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  1. In terms of places carpet peeing is great, outdoors, hotel rooms etc. That sounds like my idea of heaven.
  2. Really hot story. Thank you for sharing. I usually find I end up in similar situations. With the amount of water I drink and then usually a coffee before I leave the house, I always end up desperate when I get home.
  3. Yep, I keep track of my water intake in 2 ways. I have a 2.2l (1 gallon) bottle. I also keep my water intake logged on myfitnesspal (highly recommend). I usually hit around 4.5-5 litres a day (not including tea, coffee, protein shakes). It's a bonus as I end up peeing bucket loads. But it's mainly health. I know when I haven't had enough as I get really headachey and start to feel a bit woozy/light headed.
  4. Very interesting read. I guess I'm not normal. Haha. I once measured my pee volume and found that I could manage roughly 1250-1500ml in one go. Although I drink around 5+ litres of fluid each day.
  5. I've got a few: 1) Have a girl who will take part in some naughty pissing. Book out a hotel room and both spend the who night soaking the hotel room on different places. Carpet, bed, bathroom, sofa, tables, walls, cupboards, hotel hallway etc. 2) Being peed on in public. Massive turn on for me. I'd love to have a girl just pee all over me in a public place. 3) Other naughty pissing places. Cinema, bus, train etc. 4) Public wetting. Saw a video of a girl walking round London, stopping in places and wetting her leggings. I'd love to have a girl and just walk round a town/city and wet together. 5) Being peed on by multiple girls.
  6. Sahara Knite (crazy to see her make a cameo in GoT) Leah Jaye (Video of her and Sahara is one of my faves) Frankiebabe Tallulah Tease aka Tallulah Thorne aka Profetishslut (sneaky pee vid with her in a Crue tee.. that did it for me) Rebekah Dee
  7. Funniest memory has probably been a few times I've been out in Manchester. Piccadilly Gardens used to have the public portable urinals. I always made sure I used them during the day. Countless times I had girls walk past, make a comment and sort of cheer. Funniest time was when I looked round and there was literally a girl stood right next to me watching me piss. I could hear her friends behind us laughing and cheering her on. It seemed like she enjoyed it.
  8. I voted for the stairs. Something I have always wanted to try. Stand at the top of the stairs and pee down them.
  9. Both. Outside pees if it's in a rather public and risky place. Nothing hotter. Indoor pees are perfect if again it's a naughty place. Seeing a girl without a care and just pissing on the floor, carpet, chairs, sofas, beds etc is such a turn on.
  10. Half and half. It's given me more time to try sneaky solo pees etc. But the sharing aspect has gone. This is possibly the longest I've gone without having a girl pee on me. And it's a struggle. Something I am really craving. Although parts of the UK is easing off, I'm still trying to be sensible as work is still trying to keep everything under control.
  11. I drink around 4-5 litres of water a day. Then there is coffee and my protein shakes on top. Definitely beneficial to health, muscle gains and weight loss. Also a positive in terms of the pee fetish.
  12. Yes, definitely 100%. Carpet pissing is hot. Happily let any girl come soak the carpet. Carpet shampooers are readily available so easy enough to clean. One of my fantasies would be to have a girl stand at the top of the stairs and piss all the way down.
  13. I haven't met anyone off this site no. Still a newish member. Would I meet anyone off this site? Yes, granted I have got to know them well enough.
  14. That is an amazingly hot picture. I love the stream and colour.

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