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    Hi! I'm mainly here to read & write kinky stories. English isn't my first language, but I'm trying my best 🦊

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    Pee marking, pee vandalism, soaking things

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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind feedback! I already feel so much more confident with my English. ^~^ I'm really happy you enjoy my story. ❤️ Part VI After vandalizing the fridge with her piss and a couple of drinks later, Rin makes her way to the actual bathroom. According to some people, it's a mess and there is always a line, that's why the study has been turned into a makeshift toilet for the party attendees. When Rin arrives there is no line, only two girls waiting for their friends, holding their bags. She doesn't even need her heightened senses to hear the loud hissi
  2. >\\< thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️ yeah, fox and cat people are great for piss marking stories.
  3. Mmm love it! 🔥 Thank you for sharing! ^^
  4. Part V There she is, caught in the add by a handsome middle-aged man. His hair is dark, he has a seven-day-stubble and sharp features, his gray eyes shamelessly staring at Rin's parted labia from which a steady, strong stream of piss is flooding the kitchen tiles. "Did you just pee in the fridge?" He asks with arched brows and sounds more amused than disgusted. Rin shrugs. "So? The bathroom is dirty." It's not like he can do anything about it anyway. If she ends up being reported or something, she'll flee the party, transform into her natural fox shape and lay low for a
  5. Part IV There are various unattended drinks left on the marbel kitchen counter. Rin takes one of the beer cups, brushing the rim against her soft folds before sending a gentle stream into the red plastic cup to top off the beer inside. Pshhh.. There is a gurgling and slashing sound when her urine hits the liquid and drops spray against the cup's walls. After a few seconds of peeing slowly, she puts it back to leave a... surprise for its owner (a few drops end up on the tiled floor when she moves the cup away). Rin snoops around not only for a place to mark but also for food she like
  6. Part III The house owner's study has been turned into a bathroom. The white wall is lined with massive wet patches from men using it as a makeshift urinal and there is barely a dry spot left. At any moment there are at least five men next to each other pissing against the wall. The book shelf has been pissed on, the book pile on the carpet has also been pissed on multiple times by various people. Right now, for example, two men are showering the books with their beer piss, making sure to soak as many books as possible (although most of them are completely drenched and destroyed from all t
  7. omg thank you so so much! you guys make me feel so much more comfortable with my writing 💕
  8. Aww thanks, that means a lot. And foxes are awesome. 🦊
  9. Glad you enjoy them 😄 and thank you sm!! ❤️
  10. Hi! 😄 Fox here. I'm new and I love to write (and read!) naughty stories about pissing in inappropriate places. I'd like to start a roleplay with someone focusing on naughty pissing! I'm not so much into explicit sex rp, but let's say I'm open to the idea in case there's chemistry between our characters. ^^ I don't have many requirements, other than my writing partner being patient, polite and trying to match detail/effort. Also, English isn't my first language and mistakes may occur, but I'm trying my best. Hmu if you're interested! 😄
  11. Part II Thanks to Rin, the study has been turned into a bathroom. People were going there to relieve themselves now instead of using the toilet. In fact, most of them apparently prefer using the study since the queue in front of the bathroom has grown significantly shorter. When Rin enters the study, there are at least eight people pissing at once. The room reeks strongly of piss. Five guys are lined next to each other showering the wall with their piss, one is aiming his dick up and down and from side to side to cover as much as possible, the guy next to him laughs and joins him. T
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