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  1. One of the best pee stories ever. Please write more! Your English is better than most native English speakers.
  2. The movie Sexdrive, the car breaks down. The girl pees in the radiator and someone driving down the road takes a picture and there’s a flash of a website much like ones you and I might have visited. Also American Horror Story the first season the girl wets herself in the library under the table during the shooting but that show is terrible. Both probably not real and can’t see much but still worth mentioning.
  3. It would be much smarter to try this in other rooms of the house. Once she starts smelling it, and has to go to sleep smelling it, she’ll be very angry. If she finds it in the living room or elsewhere she might be more inclined to join in.
  4. Preventative pest control came today and sprayed in the only bathroom, so I wanted to give it extra time before opening the doors again. After a while, I had to pee so I took off my underwear in my closet, put my shorts back on, then went into the laundry room and closed the sliding door. I pulled my shorts aside, put my leg over the basket and let go into the blankets below. I couldn’t fully enjoy it as it was a little risky for my liking (Husband and I have a roommate, he was in his room but it’s not a far walk) but it’s still always fun to pee somewhere other than the toilet. Still hanging
  5. Agreed, haven’t seen it often enough in real life
  6. Another (bisexual) woman viewing this! Love to see carpet, bed, floor, public, and other naughty peeing, especially hands free 🙂 personally don’t care about anything in the actual bathroom though
  7. All-time favorite is always carpet, I’ve peed on so many carpets. Recently I moved out of a house where a roommate stayed and they were getting the carpets cleaned, so when I went to get my last few things I spread my legs and let go on the carpet in my old bedroom. Lately I’ve been really into standing on my balcony and peeing down my legs while looking out at the trees (usually in leggings or jeans). I’m on the 4th floor so my husband and I have fucked out there really late at night 🙂
  8. Also in a cup and in a pee bag thing in the car, in every shower I take, in the bathroom sink 5 minutes ago, in the bath, while being eaten out by my husband (my favorite) & while being fucked. Always wanted to pee in a pool & some more public places but I really don’t want to be discovered/caught. Girls how do you get away with it? I don’t like wearing skirts.
  9. Movie theater- I want to do that. Motorcycle story- insanely hot. And I need a friend like yours in #4
  10. Clothes, chairs, carpets, showers, sinks, towels, the floor, cups, buckets, trash cans, the washing machine, the bed (protected), plastic bags, backyard, the beach, woods walking trails, the grass next to the pool, on my husband’s cock. Probably more. Once on the carpet in a room in my church as a teenager. When I was a kid I would pee in the flood pump drain in the basement or over the drain grates on the cement floor, & on a stone bench behind a row of trees in the yard. Love slowly peeing myself in leggings or a swimsuit!
  11. I would fucking love to do this
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