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    [Story based loosely on a true anecdote - desperation / wetting / golden shower / lesbian themes] “Are you sure this is ok Tricia?” Asked Sally, her voice wavering slightly and giving away her anxiety. “Of course” replied Tricia, stopping and turning to face her best friend “You’ll be perfect at this, have a bit of faith in yourself” “Ha, now your asking the impossible” said Sally with a weak smile. Tricia gave her a hug before turning and pushing open the door into the changing rooms. “Hey everyone, this is my bestie Sally. Remember I said she was going to try out with us today.” With that Tricia stepped aside, leaving poor Sally standing in the middle of the ladies’ changing rooms, looking like a startled white rabbit. As her brain tried it’s best to decide between staying or turning tail and fleeing, she barely took in the scene in front of her. It shouldn’t have been any surprise - she was after all in the ladies changing rooms surrounded by the ladies’ volleyball team getting ready for their weekly practice session. How can some ladies be so at ease with their bodies and able to just chat to each other like that whilst in their underwear or even less wondered Sally. Finally after a deep breath, she forced out a barely audible “Hi everyone” and a weak smile. The ice was broken and it was smiles and welcomes all around. A couple of the girls moved their bags up to make space for Sally to squeeze in next to Tricia and the two girls began to get themselves changed out of day clothes and into their sports kit. Sally arched her back and tied back her shoulder length mousy blonde hair, then carefully took off her trainers and wriggled out of her tight faded jeans. Neither the sight of Sally’s breasts straining against her baby pink polo shirt or the wiggle of her hips was lost on Tricia. The two girls couldn’t have been more different - Sally with her slim frame, Tricia with the athletic curves. Sally’s pale milky white skin totally opposite Tricia’s. Sally with the fine hair and Tricia with her thick black Afro-Caribbean braids and beads. Watching her friend out of the corner of an eye Tricia wondered not for the first time how someone so shy and self conscious could be so unaware how incredibly hot she was. Tricia was just pondering this thought when her attention was caught by Sally muttering and frantically searching through her gym bag. “You OK there Hon?” For a second Sally appeared not to have heard her, carrying on digging into the deepest corners of her bag. “Erm yes… I guess” replied Sally eventually “It’s just… well… tell you what, I’ll just sit this one out. Oh I’m such an idiot.” Tricia looked at her friend in concern. “Well - promise you won’t laugh?” Whispered Sally, “I seem to have brought everything except my shorts!” Tricia tried her best to keep a straight face, as she told the mortified Sally “Well my dear, you’ll just have to do PE in your pants” and with one look at Sally’s face she couldn’t help but giggle causing her poor friend to go even more crimson. As much as she was enjoying the sight of Sally standing before her in polo shirt and near matching pink cotton briefs, Tricia wasn’t going to humiliate her friend further and picked up the dark blue sweat pants she’d just stepped out of. “Here you go, these fit around my oversized arse, so there’s no way they’re going to be too small for you. You can let me have them back next week.” Sally didn’t wait for a second invitation, instead taking them from Tricia, and slipping them on. They were indeed a bit big on Sally’s slim frame, as soon as she let go they dropped, just hanging precariously on her hips, looking ready to fall to the floor at any second. Tricia smiled, thinking how mortified her friend would look if that were to happen and wondering if it was wrong to want to see her friend shrieking in embarrassment in her pink panties. “They’ll be fine” said Tricia, “Just fasten the cord tight around your waist and that’ll keep them up”. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The training and tryout session seemed to be going quite well… Up to a point. Initially Sally had sat on the sidelines sipping on her bottle of sports juice. There were enough girls present between the team and reserves to play as two sides and whilst they did Sally had sat and observed. She’d keenly taken in the way all the girls seemed to have a second sense of who would go for the ball, who would take a volley, that sort of thing. Sally wasn’t too sure about the sports kit though - she thought it must have been a man that designed it. A crop sports vest, well pretty much a sports bra and then the hot pants, all in figure hugging lycra. She’d noticed a few of the girls in the changing room had gone pure commando, and the shorts definitely would show any underwear underneath. Time to invest in some thongs thought Sally, if she made the team that was. Then came the point of things going pear shaped. One of the girls stepped off the court and the captain, a tall broad shouldered girl called her forwards. Sally’s turn to try out and after a few minutes she found herself quite enjoying herself. Her natural shyness was put aside as she lunged, leapt and sidestepped with the best of them. All was going perfectly and Sally wondered why she’d never tried the sport previously. Then as she dived forwards for a low ball Sally landed awkwardly, putting an arm out to break her fall. The pain in her shoulder was absolutely excruciating, she could do nothing but sit on the ground whilst Tricia and a couple of the other girls tried to look after her. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - As she waited for the traffic lights to change, Tricia looked across at her helpless friend. That was definitely an afternoon she was never getting back she thought to herself. It turned out that Sally had dislocated her shoulder. The paramedics had given her ketamine to breath on and a shot of morphine to ease the pain whilst they manipulated the shoulder back in place, then a long afternoon in A&E waiting for an X-Ray, more morphine and then a wait for the rather dishy doctor to sign her off to leave. Strict instructions not to remove the velcro arm sling for 72 hours. The painkillers were certainly good stuff mused Tricia. Her friend, normally painfully shy, had been transformed into a giggling chatterbox. Admittedly most of what she was chatting was complete and utter rubbish, but it was hilarious. The funniest bit though was that Sally’s moral filter seemed to have been switched off. She was like a different person, a girl who it seemed definitely wasn’t so shy and innocent. “Are you… are you, erm, jilling yourself there Sally” asked Tricia, noticing that with her right hand firmly strapped across her chest, Sally had her left hand firmly wedged between her legs and seemed to be grinding away. “Oh my God - this feels amazing, you should try it, you really should, why have I never done this before - tell me you do this. Anyway what do you mean ‘jilling’, who’s Jill? I’m not Jill, I’m Sally. If you’d said ‘Am I Sallying, well I guess I am. It feels frigging amazing, you’ve got to try it. Besides, I really, really, really, reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy need a wee-wee. Have I wee’d today, I can’t remember. What day is it anyway? I can’t remember… I just want to weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Do you need a wee, actually this feels quite nice, I wonder if…” “Ha ha calm yourself girl - we’re just round the corner from my house, you can use my loo” interrupted (or tried to interrupt) Tricia. “Just hang on a few minutes and we’ll get you some relief” As promised, about thirty seconds later Tricia was pulling onto her driveway and unlocking her front door. As she turned round she felt a pleasant tingle, not for the first time today at the sight of Sally standing behind her. Looking a bit more dishevelled than the pink shirt and panties combo earlier, now it was the sight of Sally with one hand clenched between her thighs and puppy dog eyes. “There you go babe, the bathroom’s right there” Tricia said and watched as her friend didn’t wait for a second invitation, brushing past as quickly as any of her volleyball dives. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” came a frustrated voice from behind the still open bathroom door. “Quick Trish, can you help me?” The startled Tricia popped a head round the door to see Sally frantically trying to pull the dark blue jogging pants down, not vey successfully with her one available hand. “You need to untie the knot - come here, I’ll do it” said Tricia, sitting down on the side of her bathtub so she was facing her friend’s waist. Sally obligingly stepped forwards, her hand immediately adopting its former position so she could apply pressure to her urethra. “Stop squirming, your arm is in the way and I can’t untie the knot whilst you’re wriggling about” With that Tricia place her hands on the girl’s hips, pulling her close and then downwards with the result that Sally found herself sitting on Tricia’s knee, the two girls facing each other. With that Sally stopped wriggling and squirming. Tricia could get to work on the knot and after a few seconds started to make headway towards releasing her desperate friend. Just as the knot became free, before Tricia could say a word, Sally gasped, clenched her crotch and then whipped her hand away like she’d been stung. Tricia heard a darkly audible hiss and felt a warmth on her legs originating from Sally’s thighs which Tricia felt spreading upwards on her legs. Looking downwards, Tricia saw the crotch of her jogging pants which Sally was wearing, darkened and visible wet, a light golden pool of Sally’s wee now filling the valley made by Tricia’s legs. At the head of that valley Tricia felt the warmth soaking into her volleyball shorts, warmth seeping down through her slit. That and Tricia felt a different kind of delightful warm dampness herself. Tricia had never experienced the feeling of somebody else’s pee spreading across her pussy, but the feeling now reminded her of a few times she’d wet herself - arriving home bursting, leaking little dribbles and then just lifting her skirt to sit on the toilet. The relief of her warm pee spreading through her panties, the relief had been amazing and not at all unpleasant. Throughout all of her release Sally had been surprisingly quiet, for the first time in several hours. Their eye’s met, Sally opened her mouth and just about uttered an “Oops” with a little giggle before Tricia silenced her, first placing a finger gently on Sally’s lips and then replacing it with a lingering kiss. As their lips eventually parted, Sally stood up, the now unknotted and saturated jogging pants slipping off her hips and falling to the floor to reveal her cute pink panties, now with two shades of pink cuteness. Tricia said tenderly “I think we’d better get you out of these” before reaching forwards and slipping them down to reveal Sally’s soft brown curls. Then Tricia stood up, the rest of Sally’s wee splattering noisily onto the bathmat and tiled floor. Tricia wiggled out of her volleyball shorts allowing them to drop onto the floor too, revealing her neatly shaved bare slit, glistening slightly. “I think we’d better get cleaned up hadn’t we” said Tricia, turning on the shower. “Is it my turn to wee now?” - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    I'm not really a fan of wetting but I thought I'd share a story from last night. I'd returned home from a supermarket shop during which my need to pee had been growing. I wanted to get my shopping home as I had frozen items so I didn't stop to use the toilet in the store. I loaded the bags into the boot and debated squatting beside the car to relieve myself but the car park was still quite busy and I don't live far from the supermarket anyhow. I drove home and rather than go inside straight away to use the toilet I decided to take the shopping inside rather than risk it defrosting - it'd only take a minute or two extra. I badly needed to pee but I was sure I could hold it. When I got into my flat the plan was to put the shopping in the kitchen then head to the bathroom. I got as far as the kitchen where I put the bags on the side. I turned around and took two steps with the intention of going to the bathroom but my bladder had other plans. I felt a squirt of pee escape followed quickly by another. I tried to stop it but I'd gone past the point of no return. I knew I was going to lose it even if I attempted to make a run for the bathroom. My jeans and knickers were already wet in the crotch. I knew I wouldn't even have time to pull my jeans and knickers down. The only thing I could do was squat to avoid the pee running down my legs and spoiling my new shoes. I dropped to a squat as the inevitable flood came. There would have been no holding it back. I was peeing before I was even in position. I was squatting over the tiled kitchen floor pissing through my jeans and knickers for what seemed like forever. Because I'd squatted the pee mostly wet my crotch and bum with damp area at my thighs. The puddle spreading across the floor tiles was huge. I took my jeans and knickers off and threw them straight into the washing machine and I mopped the large puddle with towels and sheets that were waiting to be washed, then threw them into the washer too, and I went on to unpack my shopping. I don't think I've ever lost control like that before. Normally I can hold for hours. I guess it is because I was desperate and I kept putting it off. I can honestly say though, I've never felt relief quite like I did as I squatted pissing through my jeans onto the kitchen floor.
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    Another Rebekah Dee moment. Other pee models are also available.
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    Wife started enjoying being photographed while pissing, figured I’d share 😋
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    So me and my friends usually hang out in that one isolated place every week and there is this bathroom there it’s kinda dirty but we still use it , so one of the guys in the group who I secretly have a crush on :(( wanted to pee so badly and i was getting turned on by that and lowkey wanted to follow him , so he went inside the bathroom and the group were chilling else where so i told them i wanted to go as well but i followed him before he gets in and when he got inside the bathroom i can hear him unzip his jeans and starting pissing loudly and i heard everything:)) it was so sexy although it was a guy’s bathroom but luckily no one goes there . anybody has the same experience?
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    Back on dry land... washing in the machine.... getting my breath back lol. Will post something in men peeing shortly...
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    [contains female desperation, peeing and naughty peeing] Picnic with the girls It was a warm summer day. Not too hot, but just hot enough for it to be pleasantly warm even after sunset. Clara was sitting on the grass in a small inner city park with three of her friends, enjoying an evening picnic. Or actually it was more like an excuse to drink out with the clubs being closed due to Covid restrictions. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant way to spend the evening, and the park was scattered with other groups that seemed to have had the same idea. Emily had brought a case of cider, most of the girls had brought bottles of wine, and also beer was handed around by somebody. Clara had a bottle of wine and a few mixed drinks with her, but immediately helped herself to some of Emily's cider. Obviously they did have their picnic blanket covered with more food than drink, but the drink was constantly being consumed, the food not so much. At least it looked like a proper picnic. After maybe less than two hours of chatting, gossip, commenting on bypassers and going over recent events, Jennie was the first to ask if the area had any toilets. The topic had sort of been mentioned in the group chat while planning the picnic, but nobody had really made sure in advance. The girls paused, looked at each other, and burst out giggling. "Better not stay out too long if not", said Clara. "Of all things I might do, I'm not going to pee in a bush." She felt the need approaching herself, but not urgently. "I could also use one now. Shall we go looking around?" asked Emily, looking at Jennie and getting up from the blanket. "Just don't take too long", commented Caroline. Jennie reassured her, took a handful of tissues from the picnic basket, and began walking off with Emily. Clara and Caroline continued their chat about some recent events, gossip, or gossip about recent events, sipping more wine and occasionally even nibbling on cookies, crackers and grapes that decorated their blanket. They had been sitting there for maybe half an hour, when Caroline, already slightly drunk, looked around nervously. It was getting a bit dark, but Emily and Jennie were nowhere to be seen. "Where the fuck are those two", she said sounding both annoyed and desperate. Clara just answered "yeah", being quite desperate herself. If Emily and Clara had returned soon after leaving and said there was no toilet, she could have just left early and gone home. But now she wasn't sure what to do, as she probably could not hold it for the bus ride home. She strongly disliked the idea of peeing outside, as she had some very unpleasant experience of being seen and harassed while peeing at a festival a year or two back. "Would you look after our stuff if I go find somewhere to wee?" asked Caroline while shuffling her feet in the grass. Before Clara could think of an answer, they were interrupted by Jennie exclaiming "We're back!" and sitting on the blanket with Emily. "What a journey", began Emily. "We went to the first toilet block, which of course had a sign saying it was closed due to Covid. Then we found a second one a few hundred meters further, that was just fucking locked for no reason. Then we came back here, and there's finally an open toilet on the opposite side of the park. And of course there were blokes pissing on like every fucking tree we walked past." Clara quickly gulped down the remainders of her cider and glass of wine. "So where is the toilet?" she asked while getting up and realising how drunk she was. Caroline was also on her feet, as Jennie gave them directions. "Oh, there's no toilet paper there. And the line is longer than you would wish" said Emily while handing out tissues. "Shit" whispered Clara as she started off walking with Caroline. It was only maybe a two minute walk, but Emily had been right. The further they walked, the more men they saw standing against trees. Both were too desperate to be very talkative, but they did comment on how guys have it so easy, and how a penis would surely be useful for not only sex. As the toilet block on the edge of the park came into view, they both cursed at the view; a line maybe twenty meters long snaked from the toilet across the pathway and out onto the sidewalk. But there was not much else they could do than to join the line. Clara was really fidgeting at this point, and Caroline was also too desperate to stand still. The line ahead of them moved slowly, and by the looks of them, many others had also waited a bit long before trekking out to the toilet. Most others in the line were also girls, although a few men also stood in line. "Look at those guys" slurred Caroline oblivious to how intoxicated she sounded. "I'm sure they would just pee on trees like all the other men, but maybe their girls won't let them" she went on and began giggling at her own assumption. "Or maybe their dicks are tiny, and they don't want to risk anybody seeing!" Clara and Caroline shared a laugh while attracting a few annoyed or amused looks from the line. Clara felt like she was about to leak from laughing, and the laughter soon died down. Perhaps Caroline felt the same. "I wonder if I could go pee beside a tree", Caroline said while bobbing up and down and pressing both hands into her crotch. Clara looked at her with a look of disappointment, to which she quickly corrected that she was not seriously going to do so. "But I fucking will soon if this line doesn't move! I'm not going to wet myself, I just bought these shoes last week! And this is my favorite skirt too." Clara didn't know what she would do if the line didn't move. She would definitely not bare herself in public, so there was not much left to do if the line wasn't fast enough. At least she was wearing a sundress, so most of the damage would be to her knickers and shoes. The line crept forward ever so slowly, but some mostly silent and desperate minutes later the girls found themselves standing in front of the door. The toilet block was only a single unisex stall, though wheelchair accessible and therefore not the tiniest building. "Fucking fuck!" exclaimed Caroline while bobbing about. "I'm about to fucking piss myself!" She frantically looked around, as if preparing to dash off to the nearest reasonable hiding place, but there was nothing good around. Clara would probably have looked around in exactly same manner, had she been able to consider peeing outside. Just then, the door opened and a very relieved girl stumbled out. Clara was the first to bolt through the door. Caroline very quickly followed and locked it behind them. "Eww, what a mess", she stated while looking around. The floor was flooded and littered with pieces of toilet paper, the sink was clogged, and the walls covered with poorly removed graffiti. If it weren't for a small drain in the corner, there would probably have been enough liquid on the floor to ruin their shoes. "I don't care, I gotta pee" breathed Clara, who was hitching up her dress. She then yanked down her knickers, leaned into a high squat and immediately began a strong hissing stream into the toilet. Some of it splattered the seat, but she may have been too relieved and too drunk to notice. Clara closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. "I'm not waiting for you", blurted Caroline as she began to pull up her mid lenght skirt, dragged down her knickers and squatted. Clara opened her eyes as she heard a second stream, and saw her friend squatting next to the sink with a puddle forming under her on the already wet floor. She laughed, they both laughed. Some time later Clara's stream began to die down, splattered the seat again and ended. She wiped and pulled up her knickers, while Caroline still continued adding to her massive foamy puddle, which was now slowly flowing towards the drain in the corner. "Much better", she laughed after her hiss had come to an end. She wiped, throwing her tissue into her puddle, and the girls then washed their hands in the clogged sink. "It's a bit like flushing, right?" smirked Clara as water began overflowing onto the floor. Caroline burst out laughing and agreed. The girls then walked out. The next girl rushed in as soon as they had stepped out, not even waiting for the door to close all the way before beginning to hike up her skirt and revealing some red lace. Clara and Caroline began walking back towards their picnic blanket, where Emily and Jennie would be waiting. (to be continued) Edit: Some mistakes with continuity regarding the girls' clothes were made, so I corrected the first part to better fit with the next two. Also some other small corrections were made.
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    I didn't care anymore!
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    Can I please rate this more than once? That was incredible! I loved every word of it. Thank you! If you don't mind, I am going to do some Sophieing....
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    Thank you 😍 I can tell you that i allmost got caught!
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    Earlier today I finished a half written story around ladies peeing which you can read here. Writing the climax of the story had put me into quite an excitable mood and with an empty house all day it seemed an opportunity not to be missed. I'd had a couple of cups of coffee and glasses of juice during the morning and had pee'd once, so was getting comfortably full again. I decided on the pair of jeans I'd been wearing the last few days, they and some other clothes were due to go in the wash after all. The story I'd written involved a desperate clothed wetting so it seemed right. Also based on the story, chose a slight diversion from my normal choice of underwear - something with just a touch more lace. By about 3 hours after my last pee I was feeling very comfortably full - the sort of level where normally I'd choose to pee, but today held on. About half an hour later I felt the first sign of a leak, just a very slight moistening. By that time I was at the stage where desperation was coming and going in waves.At the peak of each I was doing serious foot tapping, or jiggling and at worst pacing the room. At the next peak another dribble leaked out and then one more, just enough to create the first wet spot. Again with the story in mind I decided to sit on the edge of the bath, the tiled floor beneath my bare feet and the toilet just a couple of feet away. At first nothing happened, the peak that led to the last dribble had subsided. I checked my phone camera settings, framed a test shot and waited for the next inevitable wave which soon arrived. As it did I relaxed and allowed a flow to start - not a flood by any means, just a very gently trickle which slowly soaked into the soft cotton and the rougher denim. As that slow trickle continued for maybe 20 seconds the warmth spread very slowly to the point where I could feel wetness tracking down the backs of my thighs. By that time, finally a stream started to drop splattering quietly on the tiled floor. I didn't have any real desire to do too much mopping of the floor, so turned around into the bathtub, enjoying the feeling of the still warm wetness as I moved. From that point onwards I reached myself out of the now soaked underwear. Initially with the immediate pressure relieved nothing happened but with a few seconds concentration I was able to expel a stronger stream onto my leg. Finally I was done, the feeling of warm damp cotton caressing me - I'll leave the next part to your imagination.
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    I bet that all felt wonderful! Got to be done when you get the chance. Thanks for your 'show and tell' 🙂
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    Thanks! She didn’t know if she’d like being recorded but ended up finding it a turn on. She may feel the same after doing it.
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    Such a good story! I’ve done that too before. Shopping with a full bladder actually has saved me money as I don’t get as distracted walking the aisles hahah. Did you do it intentionally or was it accidental?
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    So far, one simple scene. Later, I might try to make a funnier and more complex scene, involving cyclists, if I get a good idea. But when I found these cycling assets, I couldn't resist and had to try at least one scene. 🙂
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    Men’s room at work when the women’s was closed. It was that or pee everywhere. My bladder was NOT waiting. One of my childhood best friends though decided to pee all over the principals desk in middle school. She stayed late with us after school for tennis tryouts. Well, her and the principal HATED each other and one our other friends dared her to pee in her office thinking she wouldn’t do it. Well, she did it. On the desk. And her office chair. It was epic to watch. (This was prior to me discovering this stuff turned me on)
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    I found the inspiration to finish the final part, so please enjoy the complete story. As always, any feedback or criticism is appreciated and encouraged 🙂 Picnic with the girls, chapter 3 As Clara walked out of the park into the street, she was washed over by a new wave of desperation. If only she had a boyfriend with her to stand guard, she could maybe just find a secluded corner and pee. Or any friend for that matter! That's when any friends are most useful, to stand guard when one is caught short outside. If only she had known that at that festival a couple of years ago, maybe she wouldn't dread peeing outside so much now. It would make sense to just ignore what had happened then, and to assume this was a safe city for a girl to bare herself at night, but she couldn't. She would still rather wet herself. But maybe if one of the girls were still here, she just might be desperate enough to consider it. Fuck! She should have just joined Jennie and asked for her to cover, instead of hiking back to the toilet block to find it locked. Clara pressed her legs together even more firmly and walked along taking even smaller steps, growing more desperate by the minute. Clara was able to keep her knickers mostly dry until she was only about a hundred meters from her bus stop. Right in front of her, the door of a building suddenly swung open into the sidewalk, and a man looking like a maintenance worker stepped out carrying a tool box. This startled her enough for her to jump up and briefly leak some more. She had a hard time cutting the flow, and even though the damage wasn't bad, she knew she couldn't hold on for much longer. She would surely lose it on the bus, if she didn't find somewhere to relieve her aching bladder before that. The man wasn't even bad looking. If she had been less desperate, she may have had some tipsy flirt with him. He apologised after seeing he had startled Clara, got into a van parked in front of the door, and drove off. The building door closed slowly with an expressionless thud, which Clara suddenly realised was not the sound of a lock clicking. She turned back, glanced around and went back to the door. It was unlocked. In her drunken state, Clara wasn't sure what kind of salvation she was hoping to find behind the door. She was slightly disappointed to see it was just a stairwell to a normal inner-city apartment building, but bobbing up and down with both hands deep in her crotch, she decided to see what it had to offer. She hurried up one flight of stairs, and then another. Taking the lift came to mind, but she feared stopping would make her lose control altogether. She just continued hurrying upwards, reasoning that the further up she was, the more time she would have to react if somebody approached. She lost count of how many floors up she sprinted. Maybe six or seven. Eventually she saw that the stairs went no further up, and decided this would have to do. Clara set her bag down on the landing between the two top floors. Doing a pee dance and feeling the most desperate she had ever been, she pulled up her dress, yanked her knickers down to her thighs and sat on the steps facing down. Her butt was on the landing and her feet two steps down. After she had sat there for no more than a second, a quietly hissing dribble of pee pattered onto the first step. She was very nervous about the noise it was making, but the relief felt too good to even consider stopping. The dribble soon grew into a steady flow, puddling on the step and splashing louder, then the hissing and splashing were joined by the tinkle of a stream dripping down to the next step. It began puddling around her shoes, but Clara was again too drunk and too relieved to care. Her steam still gained force and splashed onto the step loud enough to echo in the stairwell, to which Clara awoke and restrained her peeing to a more quiet stream. This was better than most sex she had recently had, she sighed while continuing to empty her swollen bladder onto the stairs for a good minute. At last she pushed out one last spurt and reached to her bag for a tissue, taking care to savor the feeling as she rubbed her pussy dry and dropped the tissue. She then got up, pulling up her knickers in the process. She almost lost balance while getting up, remembering again how drunk she was. It was actually quite a comical idea to fall down stairs covered in one's own pee, and she began giggling as she grabbed her bag and started walking down the steps while smoothing the hem of her dress. Clara admired the puddle she had made, which started at the landing and had dribbled almost ten steps down. She then realised it was also dribbling over the sides of the steps, and splashing loudly as it fell six floors down. She hurried out as fast as she could, almost tripping in the process, and as she was on the second floor, she heard a door opening a few floors up. Her heart racing, she ran to the street door, only to find it locked! "Fucking shit", she whispered to herself, but then noticed that it could be opened from the inside like locks often can. She sighed and stepped out. The door closed slowly behind her, giving an audible click. Clara tried to look as innocent as possible while strolling to the bus stop. She even had a minute or two to spare, and felt absolutely wonderful. The bus came and Clara got on. She was one of only a few passengers there, and had the rear of the bus all to herself. She pulled out her phone and noticed Emily had sent a set of snaps to their group chat. Clara began going through them. The first was a grimacing selfie, titled "Should have peed before we left the park #gottapeeffs". Then another with an even more desperate face, and the title "Gonna have to find somewhere". A picture of a quiet side street with shops, titled "Hmmmmm". Then a set of videos with Emily squatting in a shop doorway, shorts lowered to her knees. She was peeing a torrent onto the doormat with a loud hissing, audible even to Clara as she watched it on the bus. A puddle had completely saturated the mat and doorstep, and was flowing out into the street. Emily seemed to be having fun. She looked like she was almost laughing while filming her relief, and the title read "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do". Clara smiled and put her phone away, enjoying the calm vibrations of the bus. Yeah, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
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    Enjoy the second part. The third and final part might also be finished in the near future. I guess the correct way is to post the parts here in the same topic, these aren't really very functional is standalone stories (or are they?) so new topics seem a bit unnecessary. Although maybe it's a question of taste. I also have a feeling I may be returning to these characters for another story at some point 😉 Picnic with the girls, chapter 2 Clara and Caroline sat down on the blanket, and both opened a can of beer. "How was the line?" asked Emily and took a sip of wine. "Long", replied Clara. "Long enough that after we finally got in, this bitch just pissed on the floor!" she went on, causing the four of them to crack up with laughter. "Hey, a girl's gotta go when a girl's gotta go, right?" Caroline defended while still giggling and trying to gulp down her beer. "Yeah, I guess we've all been there. Reminds me of a time I was shopping, and hadn't even been drinking or anything", Jennie began. "Or maybe I'll tell that story some time when I'm more drunk, it's quite embarrassing really". The rest of the girls protested some, but the conversation soon went on to other topics. Their picnic basket was beginning to fill with empty bottles and cans, and the four of them were already all clearly under the influence. Other groups were starting to leave the park, although the area was illuminated well enough to stay even after darkness had fallen. Jennie poured the the remainder of a wine bottle into a glass, and tried to fit the empty bottle into their picnic basket. It wouldn't fit, and so she declared she would go drop off the empties, and began gathering them into a plastic bag. Caroline emptied another can of beer and handed it to her. "I'll be back shortly", Jennie said and walked away, while the others continued chatting about a reality show they had been following. Clara absently watched as Jennie staggered towards a bin a hundred or so meters away. Jennie stuffed her bag of empties into the bin and then disappeared behind it for a minute. She then returned and calmly sat back where she had been, taking a gulp of wine. "Did you just pee out there?" Clara interrupted the conversation. Jennie smiled while taking another sip. "What, were you watching?" she giggled, causing them all to giggle a little. "But it was out in the open! Anyone could have seen." "Relax", said Jennie and emptied her glass. "Nobody was looking. And besides, I squatted on the darker side of the bin. If anybody saw, they had to be really looking. And there were two guys doing the same against trees while I walked there, so why can't girls pee too?" Clara didn't feel like arguing against this, but she herself would definitely walk to the toilet block when she needed to. Even if it was far away, quite dirty and had a line. "I wish I'd remembered to take a tissue, I don't like this damp feeling" Jennie commented and opened a cider. It was her last one, and the others were also low on their drinks. "You two talking about peeing are really making me have to go", Caroline said. She had been shifting around looking uncomfortable for some time, and it was clear that she would need to pee soon. "I think I'll check to see when the last bus leaves", she went on while pulling out her phone, continuing to shuffle and moving to the edge of their blanket. She began bunching up her skirt with one hand, and the other girls began to realise what she had in mind. "You're not going to..." began Clara, to which Caroline just looked at her and grinned. She sat on the grass next to their blanket, skirt bunched up from under her and legs slightly apart. To anyone not paying attention this would not look at all suspicious, and in the dimly lit park nobody would even see much from far away. Her face was lit by browsing her phone, as she reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers aside revealing a neatly trimmed pussy. As soon as her knickers were out of harm's way, a strong jet of pee shot out and began pattering into the grass. "You dirty cow!" laughed Emily and pulled out her phone. "Don't send that to anyone else then", Caroline said as the flash went off, her pee now loudly hissing and splashing into the drenched grass. Clara and Jennie couldn't help cackling at the situation. It reminded Clara of her own rapidly growing need, but their drinks were almost finished, so she could surely wait until they left the park and use the facilities on the way out. Caroline finished peeing and asked for tissues. "Fuck", she added. "I thought the puddle would flow further away." Clara found this very amusing and couldn't stop giggling, but soon had to as she felt a leak escape and dampen her knickers. She was pressing her thighs together in desperation at this point, and was eager to leave soon. Jennie handed a bundle of tissues to Caroline, who got up and began wiping under her skirt. Clara finished her last drink and started packing up their stuff, and Emily also drained hers. Jennie was still sipping on her cider, but agreed that they should pack up. She too pulled out her phone to check train schedules. After not too long, Jennie had also finished her drink. The rest of the girls had already gotten up and were staggering around the blanket, taking in their drunken states after sitting down for so long. They gathered the rest of their stuff, and began wandering towards Caroline's bus stop, which was on the nearest side of the park. The girls said their goodbyes there as Caroline's bus came into view, each girl leaving in different directions. Clara would have walked a few blocks in the same direction as Jennie, but decided to first walk across the park to the toilets. Not really worth asking Jennie to wait, she thought as she hastily made her way back into the park. Now that she was alone and not paying attention to her friends, she took note of how many men there were watering trees in the park. Most picnic groups had already left, and the remainder were clearly even more sloshed than she was. Clara really wished she had a penis, it would surely be the best feeling in the world to just walk over and let loose against a tree, with no care of anyone seeing or making a sexual approach. One tree had a girl leaning on one side with her back against the tree and pants at her knees, and a guy leaning on the other side, both peeing heavily into the already soaked grass. By the glances they were giving each other, it seemed like they were about to do a lot more together that night. "Good for them", thought Clara enviously and picked up her pace, desperately hoping the toilet block wouldn't have a long line. Clara then walked by a playground situated at the side of the the park. As she was approaching, she saw a girl coming out of a playhouse while buttoning her shorts. Clara scowled at the idea of peeing there, but in her desperation admitted that she might have too sometimes considered resorting to such measures, if she were still able to pee outside that is. The girl joined a young man who was waiting by the swings, and the two kissed passionately. Clara hurried on, taking shorter and shorter steps while pressing her legs together. Finally Clara reached the toilet, and was shocked to see it was locked for the night. To add insult to injury, a drunk man walked up next to Clara, tugged on the door and after finding it locked, just whipped out his penis right next to her. Clara hurried away with tears in her eyes as the man began to shower the wall of the building. No clubs or restaurants would be open with the Covid restrictions, and where else could she go? The train station might have an open toilet if she was very lucky, but it was in the wrong direction and she would miss her bus if she even tried to walk there. She hustled back through the park, trying not to look at the men that seemed to be occupying every tree she glanced at. She briefly thought about the playground, but concluded that peeing there would be almost as distasteful as wetting herself, if not even more so. Besides, a group of boys were now sitting next to the playhouse, seemingly circulating a bottle of vodka. There was no way she would go there, she though while walking past and feeling a spurt escape. She stuffed a hand into her crotch and hurried towards her bus stop. (to be continued)
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    In all honesty, speaking from my own personal perspective, diaper wetting is something I have more of a "live and let live" attitude about. If someone is into diaper wetting, I'm not going to yuck their yum, but it's not something I personally find erotic. I prefer exposed peeing/peeing in naughty places. Having said that, as far as having a relationship with a diaper wetter, it wouldn't bother me if it was for a legitimate reason like incontinence but if they had a fetish around diapers as opposed to pee itself, I wouldn't be interested. That isn't to suggest diaper fetishism is an illegitimate reason but i'm sure you understand what i'm trying to say. I hope that explains my position without causing offence.
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    I must have only half read or glanced over your original post @Sophie - just reading a couple of comments, scrolled up and slowly read your account. As usual you have managed to describe the scenario so amazingly yet straightforwardly - and in such an arousing way. I don't know how you do that but please don't stop lol. Also to pick up the same 'don't stop' theme and answer your question "how do we guys aim", well practice makes perfect - so my recommendation is that you take every possible opportunity to repeat the scenario with your husband. I'm sure he'll appreciate your willingness to learn and provide the self sacrifice of helping you. The aim thing is only part of the story of course, because release velocity also plays a key part in any ballistic trajectory. For us as guys, we sort of instinctively manage flow and direction at the same time. Turn the lights off and we stand as much chance of hitting the water in the toilet as we do shooting a basketball blindfolded. Similarly for you when in charge of aiming but having no real control over flow, the same applies. Also, I'm hazarding a guess that a certain amount of arousal may have been creeping in and as soon as things start to swell even a little then the urethra gets a little constricted that changes the pressure of the stream. It can also result in split streams and especially for a non-circumcised guy all sorts of less predictable behaviour. But putting all that aside - definitely enjoy practicing...
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    Like clockwork when my period is within days of making its ugly head known lol. The day before I'm well known to take some dick and still get off three or four times a day. Its so bad, but my hormones kick in and I just can't help it. I become a freak.
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    My husband and I was cuddled together on the sofa and he said he needed to pee, remembering >this< topic I asked if I could go with him. He gladly accepted and we went upstairs together to the bathroom, closing the door behind us but not locking it. He went to unzip his jeans but I stopped him. “No no no, let me help you with that.” With a smile I slowly unzipped his jeans and reached inside before pulling out his member, gently holding it in my hand. “You had better pee before it becomes too difficult” I giggled and guided him towards the toilet, wrapping my free arm around him in a light squeeze. “Ready when you are!” He started peeing about 10 seconds later, hitting the left of the toilet seat, whoops! I quickly adjusted and a loud splashing filled the room as his stream hit the water. I really enjoyed holding him like this, it was really sexy while being loving at the same time. He had a relatively short pee and as it began to die down he started peeing on the seat again. How do you guys aim?! Despite my best efforts I think more hit the seat than the water and once he slowed to drips I gave him a little shake. He turned to face me again and we kissed for a minute or two, gently stroking his cock still in my hand. I could feel him getting hard and I loved it. “I need a wee too” I smiled, pulling away before getting some toilet paper and wiping the seat. I turned to face him and unfastened my jeans, pulling them down to my knees with my white thong as I sat down on the seat. There was a brief patter of my wee hitting the tissue which quickly turned into a splashing as the tissue became saturated and my wee hit the water instead. I sat with my hands resting on my legs, looking up at Mark who was slowly stroking himself again while watching me. I felt so sexy! My wee lasted for 15-20 seconds and I got myself some toilet paper, parting my legs a little and giving him a glimpse before reaching between them to wipe. I stood up, keeping my clothes at my knees for a second to give him another glimpse before I pulled them up and then flushed. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight, feeling him pressing against me as we shared another kiss. “Do you want to go to bed now?” I asked in between kisses “or do you want to cuddle on the sofa a little longer?” He chose the sofa option so I carefully put him back in his pants and zipped him up before heading back downstairs. We’re cuddled together now, lightly flirting with each other as we read the forum.
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    Button undone - let's see if that helps...
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    Part IV There are various unattended drinks left on the marbel kitchen counter. Rin takes one of the beer cups, brushing the rim against her soft folds before sending a gentle stream into the red plastic cup to top off the beer inside. Pshhh.. There is a gurgling and slashing sound when her urine hits the liquid and drops spray against the cup's walls. After a few seconds of peeing slowly, she puts it back to leave a... surprise for its owner (a few drops end up on the tiled floor when she moves the cup away). Rin snoops around not only for a place to mark but also for food she likes (no, won't eat the junk humans eat), then opens the cuttlery drawer. It's on the same height of her pussy, so she hikes up her sundress over her curvy bum and stands close enough to the open drawer so her pussy lips rest right on the brim. Without hesitation she sends a spray of strong yellow piss over the silver forks, spoons and knifes inside. She pauses and pushed out another powerful spray of piss, droplets bouncing messily off the metal. Wanting to do more damage, she seals her pisshole shut, steps away from the drawer and walks over to the fridge. Rin looks over to the living room where people are still partying and drinking. No one will notice her, also the fridge is fairly hidden behind a wall. Rin really needs to continue her toilet and her pisshole has opened without her permission before she could even open the fridge. Pshh.. Patter, patter. A gentle stream flows from her slit and forms a small puddle on the tiles. She pees only for three or four seconds before she opens the fridge, simultaneously gets her dress out of the way, aims her labia and pushes. Her shy stream quickly grows into a thick, arching fountain that washes all over the contents of the fridge. She didn't even look or care what she is pissing on when she notices a cake with pink frosting and candles. A girl's birthday cake perhaps. Rin, being absolutely diabolical, moves her hips closer to the fridge, close enough she can feel the cold air caress her wet pussy lips. She pushes extra hard, aiming for the cake - the force of her stream throws the candles off the cake and destroys the icing. Yellow piss is pooling on the white plate for the cake to sponge up... Or what's left of it. Her power piss has created a growing crater in the nice birthday cake. "Mhh... He he.." She giggles to herself. "Hey, what the fuck?" She was so focused on her naughty act, she didn't even notice the person walking up to her. She jumps, still pissing full force as she turns around, her stream now patterning all over the kitchen floor in front of a pair or black dress shoes.
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    Please go and read the site rules. Why is it a lady cannot write about an experience without people begging for her to reveal photographs? If the member wanted you to see do you not think she would have done so? The ladies on this site are not objects or employees solely to entertain. Second time in 12 hours I’ve nearly written this... To different people and about different scenarios. End of rant.
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    It's one of the few places where women can have as much fun as men, without any judgement from society. Every time, everywhere and allover!!
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    I dated a girl one time many years ago...she was 20 and she had a very cute sister that had just turned 18. I had finally gotten up the courage to tell my Girlfriend about my interest in pee fun. She wasn't at all turned off by the idea but she told me that she was very pee shy..and always had been...and found it almost impossible to pee with anyone around. But she told me she would give it a try. One Saturday we decided to go to a local park at the lake near where we lived and she said she would drink a lot of water and see if she could pee on me...the only problem was at the last minute her sister decided she was going to tag along. We got to the park and stripped down to our swimsuits. Both girls looked Hot in their 2 piece suits. Soon we were all in the water and having a good time. About an hour after we got there my girlfriend came over to where I was and told me she needed to pee and she was willing to try and pee on me. We retreated to one of the picnic tables and I sat on the bench and she sat down on my lap. Several minutes passed but nothing happened...my girlfriend told me she was really trying to pee but she just couldn't do it. Finally I suggested we get back in the water and try there. We found a secluded area away from the other swimmers and I slipped my hand between her legs and she again tried to pee. Nothing. Finally she told me she just didn't know if she could do it. She moved away from me...about 10 feet or so and stopped. I could tell by the look on her face she was peeing. She came back over and told me she was sorry that she wasn't able to do what I wanted. She was rather upset but I told her it was OK. About that time her sister swam over to where we were at and asked what we were doing...she could tell her sister was upset and she kept asking her what was wrong. My girlfriend told me.."Shes not going to leave me alone until I tell her" I told her I didn't care it was up to her. So my girlfriend told her sister the whole story. Her sister was pretty crazy and this didn't shock her in the least. She even said "Why can't you do it? It's only water" Then my girlfriend spoke without thinking...she told her sister "If you think it's so easy then you pee on him" Without missing a beat her sister said OK. But she told us she had just peed a few minutes ago but the next time she had to go she would do it...and she swam away. I really didn't think she was serious...but I asked my girlfriend.."What if she really tries to do it?" She said she didn't care as long as it made me happy. About 45 minutes later I was getting out of the water to go to the snack bar and get a drink when my girlfriends sister ran over. "There you are...I've been looking all over for you..are you ready?" I asked her "Are you serious?" She said yes...but we better hurry because she was very desperate and couldn't wait any longer. We slipped around the side of one of the bath houses....she came over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and she straddled my leg. "Here it comes" she said it a slight moan. The next thing I know I felt her hot pee pouring down my leg and making a puddle on the ground. She peed for almost a minute before her stream finally stopped. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and told me "Thanks I needed that...your the cutest toilet I've ever used" and she ran back into the water. It took me a few minutes to find my girlfriend...who was out a ways in the water. "So I heard she did it" she told me. I asked her if she was mad and she said of course not...I told you I didn't care. We sat talked for a few minutes and she told me that she would try again another time to see if she could break her shyness. We decided it was time to leave so we started to get out of the water...suddenly my girlfriend stopped....she looked down towards the water and mouthed "I'm peeing" She then promised me again...One day I'll do it on you. But that's another story. Wetmanjf

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