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  1. How much money do you earn with your vids? Are there many people who pay for commercial porn? What is your main job and education?
  2. nice. I am a locomotive driver
  3. Obama LOLs about this petition. He executes command from Wall Street
  4. I just enjoyed a golden shower
  5. you wish to leave your country because of Feminazis? I heard that men in sweden have no value in society.
  6. so far I kept my resolution. Fucked min. 2 whores a week. Sometimes even 3.
  7. Do you like big natural tits? I don't speak about fake tits. I like very much. My second fetish. Sadly no big natural tits models pissing :-(
  8. My new year's resolution is to go 2 times a week to a different whore. End of the year I will have fucked 104 different girls
  9. I am really tired of this LGBT stuff. 99% of guys like to see hot girls peeing and 1% of girls like to see handsome guys peeing. WTF transgender and other bullshit. https://pay.reddit.com/r/peegonewild/comments/2r5wjq/inaugural_rpeegonewild_annual_survey/
  10. if you use a condom, there is ZERO% risk of getting H.I.V Don't believe in FUD
  11. piercings and tattoos are disgusting
  12. Hi AutumnPeach please post the URL to your MDH profile
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