final burst and finished with a deep sigh of satisfaction. Despite my companion's prior assurances, I still felt a little embarrassed as I signaled to her that I was done. Nevertheless, I was so relieved that I barely cared as she climbed into the driver's seat in clear eyeshot of my naked privates and huge wet spot. She actually looked impressed. "Holy crapǃ You must've had to pee like a racehorseǃ" she said as she pulled what looked like an aerosol can out of the glove compartment. "Pull your pants back up and either climb out or climb into the back if you feel that would be more discrete." I chose the latter option and watched in what quickly became awe as a simple spraying and wiping procedure had the seat looking as good as new within a mere couple of minutes. "Wowǃ" I said as I dared to touch the seat only to discover that it was just barely damp. "You gotta tell me where you got that stuffǃ" "No problem," she laughed. "I'm Kumiko, by the way." "Ophelia," I responded in kind with a genuine smile. "Thank you so muchǃ I needed thatǃ I mean, I have to admit, I've peed on my bed before, but never in a carǃ" She raised her eyebrow at my admission, but I could tell she was just amused and not at all disgusted. With that, we easily fell into conversation about our unusual peeing habits, to which I learned Kumiko was certainly no stranger. She, her twin sister, and their friends were actually bolder than I wasǃ We actually stayed in her car chatting a little while past the fire drill, after which she invited me into her dorm, since by then I didn't seem in any hurry to stop hearing about her unorthodox peeing adventures. It was an unexpected relief to find someone who also had some experience with naughty peeing. I even got to witness her nonchalance firsthand shortly before I finally left for my own room. Despite what I'd learned about her by then, I was still at least mildly surprised when, in the midst of our lively exchange, she casually dropped her jogging pants and panties right in front of me, squatted low to the floor, and just started peeing fiercely onto her own carpetǃ Kumiko spent about 90 seconds moaning softly as she emptied her bladder, leaving a very impressive wet spot on the rug.
  5. RedHatter76

    Nude CGI Babes

    Here's a rendering of Samantha. As you might guess, I have a bit of a thing for bangs, but the other half of my main quartet won't have them. [GALLERY=media, 4927]Sam by RedHatter76 posted Jan 10, 2016 at 2:13 AM[/GALLERY]
  6. RedHatter76

    More Peeing in the Dorms

    Here's another one about dorm life, this time from Fiona's point of view. As in the last one, there is a breastfeeding scene at the end (and a brief recap about the first incident in the middle), but again, it's mostly just more casual and naughty peeing. ~~~ I knew I would never forget my experience in Hatsu's van, but even I could not have anticipated that it would reverberate beyond that isolated incident. Therese and I were both hipster gamer-girls and actually quite shy until and unless we were placed before a computer or game console, so for us to be as brazen as to pee unabashedly onto a vehicle seat even once was remarkable. I suppose it helped that we were surrounded by friends who had done it before and were confident that both the mess itself and any consequent odors could be swiftly undone. After all, flouting decorum like that is much easier to do when the chances of judgment and permanent damage is reduced to practically nothing. Still, even though I invested in my own supply of my friends' cleaning solution, my plan was for it to be for emergency use. That quickly began to change shortly after Theresa returned from a summer trip to Europe with a Nokushima twin, a cheerleader they'd met at school, and the cheerleader's younger sister. After meeting briefly at my house and introducing her to my family, she and I bundled our stuff into the bed of my red hand-me-down truck and began the long journey back to campus. We were halfway there when my mousy best friend asked, out of the blue, "Hey, I have to pee. Do you mind if I just go on the seat? I have Phleb in my purse." I suppose it was really nothing new for either of us, but what did catch me a bit off guard was how casual she was about it, and yet, it was oddly amusing at the same time. "I have some in the glove compartment, too, so I don't see why not," I told her, "but we should be at a rest stop soon if you'd rather wait a bit." She was already leaning back and unbuttoning her jeans as she shook her head. "Why bother?" She efficiently unzipped her pants, lowered them to her shins, and then brought her panties down with them. She sighed in relief as she sat back down and immediately started peeing on her seat, the speed at which her puddle spread testifying to the strength of her stream. "Mm," she purred as she finished after unabashedly relieving herself for just under a minute. I chuckled. I still thought of upholstery-wetting as something of a last or perhaps semi-last resort, certainly not the first resort it seemed to have become for Theresa. Nonetheless, I was intrigued, enough so that a mere half-hour later, when I developed an urge of my own, I tried to hold it longer than Theresa did but still not as long as I otherwise would have. I had crossed my legs and begun to visibly squirm when I pulled into a gas station mainly just to yank my own pants and underwear to my ankles. With a laugh, Terri decided that we may as well fill the tank while we were there, so she pulled her pants up and got out just as my bare butt collapsed back onto the driver's seat. It took only a second or two for me to let loose, and while Terri pumped gas, I just leaned back and moaned in pleasure as the pressure dropped and my own quickly spreading puddle warmed my thighs and privates. It felt just as good as my first time in the Nokushima van! After a minute, I finally finished gushing pee and decided to clean both seats while Terri was still handling the gas transaction. My pants were up and the truck was as good as new by the time we left the station just a couple of minutes later. The layout of our dorm is relatively simple. Our bunk bed is in one corner, with the lowest one at waist height to accommodate a large shared dresser of sorts built of transparent plastic cubbies that underneath it. Being the more athletic between the two of us, I sleep on top. Meanwhile, my desk occupies the slot created by the foot of our bunk bed and the corner formed with the facing wall, while Terri's lies across from her bed. Between that desk and the facing wall lies our futon, directly across from my desk, where my computer with its external monitor doubles as our joint gaming station. The door to our room is midway between our beds and Terri's desk. As we brought in the stuff that we'd taken home with us for vacation and put it all back in place, we opted for a Sprite each to sweeten an otherwise dull couple hours of work. About halfway in, I was the first to be hit rather suddenly with a need to piss some of it back out. I briefly massaged my groin and almost headed for the bathroom when it occurred to me that this may be my chance to turn the tables on Terri, if only slightly. We had already brought some of our Phleb supply in, so I shrugged, dropped my pants right where I was, squatted low to the floor, and simply began peeing on the carpet. Without sitting in it, the puddle couldn't warm my legs and pelvis, and so it wasn't quite as pleasurable as it was in the van or truck, but even so, just letting go of it all still felt amazing enough to make me moan softly as I continued releasing my torrent onto the rug. When the flood was finally over, I stood up with a contented sigh and pulled my pants back up. "Wow!" said a mildly surprised Terri gazing at the huge wet spot I'd made. "Did you really have to go that bad, or did you just decide not to bother going to the bathroom?" "A little of both," I answered. Despite my christening of the floor, Terri still ultimately outdid me that day with the bold way in which she christened our futon. About an hour after my self-relief, I noticed her squirming a bit, but she easily resolved to finish her task of organizing our game cartridges and hooking up our gaming console before attending to her nascent needs. She managed to finish, but not before she was clearly getting desperate, and the second we'd verified that everything was in working order, she hurried over to our futon, her jeans already opened up by the time she came to it, and tore both her pants and panties below her knees in a single motion. Instead of turning around and sitting on the futon, however, she quickly kneeled backwards on it with her knees spread wide, leaned forward a bit to rest her arms on the back, and practically exploded with a loud gasp. For almost two minutes, she peed like a horse onto the cushions, punctuating her deluge with long moans of relief. "Oh, I had to go so bad!" she declared. I wondered musingly if she and perhaps our friends who also have unusual peeing habits sometimes hold it longer than they have to just to render the final release even more spectacular and satisfying. If so, I didn't blame them. Terri was clearly enjoying herself! From then on, there was no pretense that our dorm would be anything but a PWYS zone, much like Hatsu's van. We quickly worked out a few cleaning protocols that would ensure that no staff would ever make any embarrassing discoveries, such as making sure everything was clean if both of us were going to be gone for a while at the same time. Speaking of our neighbors/friends, I thought I'd seen it all with my introduction to the PWYS lifestyle, but Samantha, the new student who was moving in with Kara, demonstrated something just as initially shocking when a desperate hot-pepper-induced emergency with the Nokushima twins prompted her to literally breastfeed them in order to soothe their inflamed mouths and throats. It made much more sense when her sister explained how the hell she happened to even be lactating, and when the twins withdrew, Sam herself assured us that she thought of it as just a friendly helping hand in an unusual situation and that it was actually beneficial to her as well. That enabled the awkwardness to soften much more quickly than it otherwise might have. I suspect that a trace of wierded-outness still lingered for most of us, but within a day, it became mostly a source of private amusement and curiosity between us rather than one of embarrassment or uneasiness. In fact, the four of us (Sam, Kara, Terri, and I) only grew closer and more at ease with each other, if such a thing were possible given the precedent set by unashamed urination in each other's company. At first, I was the only one who hadn't yet peed openly on some form of upholstery or carpet right in front of all the other three, but I hesitated only slightly before rectifying that one morning. In fact, I was the first to pee in the dorm that wasn't my own. The day after Kara and Sam's arrival, I was visiting them in the evening to lend them a movie Fiona and I both thought they'd love when the urge hit me. It was quite negligible at first but escalated quickly as the four of us chatted. At the first available break in conversation, I just asked, "Hey, you don't mind if I pee in here, do you?" "Go right ahead," Sam said with Kara smiling in agreement. "We've already peed at least a couple of times on the carpet and on the couch. You can use our room like you would yours anytime." "Thanks," I said as I lowered the boyshorts that I used as pajama bottoms. "I'm just gonna go on the floor." The conversation resumed as I idly sat down on my haunches with my butt resting a couple of inches above the rug and my shins angled apart. I didn't hesitate to pee a surprisingly strong stream betweeen my legs onto the carpet, absolutely soaking it as I sighed in pleasure. When Sam half-jokingly asked if the same hospitality would be extended to her and Kara in our dorm, I easily assured them that it would and concisely explained our cleaning protocols, which we found out were similar enough to what Kara and Sam had agreed on for their room anyway. It would be a few days before Sam happened to have occasion to pee on Terri's and my futon, but in the meantime, Terri proved that not even her desk chair was safe from a good soaking. On the last night before classes started, she was binging on World of Warcraft on her computer with a bottle of water at her side. About an hour and a half into it, I saw her cross her legs, and within twenty minutes, she was visibly squirming. Doggedly focused on her gameplay, she held it until she started clutching her crotch and rocking herself. She spent not even a minute at that level of urgency before she leapt up just long enough to yank her panties down and didn't even wait until her butt was completely back on the seat before releasing a forceful torrent of pee onto the chair. With her headset microphone active, she bit her lip to soften what I'm sure would have otherwise been an embarrassingly loud and long moan as she kept peeing fiercely for a minute and a half or so. An audible gasp actually did escape her lips as her already impressive flow swelled for a few moments before dwindling quickly. By then, her pee was already dripping from the chair, forming a second puddle on the floor around her. It was on the same chair that Terri sat the following Friday, using the same game this time as a distraction from what seemed like a seasonal affliction. This was the third time she'd been struck with a sore throat around the beginning of a fall semester. It was almost like clockwork. She'd left for a long class apparently feeling fine and returned a couple of hours later groaning about it being her "time of year again." Even without the slight hoarseness in her voice, I likely wouldn't have even had to ask what she meant. I was ready then and there to go out after a bag of cough drops and some food that was soft and cool when swallowed, but she insisted that she could wait until I finished the homework I'd clearly been concentrating on when she came in. I was almost done when Sam knocked on the door and announced herself. I got up before Terri could, giving her a warm but firm look as I let our mutual friend in. "Hey, guys," said Sam cheerfully, "I thought you'd want this back." She handed us the DVD that she and Kara had borrowed at our urging. "You were right. We loved it!" Terri paused her game, removed her headset, and swiveled the chair to face our guest and point at her in playful triumph. "Told you so!" Sam narrowed her eyes. "You don't sound quite right. "Her throat's sore," I explained. "This is the third time it's happened at the beginning of the fall semester. I swear, next year, we're bringing a supply of cough drops and yogurt right with us when we move back in after break." Sam pouted empathetically, sat herself across Terri's lap, and hugged her. "I'm sorry to hear that, Terri!" Terri tried briefly to wriggle out of her arms. "Careful! I don't want you getting sick, too!" "I don't think it's that contagious," I reassured her. "If it were, I definitely should have caught it myself with the way I took care of you the last couple of times and fully intend to again. Given the consistent timing, it's probably an allergy of some sort." "I'll help," Sam added with determination, "and if I do catch anything, we can just have a girls' night in while you nurse me back to health! The two of you plus Kara will create plenty of distraction, I promise." Terri rolled her eyes but couldn't resist smiling at our dedication. "Thanks, you guys! I really appreciate it!" Her eyes happened to fall on Sam's bosom, and she paused. "I can't quite believe I'm asking this, but could I try some breastmilk? I think it might help." "That's actually a great idea," Sam smiled. She promptly pulled her snug pastel-colored T-shirt off and unclasped her bra, with Terri gently pulling it off. I watched as my ailing friend blinked once before leaning towards Sam's right breast and cautiously enclosing the areola in her mouth. As she started suckling, her lips soon slid into place more squarely around the nipple. "Mm," she intoned as she seemed to feel the flow and taste the milk for the first time. Terri settled within a few seconds into a rhythm of using a gentle, toothless chewing motion to massage the areola while her lips sucked mostly on the nipple itself. I watched curiously for a while, somewhat marveling at how Terri never seemed to come up for air. Eventually, I just shrugged and decided that I would put the finishing touches on my homework after all before making my originally planned errand. By the time I was ready to go, Terri's contented moans suggested that the unusual treatment was working, and given her own purrs, it was clearly a pleasant experience for Sam as well. Somehow, it never gave off any homoerotic vibes, at least not for any of us, though I suppose some hypothetical male or lesbian voyeur might have been aroused by it. As for me, I just shook my head and smiled in amusement as I closed the door to our dorm and made my way out.
  7. As an amateur 3D artist, I'm no stranger to rendering nude human figures, so I thought I'd share some of my sexier characters as possible fuel for our imaginations. For fans of my stories, for instance, this is how I envision Kara. [GALLERY=media, 4926]Kara by RedHatter76 posted Jan 7, 2016 at 9:41 PM[/GALLERY]
  8. RedHatter76

    Christening the New Dorm

    WARNING! Hey, guys! This one's a bit long and a bit different. There's still plenty of upholstery- and carpet-soaking, but it's also an experiment in incorporating another fetish of mine in roughly the latter third or half: adult breastfeeding. As with urolagnia, my particular brand of this fetish is most aroused when the act itself is borne out of desperation or convenience and any eroticity is unintentional. In any case, if you are put off by this, please enjoy the peeing bits and feel free to stop when the hot peppers are mentioned. If not, read on! I hope you enjoy at least most of this story regardless. This one's told from Samantha's point of view. If I get a generally positive response, I'll gladly right more like this. ~~~ Well, it seems that fate thought our little group was a good match, because when I discovered that Kara, Theresa, and her roommate Fiona went to one of the universities to which I had been accepted, that effectively broke the tie between two otherwise equally appealing contenders, so I announced my intent to join them at their school the upcoming fall. It was very welcome news my new friends, though it was bittersweet for my sister, of whom I'd be seeing much less due to the distance between our colleges. At the same time, Kara's roommate Ashima's transfer, which had been just plain sad for Kara, acquired an unexpected upside when we suddenly realized that I was eligible to take her place. Within a few weeks, I had cleared it with the housing department to move in with Kara, which was a double blessing for me, since Theresa would also be in the dorm just adjacent to ours. Kara arranged to borrow her sister's van in order to haul all of my stuff to campus. The only downside was that we had to leave at a ridiculous hour in the morning in order to arrive there before the commons closed so that I could get my key. I could only hope that class hours are significantly better than off-season housing administration hours. Anyway, after giving my parents a long final hug and waving goodbye to my clearly weeping mother, I piled into the thoroughly packed van with Kara, her twin sister Kumiko, and Ginger. Kumiko took the seat next to her sister in the front while Ginger and I rode directly behind them. Both of our sisters were tagging along theoretically just to help with the move in, but the seating choices belied an ulterior motive. All four of us wanted to be as close as possible for as long as possible to our siblings, simply because we knew the precious proximity would be ending soon. With that, we were on our way! It would be a roughly six-hour trip, but we were barely out of our parents' range of sight before Kumiko asked, "Those pants are coming down at the first step we make, aren't they." "Yep," Kara confirmed. Kumiko chuckled and leaned back to yank her white leggings and panties to her ankles in preparation for eventual self-relief. "No fair!" Kara protested playfully. Perhaps out of playful spite, Kara stopped at the first non-residential place we came to and lowered her own jeans and underwear the instant she was safely parked. Nonetheless, Ginger was the first to soak her seat. She started visibly feeling the urge about an hour after we had left, and within five minutes, she quickly pulled her drawstring shorts and panties below her knees in a single yank. Sitting back in her seat, she closed her eyes and sighed as she started peeing unabashedly onto her seat, drenching it in a huge puddle within seconds. "Oh, that feels so good!" she purred. "It always does somehow!" It might have been contagious, because not even ten minutes later, an explosive hiss signaled that Kara had decided to empty her own bladder onto her seat, and she unloaded what sounded like an impressive volume. "Ah, that's better!" she moaned shamelessly. By now, we decided it was close enough to our normal breakfast time to stop at McDonalds to fill our stomachs. I had an odd craving for Sprite that I would later regret (or perhaps not, given how fun it was to pee it all out and relieve all that pressure). About a half an hour after breakfast, Kumiko casually spread her thighs apart and let loose her own torrent of pee, giving off a very satisfied sigh as she peed audibly straight into the fabric on which she sat. Fate saved the best for last, apparently, because when the urge hit me, it hit quite suddenly. "Oh, for crying out loud!" I rolled my eyes and leaned back to raise my butt from the seat. "Why did I have to order Sprite for breakfast? I know it goes right through me!" I urgently unbuttoned and unzipped my jean shorts, grabbed their hem as well as that of my panties, and tore them down to my shins. I then let myself fall back to my seat and immediately started peeing fiercely into the cusion. The rapid drop in pressure and the warmth pooling just as fast around my butt and crotch had me leaning my head back and moaning in pleasure as I peed freely for a minute and a half. "Nope, it never gets old," I said breathlessly when I had finally dumped it all out. We each peed once more on the trip, with the twins making it interesting with an impromptu holding contest. It was well after breakfast, and we were nearly there when a cry of "Damn it!" from Kara accompanied what sounded like a dam bursting. Kara's great chagrin at losing was overshadowed in a mere couple of seconds by immense relief as she kept peeing uncontrollably. "Oh, holy crap!" she moaned loudly. "I don't even care anymore! It feels too good!" She half-gasped/half-squeaked at the same time as her already torrential flow swelled suddenly before finally dwindling. "But just for the record, I only lost because I have to concentrate on safe driving." Meanwhile, Kumiko's own explosion came so closely on the heel of her sister's that we all agreed to call it a draw. They gushed pee and moaned almost in unison for a full couple of minutes in total before they finally finished. "Oh, that was awesome!" Kara finally decided, almost panting in ecstatic relief. Ginger, whose bladder seemed most susceptible to the power of suggestion (aside from perhaps Theresa's, spread her legs and unleashed another flood of her own just ten minutes later. As for me, my own bladder filled up mostly in the remaining half hour of our journey, and I just started peeing profusely on my seat again as we pulled into the parking lot in front of our dorm, sighing deeply and moaning softly. The others began unloading themselves and our belongings without me while I lingered in the van simply to finish peeing. They decided that meant I should get stuck with Phleb duty, but trust me, it was worth it! What followed was a whirlwind of activity. Kumiko's amateur affinity for interior design would guide us, but moving into a dorm turned out to be an even bigger production than I'd anticipated. Most of our time was spent assembling our new L-shaped desk and Kara's new dresser, followed closely by arranging and stacking the beds in the most economic way. Then, Kara and I had to figure out how best to divide up our closet space while Ginger and Kumiko maneuvered our sky blue futon into the room. Kumiko used the word "pivot" so much I started calling her Ross Geller. My Friends fanatic of a sister giggled heartily at the reference. Kumiko just looked confused. In the midst of all of this, however, the agreement that this would be a PWYS-compatible dorm went unspoken. That is why, especially after having downed the drinks we'd brought in a cooler in order to stay cool in our toil, it was hardly a surprise when Ginger casually relieved herself on the carpet. While crouched over various desk parts, she rose just enough to slide her shorts and panties out of the way, diverged her shins a bit, and just peed on the floor between her W-shaped legs, the angle of her crouch already directing her full torrent somewhat backwards. Her look of concentration barely broke even as a long moan escaped her lips, while her puddle spread like wildfire across one of the few areas of carpet not obscured by a piece of wood. The futon didn't even spend much time in its new home opposite my bed before it was soaked. Kara was sitting cross-legged assembling a desk drawer when she just stood up and announced, "I gotta piss." She waded her way through the mess of parts on the floor, already unzipping her jeans as she reached the small sofa. In a couple of seconds, she was quite contentedly sitting on it with her pants at her ankles and her thighs held apart as she openly and rigorously peed on it for about a minute and a half. As we neared the end of our labor, the twins' stomachs began to growl, and by the time we took a break to take stock of our work so far, they were groaning a bit about how hungry they were fast becoming. Ginger and I could have eaten then, but for whatever reason, we weren't yet as starved as they apparently were. However, hunger didn't stop any of us from admiring our new room. Kara's bed was raised a few feet above and perpendicular to mine, with the two intersecting at their heads in one corner of the room. My bedspread was forest green with a light green pillowcase, while Kara's was a deep royal red with a pink pillowcase. Next to the foot of my bed and in the opposite corner was a deep mahogany-finish desk big enough for the both of us. Finally, on the wall opposite my bed was our futon. The door to our room was in the corner between the futon and Kara's elevated bed. Satisfied, we resolved to go fetch some more decorative items from the van and then go after some food. Kara was about to do the first clean-up when I held up an index finger as all the water I'd drunk to stay hydrated had hit me relatively suddenly. As I approached the futon and turned my back to it, I opened up my shorts, let them drop, and yanked my panties down. I then sat down on the one dry seat left, and gasped in pleasure as I instantly started peeing forcefully into the fabric. I reveled in the warm feeling of relief and probably moaned a couple of times before the flood finally ended a little over a minute later. I rose to my feet and pulled my pants up. "Proceed," I said to Kara, earning a hearty laugh from her as she went to work. We opened the door and headed out only to be met by Theresa and her roommate as they also emerged from their room. Eager hugs and words of sincere excitement at the reunion were exchanged, and I was formally introduced to Fiona. We quickly invited them into our dorm for a bit to share the results of our efforts. Throughout much of this time, though, Kara and Kumiko were eyeing the pizza box that Fiona was clutching. "Did you guys just have pizza?" the latter asked. "Oh, yeah," Theresa confirmed. "We have a couple of pieces left, but we're stuffed! We were just about to throw it out. Do you guys want any? It'd be a shame for it to go to waste." "Hell, yeah!" Kara affirmed and eagerly took the box from Fiona's offering hands. "I should warn you, though, it has…" she winced as the twins each plucked out a slice and took a bite, "…really hot peppers on it." By the time she finished her sentence, that fact was already obvious to the twins. They turned red and started gagging. "Oh, my God! This makes Hell feel like effin' Arendelle!" Kara cried. "Holy crap! My mouth feels like a furnace!" Kumiko started panting and fanning her mouth Meawnhile, Kara's eyes darted around the room. "Why is there nothing left to drink in here?" she demanded almost hyserically. "Why did we have to put off bringing in the mini-fridge?" "How can you two stand this?" Kumiko asked Theresa and Fiona desperately. "Oh, this seriously burns!" Both twins' eyes were really watering by now. I barely heard Fiona offer to run to the communal kitchen for tap water. I briefly remembered reading that water might actually spread the heat and told her so, but I was mainly focused on a flashback to my high school commencement just a few months prior. The situation was eerily similar, and seeing my friends in what seemed like actual pain moved me to speak up. "Wait a sec, guys. Just how desperate are you here?" I rotated our new desk chair to face everyone and sat down. "No drink can get here fast enough!" Kara whimpered as she kept fanning her mouth. "It won't be cold," I said as I peeled my T-shirt off, "and it might be really awkward, but…" "Honestly, I don't care right now!" Kumiko interrupted, hope shining in her eyes. "Okay, then." I unclasped my DD-cup bra and pulled it off. "Milk it is." Except for the twins, who still looked too desperate and yet hopeful to discern any other emotion, my sister was the only one who didn't look confused and a little shocked. Everyone stared at me for about a second or two before Kara groaned and made the first move, but her sister was hardly a moment behind her. Acting swiftly as if to avoid overthinking what they were doing, each twin stepped towards me, leaned in, and took a nipple into her mouth. I sighed as they began sucking, and once they realized that there was indeed a genuine flow of warm milk to be reaped, it turned into a soft moan as they both somewhat opened their mouths against my breasts only to take almost my entire areolae more firmly between their lips. They continued to alternate in slow cycles between massaging my areolae with their jaws in this way, sucking at my nipples with their puckered lips, and gulping down the increasing amount of milk that each repetition earned them. I felt a warm tingle start from my breasts and spread throughout my torso as I could feel that they were eliciting a healthy flow and quickly growing more confident. "Long story short," Ginger explained to our awed friends, "some guy at her school refused to believe that it was possible for a woman to lactate without ever having been pregnant. For some reason, he was really adamant about it, to the point that Sam finally got fed up with his 'willful scientific ignorance,' as she put it, and used herself as a Guinea pig to prove him wrong. She spent a couple of months or so stimulating her boobs regularly to imitate suckling and psyching herself up as if she was going to feed a baby." "Looking back, it was sort of silly," I admitted while the twins were still suckling and emitting occasional soothed moans. "Given how stubborn he was, nothing short of a live demonstration would've proved anything to him, and I wasn't about to give him a peep showǃ But by the time I realized this, I was too far into it, so I decided that I might as well see it through, even if only for my own curiosity. That guy just really got under my skin somehowǃ" Almost simultaneously, the twins finally withdrew from my breasts after another minute or two, leaving both areolae slightly moist with residual milk. "I can't believe I just did that," Kumiko said in a bit of a daze. "Did it work?" I asked hopefully. "Yeah," she marveled, visibly relieved. "Thanks. I really needed that, no matter how awkward." "Worked like a charm!" Kara confirmed. "Besides, we've all peed on all kinds of upholstery for the sake of either urgency or convenience, often right in front of each other. Is breastfeeding for pretty much the same reason really any grosser or weirder?" I shook my head with a small smile. "In fact, you guys actually did me a favor. I haven't really been able to get it to stop yet. There's even a part of me that doesn't really want to. As a nerd, I don't feel particularly womanly very often, and I guess lactating sort of lets me feel that touch of femininity that I yearn for from time to time. But anyway," I digressed, "I'm afraid to let the milk build up too much, because I could theoretically start leaking through my clothes if I make too much. It hasn't gotten to that point yet, but it still might, and unfortunately, I must have left my pump back home, somehow even though I could've sworn I packed it. You two just bought me some time, and just like last time, it was quite pleasurable for me. Plus, if my boobs get too full, they can potentially get a bit uncomfortable. It was really a rather symbiotic thing that just happened." "Wait." Now it was Ginger's turn to be surprised. "'Just like last time?' You've breastfed before?" I cursed under my breath. "Don't tell anyone I told you, but yes, once. Some idiots who probably barely graduated put Erica Trapman up to a bet. She lost, and the terms were that she had to do the cinnamon challenge while in line to get her diploma." I rolled my eyes. "The poor fool was so desperate to soothe her mouth and throat that she just pulled me into the nearest girls' bathroom and practically demanded my milk. She knew just enough about my little experiment through the rumor mill." I laughed, "So I ended up locked in a bathroom stall with basically the alpha bitch of my school, breastfeeding her in a graduation gown. When she was done, she gave me this dark look and said, 'This never happened. Got it?' Fortunately, we got back in time for our moments on stage, but still, I never forgot how good it felt. It felt just as good this time too." "Did you ever get the last word with the guy that started the whole thing?" asked Fiona. Ginger laughed this time. "He was in denial at first, but he finally shut up in a hurry when Sam threatened to literally show him a bottle of the milk that she'd pumped out of herself. I was still a bit wierded out by it, but I happened to be visiting the school for some reason that I can't even remember now when the whole thing went down, and it was totally worth it! Oh, man, the look on his face! He was so grossed out!" "And then, I was like, 'What? You'll chug the stuff from a cow, but you can't even look at the same thing from your own species?'" I added. "So I proved a point and at the same time got to help out some premature babies by donating to a milk bank. I call that a win." All four of our friends laughed, though Kumiko's was still slightly nervous, so I continued. "Look, I don't anticipate this happening alot, but for any of you who feels comfortable with it, I really don't mind sharing. Like I said, you'd actually be doing me a favor. It'd just be a case of friends helping each other out under unorthodox circumstances, just like this incident was. Heck, I even read that pretty much any stimulation of the breasts can help ward off future cancer." I turned to Kara. "It didn't taste too bad, did it?" Kara shook her head. "Quite the opposite, actually. It was warm and kinda sweet. And surprisingly filling! I'm still hungry, but definitely not as bad I was before." Kumiko chuckled. "Are we really standing here and evaluating the taste of human breastmilk?" I just smirked, retrieved my bra and shirt, and put them back on. "Now, what do you say we skip the posters and stuff for a bit and go get some real food? I'm getting kinda hungry myself."
  9. Happy New Year! Here's another story featuring the same four girls from my last story, this time from Theresa's point of view! I hope it lives up to its prequel. ~~~ A trip through Europe is bound to be interesting in any case, but it was especially so for us given our unconventional self-relief habits. That effect was heightened even further by the fact that we had only just inaugurated Sam into the pee-where-you-sit secret, and she had actually taken to it really quickly considering her initial hesitation. She didn't even insist on immediate re-sanitation anymore, having seen how powerful our cleaning solution was even after a puddle had been left to partially dry. We rotated clean-up duties amongst ourselves every two or three hours, and by the time we disembarked from the train, both of our cabins looked and smelled as good as new. Things were no less fun on the train that we took back from Italy to France in order to catch our homeward flight departing from Paris. I had the misfortune of discovering a heavenly fruit drink that was all the rage in Italy, and with good reason! Before I knew it, I had voraciously imbibed enough to leave me with an increasingly bursting bladder just as we arrived at the train station. We were a bit behind schedule and didn't want to risk missing our train, so there wasn't time for any of us to wait in line for the restroom. So I bit my lip and held it. If any of my friends noticed, they didn't say anything. Anyway, when we finally reached our adjacent cabins and all entered the first one, I simply let my bag fall from my shoulder and found the seat nearest the door, already having unfastened my beige pants as I turned around in front of it. My companions hardly noticed as I yanked my pants and panties to my shins, sat down, and leaned back slightly. No sooner was my bare butt on the seat than I let out a torrent of pee that absolutely soaked the cushion in seconds. A soft moan escaped my lips as the pressure deflated soothingly and a warm puddle caressed my thighs, crotch, and butt. I was still going when Ginger finally seemed to notice. "Already? Seriously?" she said in amused surprise. "What? I had to go!" I chuckled. Sam shrugged. "With all that stuff she drank, should we really be surprised?" Her redhead sister chortled. "I guess not." After a total of about 90 seconds, I finally finished peeing and stood up. "Now," I said as I pulled my pants back up and fastened them again, "whose turn is it to make the food run?" Samantha volunteered this time and quickly took note of any specific items to look for. Ginger and I requested a couple of croissants, while Kara just asked for a good helping of pretty much any kind of meat. Sam herself made a parting remark about a craving for crepes as she left our cabin to see what she could find. She returned about ten minutes later carrying an impressive amount of food in her arms. Partially out of hunger and partially to lighten her burden (even though she didn't look at all bothered by it), we seized upon her quarry and were pleased to discover that she had managed to find everything we craved as well as lemon-lime soda and water. Within minutes, we were all chowing down happily, with Sam and I sitting on the dry seats while Kara and Ginger sat cross-legged on the floor facing us. Kara was the next one to feel the urge. She and I were arguing as we ate about whether the Tenth or Eleventh Doctor was more badass when she suddenly paused and rolled her eyes. I thought it was at me until she plucked a piece of chicken into her mouth before rising to her knees to unbutton and unzip her jean shorts. "Geez!" she muttered as she let them fall out of her way and pulled her panties down. "What is it about soda that doesn't give you hardly warning?" She then spread her shins apart to form a W as she brought her thighs and butt back down to rest an inch or two above the floor. Gripping her shorts to hold them aloft between her legs, she just let loose on the floor. She sighed as she unloaded no small amount of piss onto the carpet with an audible hiss, a large dark spot quickly peaking out from under her. "Anyway, you've got to be kidding me, Terri!" she said while still relieving herself profusely. "That speech about 'one thing you never ever put into a trap' sealed the deal!'" As her flow finally stopped, she stood on her knees again to re-dress herself and lazily moved aside to sit on dry carpet, revealing quite a considerable puddle on the floor. "Eleven rules!" "Crap, Kara!" said Ginger playfully. "I think you're making me have to go a bit." She wriggled slightly and resumed eating, but within five minutes, it had escalated quite quickly. Ginger was soon rocking her torso and massaging her crotch. She wasted less than a minute at that level of urgency before she finally sighed, leaned back, and swiftly peeled her white denim shorts down along with her underwear. She barely even waited until her butt was quite touching the cushion again before a fierce stream of pale pee burst from her vagina and rapidly drenched her seat. She bit her lip and moaned as she spent the next minute or so with spread thighs emptying her bladder into the fabric. As Ginger proceeded to pull her panties and shorts back up, the rest of us agreed that it was time for another cleaning, so Kara hauled out the Phleb and made short work of the cabin. About forty-five minutes later, Ginger managed to run out of Nutella and left the cabin to retrieve some more. Ten minutes later, she texted us to let us know she had picked up a bit of company, and in another five, she came through the door to our cabin with a guy behind her. "Thanks," he said sincerely, "I really appreciate this! I could've sworn I'd packed some extras!" "No problem," Ginger said with a smile as she set her new jar of Nutella on her seat before beginning to fish through her backpack. "Guys, this is Frank," she gestured at the tall brunet before us. "I bumped into him on my way back, and he said he was just distracted because he was looking desperately for a wall adapter to charge his dying phone." "Yeah, my friend and I must've had a miscommunication about who was packing what, and we ended up one short, and you can't buy one on a train." We laughed as Ginger introduced us. "By the way, this is my sister Samantha and our friends Kara and Theresa." We each said "Hi" in turn and he said it back just as Ginger blurted, "Aha!" She pulled out a wall adapter and handed it to Frank. "Lucky for you, we seem to have miscommunicated in the opposite direction, so we have plenty!" "Thanks! I'll be sure to get it back to you before the train arrives. Any chance I could get your contact information in case we miss each other?" he asked with a nervous chuckle. Kara have him a half-smile. "You can have my e-mail address. I check it so often there's no way I'd miss it." Frank actually lingered for quite while chatting us up, especially Ginger and Kara. I was trying to decide whether or not they were in flirting territory when I noticed Samantha had crossed her legs. I didn't think much of it until about twenty minutes later when my eyes fell on her again. By then, she was holding herself and rocking her torso as subtly as she could, and I realized that her bladder had chosen a rather unfortunate time to start filling up. She hissed a couple of times at Ginger to signal for her to wrap it up, but she just couldn't do it loudly enough without calling attention to herself. I managed to catch her darting eyes a couple of minutes later, as her urgency was fast becoming less subtle, and jerked my head in the direction of Kara's and my cabin. She rolled her eyes and threw her hands up as if to wonder how the hell she didn't think of it. She then rose to her feet as casually as she could and hurried to the door, grabbing her crotch and inhaling through puckered lips as soon as she was behind Frank. I led her out and slid my key into the slot without a moment's delay. Sam had already unzipped her jean shorts before I'd even quite managed to close the door and re-lock it, and just as I did so, she unbuttoned them in an instant and and practically tore them together with her panties down to her shins. She had barely begun collapsing onto the nearest seat before a forceful torrent of pee just exploded out of her. The poor girl gasped as her butt finally landed on the already wet seat. "Oh, my God!" she breathed before moaning long and loudly. The flood hissed audibly against the cushion as she spread her legs and kept peeing desperately. "Oh, that feels so much better!" She continued openly relieving herself for about a minute and a half before she finally sighed in deep satisfaction as her deluge dwindled almost as quickly as it erupted. "Oh, I owe you one, Terri!" she said breathlessly. "I don't think I could've held it much longer!" Sam dutifully cleaned up after herself, and we returned to find Frank ironically gone. When she realized what had been happening, Ginger apologized profusely for her apparent inattentiveness. Sam just assured her that the immense pleasure of relief had been worth it! By that time, nightfall was fast approaching, and we all decided to watch a movie or two on Ginger's laptop before going to bed. Fortunately, there were no more wet interruptions. That would come later after Kara and I retired to our own cabin for bed. I was just about to execute the final cleaning for the day when Kara idly stood up in front of the seats in the nick of time. I'm not even sure she noticed her timing as she promptly lowered her boxer shorts, planted her bare butt on the nearest seat, leaned back, and let what seemed like a gallon of pee freely gush out of her, absolutely drenching the cushion. She peed for a minute and a half with her eyes closed in contentment before a satisfied sigh escaped her lips. She rose to her feet just long enough to pull her boxers back up before lowering herself to the floor and crawling into her sleeping bag. I chuckled to myself and then efficiently cleaned up her huge puddle before climbing into the fold-out bed above the seats. All good things must come to an end, but we certainly made the most of returning to the States. Sam went commando in a skirt on the plane again, and I envied her when I saw her shamelessly empty another full bladder onto her seat. The second time, she was in the middle of snacking on some Ritz crackers that we'd packed when she pulled her skirt out of the way again with her free hand and simply spent another minute or so pissing once more into the fabric. Fairness was restored when we reached Kara's car in the airport parking lot. Kara was driving this time, so as soon as she climbed in, she unfastened her jeans and pulled them along with her panties down to her ankles so that she would already be prepared whenever the urge hit. Sam didn't even bother putting her panties back on when we landed, so she just sat down and could have relieved herself right then and there if she needed to. I hadn't planned on it, but since I had gorged myself on the last of my awesome European fruit drink all the while we were collecting our luggage, the timing was just right, so I was lowering my own pants as soon as I was in the car and peeing forcefully onto the cushion before had we even pulled out of our parking space, moaning in pleasure at the combined feeling of the deflating pressure and warm puddle around my thighs and privates. Ginger, sitting in the backseat next to me and realizing that she was the only one with her pants still on, shrugged and rectified that in no time. Although she was the last to drop her pants, Ginger was only the second rider to wet her seat, and quite thoroughly. She was reading some iZombie fanfiction on her iPad when she simply diverged her thighs, leaned forward a bit, and began peeing without even looking up from her story. Her seat was completely drenched by the time she finished. Kara and Sam, however, took it to a whole new level. About halfway through the trip, we agreed to stop at McDonalds to fill our stomachs. We were waiting in line at the drive-through when a sudden loud hissing signaled that Kara had just let loose on her seat as she idly kept up with the queue. She barely finished peeing her usual gallon before it was her turn to order! Finally, we were pretty close to home and had stopped at a gas station. While Kara was pumping the gas, I suggested that we take the opportunity to clean up the seats. "Hold that thought," Sam piped up. Even before she finished the sentence, I could hear her release another torrent of pee onto her seat. She moaned softly and continued pissing for another minute or so. "Okay, let's do it!" she said when she finally finished relieving herself. "I doubt any of us will have to go again before we get home."
  10. Is anyone else into adult breastfeeding, especially compelled by dire circumstances (something like a scene at the end of "Grapes of Wrath" or the classical tale of "Roman charity")? Most of what little stuff I've been able to find eroticizes it too overtly for my taste. A recent fantasy of mine involves a newly post-apocalyptic world in which two young women band together to survive, and one of them has recently given up a baby for adoption or something. Since they never know where their next meal will come from, they decide that, to make their rations last longer, the non-lactating one will severely restrict her intake of conventional food while the other breastfeeds her to make up for it.
  11. RedHatter76

    Creating a Peeing Monster

    This one's probably my most varied story yet in terms of what all gets peed on. It's also a crossover, told from the perspective of Ginger from the PWYS bus as she and her younger sister join Theresa and Kara from Hatsu's van on a plane and then on a train. ~~~~ At only eighteen years old, my little sister Samantha was more intellectually and wittily precocious than I ever was, though she had the looks and curves to make a totally different kind of precociousness equally available to her if ever she were to avail herself of it. But instead, she tended to dress plainly in T-shirts and pale blue jeans, though both were often just snug enough to leave the outline of her shapely butt and breasts relatively unobscured. My own usual track suits, skinny jeans, and tank tops did my figure justice as well, but my clothed sex appeal just never seemed quite as effortless as Sam's. We were boarding an airplane, bound for Paris. Sam had long dreamed of backpacking through Europe, and although I had often teased her about how clichéd it was, I secretly couldn't help but share her aspiration. Then, about six months before her high school graduation, I met and made fast friends with Kara and Theresa, and one night at the end of a hard semester, Kara jokingly suggested that we celebrate having overcome a particularly rigorous round of exams by taking off for Europe. "Boy, do I wish!" I'd laughed, but Theresa's smile seemed more thoughtful. To make a long story short, she convinced us that we could actually do it, especially since a novel that she'd prodigiously written as a teenager was really accelerating in sales and was becoming something of a hit. Once that decision was made, the choice to extend an invitation to Sam seemed obvious, at least with our new financial resources. At first, Sam had quite regretfully declined. Although she was very scientifically minded, she did have one irrational fear: claustrophobia. The thought of a tiny airplane restroom therefore terrified her. It was one of the reasons she'd never flown or taken a long-distance bus before. When she'd confessed that she'd almost prefer to wet her pants than brave such a "hellhole," I had then mumbled something about it being too bad that the plane seats wouldn't be like the ones in that experimental bus I'd ridden once. However, Kara and Theresa had actually heard what I said and insisted that I tell them the story. Once I shared that tale, they opened up about Kara's sister's van, in which they had both peed on the seats due to the sister having an exceptionally quick and effective cleaning solution. At that point, the three of us had exchanged pointed looks as our mental gears turned almost in sync before directing a collective gaze at Sam. "Aw, hell, no!" she'd said, reading our expressions like a book. "It's not a private vehicle or some weird experiment!" Her unconscious adjustment of her slim glasses had betrayed her curiosity, however, since I recognized it as a habitual sign of fascination. "Look," Kara had piped up, "is it ideal? No. But you just said there's a good chance that you'd sooner wet yourself than use the lavatory. Well, if you do, some of it is bound to soak through, so it's almost inevitable that some part of the plane will get wet anyway. We'll bring some of my sister's cleaning stuff, which sanitizes just as well as anything on the market and probably better. No harm done, I promise!" "Besides," I'd added, "didn't you tell me once that human urine is actually quite sterile?" "It would technically be a Plan B," said Theresa, "If you feel brave enough to use the bathroom, great! And even if you make it on the flight, there'll still be at least a couple of trains to ride after we get there, probably with bathrooms just as cramped." We'd reminded her that we'd be sitting at the head of a section of seats, where all strangers would be seated behind us and therefore unable to see her, especially if she took the window seat. After that, it didn't take much longer for her to agree to our plan. It probably helped that her only other options were to either wear a diaper or sit on a folded towel. Sam said that the latter would just make her feel like a dog having newspaper put under it, and the former would be even worse! If she would likely have to pee somewhere other than a toilet anyway, then the least embarrassing way was, perhaps paradoxically, to just go directly on the seat. Kara procured plenty of her sister's cleaning solution, called Phleb, and even managed to give Sam a demonstration under more private circumstances. We drove to the airport in her new car, and just as we parked, Kara said, "Wait! I gotta pee." Sam was intrigued despite herself as our brunette companion simply pulled her jeans and panties down and spent over half a minute with a hissing flow of pee pooling around her and soaking her seat. Moaning in relief, she redressed herself and took just about minute to spray Phleb on the seat and wipe it off with a paper towel from the glove compartment. No one could see, feel, or even smell a trace of Kara's considerable puddle. She also made sure that I got a good view of her cleaning technique, which was actually quite simple. This clearly made my sister feel much better about the situation, especially after Kara told her just how many times she'd done that in her sister's van with no detectably lasting effects on the vehicle. Sam was wearing her usual snug T-shirt, but she'd traded her typical shorts for a knee-length black skirt to make it easier to relieve herself without having to move around conspicuously. Just prior to boarding, she also stepped into the ladies room so that she could privately strip her panties off and stuff them into her bag. If she was going to avoid any conspicuous shuffling around, she felt that there would have to be nothing between her vagina and the cushion. Now on the airplane, Sam absent-mindedly found our seats, dropped her backpack on the floor, plopped herself down in the left window seat, and brushed a lock of raven-dark hair behind each of her ears. I then took the seat right next to her, leaving Theresa and Kara to sit straight across the aisle from us. Within a twenty minutes, the plane took off, and we all bit back a squeal of "We're actually doing this!" We spent much of our time taking advantage of the in-flight entertainment. While Theresa introduced Kara to Game of Thrones, complete with running fan commentary, Sam and I engaged in a few games before settling on the third Lord of the Rings movie which we'd never gotten to see. It was about three hours into the flight, in the last third of the movie, that Kara crossed her legs. I thought hardly anything of it until a bit later when she started biting her lip randomly. About fifteen minutes later still, she started shifting in her seat, and I all but knew that she would have to make a decision soon. Within another fifteen minutes, she had given up all pretense. Her still intertwined legs were bouncing on one foot, and she held her crotch almost constantly as she rocked back and forth and glanced between the cushion underneath her and the direction of the restroom at an increasing rate. Next came the soft whimpering, and at that point, I almost spoke up and told her to just go because she seemed so uncomfortable. But just as the words were on the tip of my tongue, Sam herself beat me to the punch. "You know what? Screw it!" she cried in hushed exasperation. She flipped the back of her skirt up against the back of the seat and leaned backwards a bit to keep it there. Next, she spread her thighs apart and drew the front and sides of her skirt taut across them. Taking only a second to verify that none of the crew were headed our way, she finally told herself to let it all go. And she did! Visually, Sam hid it well, but her almost immediate gasp, simultaneous with an explosive hissing sound, signaled her much needed release. I had by now paused the movie just in time to notice an already impressive puddle peeking out from under her skirt, the barely visible ripples testifying to the strength of her torrent. She leaned her head back and moaned as loudly as she dared. "Oh, sweet mother of…" She cut herself off with another gasp and actually smiled in contentment as she continued peeing uninhibitedly into the cushion. When the flood finally dwindled a full minute or so later, she let out a deeply satisfied sigh. "Holy crap! That felt awesome!" I chuckled at her before pulling out the Phleb and a paper towl from our carry-on. A very relieved Sam took them and made short work of cleaning her seat up while I stood on lookout. Little over a minute, Sam was quite happily sitting on a dry cushion, enthralled by the movie once more. It wouldn't be the last time, either. In the next couple of hours, it got dark as we crossed several time zones, and we had all stayed up the previous night in order to help sync up with European clocks, so we were appropriately sleepy shortly thereafter. I was just beginning to doze off when Sam, who'd started squirming about ten minutes earlier, just leaned back and let loose into her seat again, peeing much more nonchalantly than but just as fiercely as the first time. That relative nonchalance was my first inkling that we may have created a monster. That inkling became a virtual certainty within three days. After landing in France, seeing the sights, and soaking up the atmosphere, we finally decided it was time to give Italy a visit as well. She was already squirming a bit when we arrived at the train station, but when we saw the line for the restroom (and the outrageous fact that it actually had a monetary toll), she decided she'd hold it for the train, briefly confirming that we still had plenty of Phleb. Each of our cabins was about seven feet wide and ten feet deep with three comfortably wide seats, an overhead storage compartment, a fold-out bed just above it, and a fold-out dinner tray mounted on the wall under the window. The wall opposite the seats was even carved into a closet of sorts. One of them would likely not be used for much more than sleeping, since the four of us were content enough in each other's company that not even Sam felt uncomfortable with all four of us in one cabin during waking hours. Nevertheless, we decided that Sam and I would take the first cabin while Kara and Theresa would bunk in the adjacent one. As soon as we entered and let our bags fall to the floor, I expected Sam to head out to investigate the size of the on-board bathroom to see if she could handle it, or at least send me to check it out if she didn't want to risk moving too much. I did not expect her to just lock the door, drop her jean shorts and panties to her ankles in a single motion, and immediately proceed to pee on the middle seat. Since she was facing it, she didn't even bother to turn around and sit down. Instead, she just kneeled backwards on it with her knees apart and released a fierce stream that pooled rapidly between her legs. "Oh, that's better! I had to go so bad!" she moaned just before the flood finally tapered off after a long minute or so, leaving the cushion completely soaked. Theresa and I gaped amusedly while Kara voiced my earlier thoughts with her best Dr. Frankenstein impersonation. "It's…It's alive! We've done it, Igor! It lives!" At that point, we wordlessly agreed that there was little point for any of us to even try using the actual bathroom unless any of us had to poop, which was unlikely given that we'd all made sure to take care of that before leaving our hotel that morning. I was the next to soak a seat about an hour later, when Kara, Sam, and I were all lounging on triple seat while Theresa sat on the floor browsing prospective Italian sites to visit on her iPad. I was talking on my smartphone with my mom, telling her all about our sightseeing, and as Mom kept gushing about how happy she is that we had this opportunity, I felt the urge building. Within about five minutes, it had escalated to where I decided it was time. I lodged my phone in place between my cheek and shoulder, stood up, dropped my pants, sat back down on my seat, and simply started peeing fiercely. I moved the phone a bit away from my mouth for a moment so Mom wouldn't hear me moan softly as I shamelessly relieved myself on the cushion for almost a minute. I doubt Mom had any clue what I was doing as I kept talking to her! Theresa suddenly grabbed her crotch and hissed. "Damn it! Now you've made me have to go!" She was sitting on folded legs, so she promptly rose to her knees, lowered her boyshorts, sat back down on her haunches, leaned forward to pivot her vagina somewhat backward, and sighed in satisfaction as her own torrent rushed out between her legs onto the floor. The other three of us laughed at her nonchalance as her focus quickly returned to her iPad while she was still quite rigorously wetting the carpet. Kara's turn came in the evening when we sent her after some complementary food. She'd been gone for a while, and we were just beginning to wonder what was keeping her when she burst into the cabin, locked the door, and practically threw the treats she'd procured into our hands. She then unfastened her jeans, tore them and her underwear down, kneeled on the nearest seat just like Sam had done, and promptly unleashed a forceful torrent of pee onto the cushion. "Oh, my God!" she moaned. "That guy just would not shut up!" She gasped in pleasure as she kept peeing uncontrollably. "I think he was too busy staring at my boobs to even notice that I had to go to bathroom!" She threw her head back, gaping in utter relief, and just let the pee continue flowing out of her almost as if from a firehose. "Whoo!" she squeaked in awe when she had finally expelled it all. "I had to piss like an effin' racehorse!" Clearly, she did. As night fell, we changed into our pajamas. Theresa was the only one who had actual pajamas. Kara's nightclothes consisted of boxer shorts and a tank top, while mine was just a T-shirt and underwear. Sam decided to wear nothing but a loose, knee-length T-shirt, for reasons that were pretty obvious by then. Kara and Theresa eventually retired to their own cabin for bed, and I got the top bunk in Sam's and mine after three rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors. It was only fair, since Sam had the enviable ability to sleep like a baby on practically any surface. In fact, she had already folded up the armrests dividing the triple seat and curled up across two thirds of it with a pillow and a quilt when I climbed the ladder to reach the bed above her. I drifted off soon after, but about three hours later by my estimate, I was awakened by a loud shuffling just in time to here Sam mutter, "Oh, for God's sake!" I peeked underneath to find her with the blanket thrown to the side. Looking awake but mildly annoyed, she crawled backwards a bit on her hands and knees before spreading her shins apart and crouching almost like a cat on her palms and folded legs. Hovering her butt a couple of inches above the seat, she pulled the excess of her shirt into her lap and moaned as a desperate torrent of pee began gushing out of her, hissing loudly as a puddle quickly formed between her legs and soaked the seat. "Oh, that feels good!" she sighed in contentment as she let herself pee freely for a little over what seemed like two whole minutes. When she had finally emptied her apparently bursting bladder, thoroughly drenching the seat once more, she crawled back up to the pillow, collapsed back into a fetal position, and pulled the blanket back into place. Yep, we had definitely created a monster. ~~~ I hope you enjoyed it! If anyone's wondering where the name "Phleb" came from, it's a somewhat cheeky reference to this: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AppliedPhlebotinum
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    Broken Video Links

    I mean the actual paid gallery, and it's been happening for roughly two weeks or more, I think.
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    Your fantasies filmed for you..Thoughts ?

    I've contacted a couple of fetish content makers who advertise custom videos. Eva from C4S charges only $10 per minute, but unfortunately, it's been a couple of weeks now with no response to my request (in which she'd be desperate to pee while watching TV and eventually decide to deliberately let loose on the couch). Dani Picas was much more prompt in responding to my request (basically the same scenario, except it's in a car instead of on a couch), but her pricing is much more hefty ($150-$200). It's a shame, too, since the stuff of hers that I've managed to find for free testifies that she can pee a pretty strong stream. An idea just occurred to me. If enough of us want a particular scenario to be filmed, might some sort of informal crowd-funding be an option? Maybe a few of us could make a "donation" to the site in exchange for the Administrator or just a willing member pooling the money and paying the vendor/producer. I don't have enough experience with this stuff to know how feasible that would be, so forgive me if it's naïve. Just throwing it out there.
  14. Has anyone else noticed that alot of the video links in the gallery are broken (404 Not Found)? It started with just a few of the more recent ones, but now I'm beginning to wonder if there are any functional ones left. Is it just me?
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