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    I like the saying "There's no such thing as a bad orgasm." Some are better than others, but it's never a bad thing. It's how I feel about pee. I love it all. My favorite is women bursting to pee, fighting to hold on. I'm just as happy if I'm in that same situation. And mostly I love the psychological part of it, the taboo parts and the slight embarrassment. Talking about it drives me wild, so I want to find like-minded people here to share all that.

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    Desperation, wetting, omorashi, golden showers. Everything?
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    Showering with a girlfriend who didn't want me to leave to pee — she said pee here, on her, and I did.

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  1. I don't wear diapers myself, but I'd be thrilled to date a girl who does. One problem would be me walking around hard all the time, because knowing it's such a turn-on for her would turn me on to no end! Watching her as she's wetting would drive me absolutely crazy, in the good way. Yes, there's the bias of me being someone who loves everything about pee, but more than that, in a good relationship, there's trust and there's a basic desire to see the other person happy. So it's simple in that way — if she's happy wearing diapers, and is able to embrace it in the face of a society that tends to have all sorts of hangups about things that do no harm and only help particular people feel good, then I would love being a part of that. And it would also make me feel I could be open about the kinks I have, and ideally she would feel the same desire to see me enjoy those as well.
  2. Hah! You're right. But I guess I couldn't help it in this particular fantasy — that's how excited she got me. But I'll be more thoughtful in my next fantasy 🙂
  3. Philup

    Hi all

    Thanks, Adyguy. This seems like a great site.
  4. Philup

    Hi all

    Thanks for the we Thanks for the welcome, Sophie. I've already spent too much time in one of the threads! Supposed to be working, but when women are answering what kind of guy peeing they like, how can I be a good employee? 🙂
  5. Glad to hear someone likes this, because as a guy who loves doing this, I can say it's incredibly exciting. The mix of pee with coming eventually is the best... Only thing better is if a woman is watching and urging me on, or even part of it.
  6. As a guy who loves everything about pee, it feels like a waste to pee in a toilet. When I'm camping or outside for some reason and there's an excuse to pee, I'll always take it, and I'll often fantasize that a woman is watching as I spray all over.
  7. This is exciting to hear! The more mess the better, to me. When I'm really indulging, I try to get pee all over my pants and self, and then I stroke my cock so I get as much cum mixing with my pee as possible. Might as well go all out...
  8. I agree completely about the naughty factory. So much of this to me is psychological. I like getting desperate and risking wetting myself because it's "wrong" and it can cause so much exciting reaction: embarrassment, ridicule, reassurance mixed with some interest in something taboo, etc. And half the fun of getting desperate is all the sighing and talking about it and squirming to go with it.
  9. Oh, I know this is an old post, but I just joined recently and was looking through threads that intrigued me, and what you said here is such a turn-on for me because I've always loved the idea of a woman being turned on by this sort of thing. One of the things I do occasionally is hold my pee until I'm crazy desperate, to the point where I have to stroke myself to keep from wetting. Then I get in the shower and I get to the point where I honestly don't know if I'm going to pee or cum first. Usually I end up peeing all over myself, in and on my jeans, and then when I'm close to empty, I'm so crazy hot that I masturbate urgently, grunting because I'm so turned on, and then I cum all over my pee-soaked boxers and self. It's like getting a momentary fever and I'm sort of in an out-of-body experience. Anyway, you describing what you like here is exciting to hear. Thanks...
  10. I just found this too. I love how many variations on pee excitement there are here. My descriptions of fantasies could fill a book, but one of my earliest (and least realistic!) one is being tied up with a woman I don't know, so we're forced in a sort of loose hugging way. Eventually she starts squirming a little and, in a very embarrassed tone, says that she has to pee. I'm desperate to pee too, so I say it's OK, I'm in the same situation. And she starts to squirm more, panting a little, saying she doesn't know if she can hold it. This gets me hard, and my cock ends up pressing against her hip a little, and I apologize. She laughs it off, but she has noticed I'm excited. But she's mostly panicking that she's about to wet herself. I say it's OK, don't worry. And then I realize I'm feeling like I'm going to leak, so I say so, which makes my cock throb against her. She finally asks what's going on down there, and I say I can't help it. Then I let a spurt out, and she moans a little as she feels it against her thigh. She says how hot it is, and I'm not sure if she means literally, or if it's about her being aroused, or both. And how she's rocking against me, trying not to wet herself, and it's pressing against my cock. Finally she starts to pee herself, and she keeps saying sorry, and I say it's OK, it feels fine. I tell her I can't hold it either, and I let out a huge spurt, and she moans again and now she twists her body a bit so my cock is pushing against her clit through her jeans. We both have wet patches, and she starts to grind just a bit, saying she's trying to hold it in, but she's also flush on her cheeks and neck, and her eyes are half-closed. I am getting close to coming, and I'm so excited, I let loose with my pee, flooding her jeans, and she says again, "That's so hot, and she grinds hard as she lets her pee go onto us both. I start coming, and she comes right after.... (That's the short version!)...
  11. Philup

    Hi all

    I just found this site. I've loved everything about pee for a long time now. Holding, wetting, watching, golden showers, women desperate to pee, and role-playing and fantasizing. Hoping to meet other people who are enlightened enough to know how great pee is!

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