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    Hi guys. Sarah again. Time to tell you all some more of my confessions about the fun Barbara and I have had over the years, pissing all over the place. In our mid-40s today but been doing it since our teens., as you know. Quite a popular niche interest in the watersports community is so-called "naughty peeing", with confessions on pee forums from people who love doing this. Best pee forum out there for this today, by the way, is probably peefans.com. Quite a few naughty ladies have posted confessions there and elsewhere about themselves peeing all around in hotel rooms. As you have probably guessed, Barbara and I have fucked up quite a few hotel rooms over the years in this way. It's just so much fun. These days it is harder to get away with due to credit card checks, but when we were younger it was easy to pay up front in cash, and then just leave next morning before the maids did their rounds. There are ways around the credit check system that we use today, but I am not going to go into those boring details. Don't want to give all our legally dubious secrets away. Suffice it to say, such checks have never stopped us. When we were still pretty young - early 20s - and still in pre-internet days, we encountered a confession in an erotic magazine we'd bought by mail order, our interest piqued because of pee content. There was a photo-set depicting a young lady peeing on the bed and on the carpeted floor in what looked like a hotel room, and a confession letter from a husband and wife in America, who'd both deliberately peed on the carpet in a motel room just for the sheer pleasure of it. We decided we wanted to do stuff like this too. So we saved up some cash, and booked an overnight stay in a hotel in a seaside resort. And they let us pay cash up front. We managed to get a room with a single double bed in it. Am certain they thought we were lesbians. Well I suppose we are bi, I guess. Anyway, having booked in, we went down to the bar, downing several pints of lager, before purchasing some wine to take back to our room. We were bursting by the time we got back there, which was all part of the plan. I was immediately drawn to the plush, light blue pile carpet. I decided to fuck it right up by pissing all over it. I stepped out of my smart trousers and panties, kicking them aside, and adopted a semi-squatting position with hands on knees. And started pissing. A loud hiss filled the room as my piss splashed down onto the plush carpet - I really needed to go, lol. A large golden lake formed as I peed faster than the carpet could absorb it. I love that about carpet pissings, the way a full force pee cannot be absorbed fast enough so forms glistening golden puddles which only slowly soak in. By the time I was done, the puddle was rather massive, and I grinned with the realisation of how badly I'd fucked the carpet up. Awesome. Barbara herself had also removed her lower garments and popped a more traditional squat beside the bed, gleefully wrecking another patch of carpet by pissing on it. Time she was done, there was another massive puddle. After that, we cracked open the wine and had fun pissing anywhere and everywhere we felt like. We stood - very unladylike, lol - pissing against the walls and fucking up the wallpaper. We peed all over the en suite bathroom floor and just left it there. We peed in the wardrobe and in the drawers. We threw the bathroom towels down onto the floor in our piss, then stood pissing all over them anyway for good measure. We peed all over the carpet again, by this time naked, and standing with our hands on hips and legs apart, swaying our hips to spray as much of the carpet as possible. We totally fucked it up. In the morning, before leaving, we thought it would be a great idea to squat together on the bed and piss on it. Pretty confident we ruined that mattress, lol. We left before any of this could be discovered , of course. The number of hotel rooms we have fucked up like this over the years is beyond counting, I can tell you. Only last month, dressed as respectable middle aged ladies, we booked into a hotel for the night and spent much of it pissing everywhere - all over the carpet, the bed, the mini sofa, against the walls, in the wardrobe, on the bathroom floor. I guess now that we are both 45 years old we ought to be behaving more respectably, and not pissing all over stuff for fun like little girls. But fuck it, where's the fun in that? We haven't always confined our pissings to our own hotel rooms either. Countless times we have peed on the carpet in hotel corridors. Or on the floor in lifts or stairwells. Once - we were about 30 at the time - we peed all over the carpet in the deserted hotel reception area. It was pretty late, I suppose, lol. Once, after we made the error of doing it to several hotels in the same town in the space of one year, we made it into the local news - anonymously of course. An item appeared on the local news stating that the police were looking for two women who have been "vandalising" hotels in the area for reasons unknown. They described us - not accurately enough that it couldn't fit any number of women, thankfully. They even showed some grainy CCTV footage but it didn't catch us well, so even anyone who knew us would not have been clear it was us. The exact nature of the "vandalising" they wanted us for was never made plain, lol. But we decided to refrain from hotel pissings for about a year after that, and never again in that town. Lesson learned. Never piss around in the same town for two long, and always choose geographically widely separated locations. It is gratifying to know that we are not the only ladies into doing this shit. Since the coming of the internet, we have encountered confessions all over niche locations from ladies into pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, or just about anywhere really. Some do it in their own homes! Though for me there's no fun in fucking up my own stuff. But only a couple of weeks ago, Barbara let me pee on her living room carpet. It's very pleasurable to be fucking up someone else's carpet in this way, when they're right there watching you do it. I've done that a few times at her place over the years - bedroom carpet, and kitchen floor too. She gets off on the fact of another lady brazenly pissing on her carpet or floor right in front of her without giving a fuck. Once, she wanted to watch me piss on her bed! So I did it of course, lol. Anyway, I digress. Have seen vids over the years too featuring ladies pissing everywhere. One lady with a penchant for pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, went by the name of Tam Tam South. One of her best clips features her sitting back on a chair and pissing against the hotel room curtains. You can tell she is enjoying it too. In fact, I'll show you a screenshot from the actual vid..... I love that lady, lol. Anyway, this naturally inspired Barbara and I. We tend to enjoy pissing against the hotel curtains just like that ourselves, now. And yes, only last year - aged 44 - I adopted exactly that pose, sitting back on a chair with legs parted exactly like that, and pissing against the hotel room curtains just like she is doing in that pic. Was terribly good fun. Totally fucked up the curtains of course! Once - it was nine years ago so we would have been 36 - we decided to go for saturation damage on the hotel room bed. We never peed anywhere else but the bed all night, and of course never actually went to bed. We stayed up all night having "fun". And we probably peed on that bed at least 8 times each. Sometimes we squatted, other times we semi-squatted or stood with our legs apart. But we so totally fucked up that bed and mattress it was awesome. The sheets were soaked in their entirety, and the mattress was so utterly ruined that piss was dripping from underneath it onto the carpet beneath, to such an extent that there was a huge wet puddle there. The mattress itself squelched when we stood on it, pee pooling around our feet, lol. Another favourite is the kettle. Some hotels - and most bed and breakfasts where we also have pissing adventures - supply rooms with kettles so that guests can make their own tea or coffee. But we tend to prefer using their kettles for more enjoyable purposes. Because what else would we do with someone else's kettle except piss in it? Isn't that what hotel or B&B kettles are for? We like to think so, lol. In all the years we have been doing stuff like this - the TV news scare notwithstanding - we have never actually been caught. Least not in any sense that involved negative consequences. The closest we came to that was about three years ago, when we were 42. In the early hours of the morning during an overnight hotel stay, Barbara and I were squatting together in one of the corridors, pissing on the carpet. When suddenly the elevator doors at the end of the corridor opened and this semi-drunk young couple in their mid to late 20s stepped out, immediately spotting us. But they just laughed, thinking this sudden unexpected sight was if anything funny. So we carried on pissing anyway as they walked past us giggling. About ten yards beyond us, the female said something about needing to go too, and said with a giggle, "I'm going to go here!" And in no time, there she was, about ten yards away from us, squatting and pissing on the hotel corridor carpet too! Her partner was watching her with a big grin on his face. When she was done, she got up, pulled her jeans back up, and they walked off laughing. Barbara and I had hung around long enough to enjoy the full show, naturally. So that one worked out pretty well. Having been caught in full flow, we ended up being the inspiration for the lady who caught us to piss on the carpet too! So yes, over the years we have fucked up loads of hotel rooms, and corridor carpets. They have been pretty popular venues for our piss vandalism exploits. But I am guessing that we ourselves are a lot less popular with the hotel maids and management than their venues are with us, lol. Mind you, when luxury hotel chains advertise themselves with ads like this, they are surely asking for it........... And yes, that is an actual hotel ad! No kidding! Are they not inviting us to piss on the carpet with ads like that? Hahaha
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    Wet Auto Shop Visit “Okay man, your total comes to two-ninety-three even. I replaced the seals in the camshaft, and did a tune up, you're all set.” Nate collected his payment from the customer and handed over the keys. Now three years into running his own auto repair shop at the young age of thirty, Nate's One Auto was doing good business, as he had slowly built a reputation for quality work on all makes and models of cars. Soon after the previous customer left, his next on schedule arrived in a black 2017 Audi A6, for an inspection and tire rotation. The customer, Ethan, was one of Nate's earliest, often bringing his old Jeep Cherokee in. The men had become friendly acquaintances, updating each other on their lives whenever Ethan stopped in. After a few minutes of chatting, he took his six-year-old son, Randy from the rear seat and left with a buddy. Nate took his time admiring the beautiful vehicle, enjoying its commanding appearance before pulling it into his shop to begin the inspection. An hour later, Nate was nearing the completion of his work on the car when his girlfriend Shannon arrived for a visit, as she often did toward the end of his day. Walking in, the twenty-four-year-old, slim-figured brunette had on tiny denim shorts, a white tank top and flip flops, catching Nate's attention as usual. Sipping an iced tea from the local corner store and admiring the car herself, she uttered, “Oooh, damn babe, you look sexy in that, who's is it, anyway?” Nate replied, “You remember Ethan, right? Used to drive the red jeep? I think you saw him in here once or twice. Dude went out and bought this thing.” "Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember that guy, he was staring at my tits like really hard one time. His girl was mad as shit when she caught him peeking! Like hey, it's not my fault I'm hotter than your fat ass, honey. That's your problem." “Ha, well, can you blame him for takin a peek? They're pretty awesome." “Hmm, yeah I guess you're right, they are pretty fuckin awesome! You almost done? Hurry up." “I'm just checking the tire pressure sensor, it's a little off. Why, what's up?" “Well...it's Friday. It's after four. I've had a long day and...these tight shorts have a way of touching a girl in a certain type of way when there's nothing underneath, know what I mean? I was hoping we could go home and help me get them off and who knows what else." “Ha! Damn, I...babe, I have to finish this right now. Just give me like fifteen minutes to double check everything and type up a service report. He should be here soon to pick it up. Then we can get you taken care of, I promise!" Rolling her eyes in Irritation at not getting her way as she was used to, Shannon ignored Nate's request and walked over to the car, bending over to show her generous cleavage to him while pretending to just be looking at the car's interior. He smiled, seeing her nipples as they showed through the tank top, unable to resist feeling aroused by her tasteful figure. Taking the last sip of her tea, Shannon puckered her lips around the straw in a sexual tease and sucked deeply, causing the distinct sound of bubbles rushing through it. Nate started to get an erection. He continued smiling and told her, "I know what you're doing, shoving those things in my face." She walked over to the garage door and pushed the button to close it, then placed the "Back in 20'' sign on the front door, and locked it. Nate watched as she made her way back over, opened the door and climbed atop his lap, saying to him, “And you know that I always get what I want." He couldn't resist feeling the curves of her warm body and smooth skin. As they locked lips for a steamy kiss, he took hold of her ample backside, squeezing firmly and enjoying the soft sound of her aroused moans. Throwing caution to the wind, Nate slid the seat back for more room and unzipped his pants. Enthusiastic as usual, Shannon crawled down to begin pleasuring him orally, nearly causing him to ejaculate at the first lick. Fully into the naughty sexual deed that she led him to, he was taken aback by her sudden pause and asked what was wrong. In a playful voice still, she replied, "I gotta piss." Barely able to put words together amid his arousal, he suggested that she hold it for a few minutes until they were finished. Looking around with a smirk and biting her lip, she leaned toward him and whispered, "Fuck that." After batting her eyes at him, she moved from his lap toward the center console and began unzipping her shorts. Nate sat speechless, and further turned on at the thought of seeing her do what it seemed she was doing. He looked on as Shannon kicked her flip flops off and slid out of her shorts, revealing no underwear and a bare pink pussy, swollen from arousal. She straddled her feet between both front seats, aiming herself directly at the rear seat. In an instant, a laser-focused stream, slightly yellow in color, squirted from her urethra with wicked pressure, striking hard and loud against the leather upholstery of the seat, pooling at he bottom of it. In the isolated, quiet confines of the car, Nate could hear perfectly as the gushing stream hissed while squirting from the tight folds of her feminine anatomy, and could see that some of her pee was also dripping down directly below her ass onto the center console controls. In a sexual sigh of relief, she slowly uttered, "Babe, this feels so gooood!" Noticing that Ethan's son left his backpack laying in the corner of the seat, Nate saw that it was also being soaked under her torrent. Shannon noticed the look of shock on his face and responded by keeping her body aimed at it longer. The blue fabric of the backpack darkened and flattened under the stream, with foam gathering on the surface. Seeing her display such a degree of depravity made Nate feel hesitant about still being aroused, but his desperate desire was too strong for her questionable morality to matter. His hunger for her was now at a boiling point. She continued peeing, swaying her hips to each side, and covering the entire surface of the seat. Pulling her labia upward, she then sprayed the rear dash and window as the stream reduced to a light trickle before stopping. With her deplorable act finished, Nate turned her around on the passenger seat, pressed her legs open, and buried his mouth in her pee-soaked pussy in one swift, assertive movement. He licked every stray drop from her labia, the inside of her thighs and anus, never having tasted her pee before. Shannon was on the edge of climax in short time, as his eager tongue ravaged her excited clitoris. With both feet locking into a tight curl while resting upon his back, she screamed out in pleasure, and jerked around in the seat from a near-blackout orgasm. Nate then pulled her up so she could take the cowgirl position. Shannon, still tingling with pleasure, immediately began riding him hard and aggressive, making the cars high-tech suspension add to the motion of their bodies bouncing in the driver seat. Leaning forward for longer thrusts, she enjoyed the feeling of her ass grinding against the steering wheel, arching her back deeper to increase stimulation from it. The smell of piss now saturated the interior of the car, as the windows grew foggy amid the steamy sex. A few minutes later, Nate came inside of Shannon. As usual, she continued riding, enjoying the power of overstimulating him at his most vulnerable moment, speeding up and grinding harder until he finished. After a brief reprieve, he felt shame at allowing such a vile act to take place in the car, despite also feeling that he would like to do it again. Following the intense, spine-tingling encounter, Nate and Shannon put their clothes back on and quickly wiped the car down with scented wipes to soak up the urine and hide the smell. Just a few minutes later, Ethan returned to pickup his car. Shannon greeted him cheerfully and even asked how he was doing. After a quick chat, he paid and took off. Nate looked at Shannon with a nervous smile. She replied while laughing, "What, you're still worried? Fuck him. Let's go home. I need a shower."
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    Hi! Today I felt so horny so I decided to pee my shirts before putting them in washing machine. Very naughty and fun!!
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    As we settled in to our bed for the night, myself on the now wet mattress on the floor, Jennifer on the couch, and Tara on the other couch, we decided we weren’t quite ready to go to sleep yet. “Well, girls,” Tara said, “I’ve been sharing stories all night. I think it’s your turn. Cassie, you first since you’re the lucky one who gets the mattress.” “What do you want me to talk about?” I asked “Wetting, of course,” she said. “Surely tonight isn’t the first time for you.” It wasn’t, but I didn’t say anything yet. “Come on, spill it.” I bit my lip and thought. “Well, there was this beach trip I took a few years ago with my mom and some of her friends.” Both Tara and Jennifer knew my parents were divorced and my mom never remarried. Instead, she enjoyed life as a single middle-aged attractive woman, often taking me along on vacations or for a night on the town with her friends. “Last summer we packed up and went to Hilton Head because one of Mom’s friends owned a condo down there. There were five of us in this place that had enough room for ten! We each had our own room, and on the first night the girl who owned the place decided to have a party. Before we knew it, there were twenty or so people in the house, most of them men with about four other girls besides us. As the evening wound by, people were getting really tipsy. So on my way out to the bathroom, I heard moaning as I passed one of the rooms. Inside I could see the girl who owned the condo riding one of the guys. She saw me and seriously looked right at me, not seeming to care that I saw. I blushed, though, and kept walking. I finally reached the bathroom and opened the door. But right away I saw my mom, and she was leaning back against a guy whose back was against the wall, and they were both really enjoying themselves. I shut the bathroom door and just stood there, trying to figure out if I should be grossed out.” “Well, of course,” Tara said. “You just saw your mom fucking somebody else.” “Yeah, it was weird. But I also kind of felt turned on. But I still really had to pee. So I went out to the deck. When I got out there, there was this guy standing there smoking a cigarette.” “Was he hot?” Jennifer asked. “Yes,” I said. “So I went out to pee, but since he was there I hesitated, but I could feel the pressure in my bladder getting worse. So I walked by him and around to the other side of the deck. I thought it would get me out of sight of him, but it didn’t. I sat on a bench near the edge of the deck, and after a few minutes I knew I couldn’t wait much longer. He finished his cigarette and snuffed it out on his shoe, then put the butt in the trash can on the deck. I looked at him, and when he noticed I could feel my face get red. He walked to the edge of the deck facing away from me. He just stood there, and then a few seconds later I heard a splashing sound and realized he was pissing off the deck into the grass.” A real splashing sound interrupted my story and I looked over at Tara to see her releasing a flow of pee into the couch as she just lay there. She was looking at me, though, so I continued with my story. “I didn’t know what to say or do, but it definitely wasn’t helping my situation. I still had to pee. So I took a chance and turned my back to him. I lifted my skirt, parted my legs, and pulled my panties aside. A few seconds later and my own flow was trickling out onto the wooden deck and soaking through the cracks. It wasn’t much, but it was still relieving. I heard movement behind me, so I turned around and saw the guy watching me. He still had his penis out, and it wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small, either. He said ‘I’ll put it away and leave you alone if you say so, but that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.’ I smiled and thanked him. ‘My name is Kenny,’ he said. I told him my name, and he repeated it. Maybe it was the alcohol, but hearing him say my name is what did me in. I turned around on the bench and motioned him to me. He walked over, and before even thinking about if it was right or wrong I was touching his penis with my fingertips.” Jennifer was stirring, and I looked over to see that she was rubbing herself gently. She sighed, and a few small splashes of pee soaked her fingers and the couch cushion. I felt my own pressure building again, and I just relaxed and dribbled more warm pee into the mattress as I continued my story. “I took it into my mouth and was soon sucking on it, licking around the head as I did, and I could just slightly taste his salty pee. He groaned as his dick got even harder. I took it out of my mouth and motioned for him to kneel in front of me. I asked him if he had a condom, and he nodded. He reached into his pocket and took one out, ripping it quickly with his teeth, then sliding it expertly over his dick. I spread my legs and grabbed him by the ass as he guided himself inside of me. And oh my god it felt so good. I was already really wet, and he knew what he was doing, moving in and out of me slowly at first while reaching down with his hand to caress my clitoris.” “Oh my god, I love that,” Tara said. She was rubbing herself again, sliding one finger along her slit. “After a few minutes, he was thrusting harder and harder. I was in ecstasy. And then, I swear to you, as he was fucking me my mom came outside on the deck.” “Holy shit!” Jennifer said. “Yeah. She just looked at me and smiled. Then she walked to the edge of the deck, pulled her shorts and panties down, and just started peeing off the deck. Kenny didn’t even stop, and I didn’t want him to. I started climaxing as my mom was emptying her bladder off the deck. Kenny groaned, and I felt his penis twitch. I came again, and I looked over at my mom, who just winked at me and went back inside.” “Wow,” Tara said. “I wish my mom had been that cool.” “Yeah, she’s pretty cool. Anyway, Kenny finished up, and I had to pee again. It was kind of funny because I felt like I needed to be modest or something, so I closed my legs and let it out. Kenny watched me, and I guess the warm feeling of my pee dribbling between my legs and him watching made me cum again. He seemed eager even though he had obviously already filled the condom. I smiled at him as he walked closer to me and gently nudged my legs apart. Before I could say anything, he buried his face in my crotch and started licking me, first around my inner thighs like he was licking the drops off pee off my legs, and then he moved closer and started licking up my slit to my clitoris. It only took about fifteen seconds, and I was screaming again, trying my damnedest not to crush him with my thighs.” “Been there,” Jennifer said. “My husband loves going down on me, and he makes me scream every time.” She was still rubbing herself, and as she said this her rubbing grew a little more vigorous. I felt a little wet and ready, as well, so I parted my legs and sprayed a little more pee into the mattress, feeling it splash the blanket and my thighs. I started rubbing my slit and stroking my clitoris as Tara also joined us. In less than a minute, all three of us were screaming, plunging our fingers deeper, and bucking our hips. Tara flopped onto the couch and started peeing a strong stream all over the couch cushion. “Ohhh, my god I don’t want this night to end,” she said. “Is there more to the story?” Jennifer asked. “Well, yeah,” I said. “But not between me and Kenny. We parted ways after that, and once the party was over I didn’t see him again that whole trip. My mom on the other hand really seemed to like the guy she was with earlier at the party. I found out his name was Evan. She spent most of the vacation with him. I caught them again later that day.” “Really?” Tara asked. “Yep. I went to go out on the deck, and I saw Mom out there, her shorts and panties down again to pee off the deck. So I started to open the door, but I saw Evan walk from the other side of the deck. Mom took her shorts and panties off all the way and he walked right up to her and they started going at it just standing right there on the deck. I turned away again because it just seemed wrong to watch my mom having sex, but seriously I felt that tingle again. I mean, hadn’t she watched me? I turned back around, and Mom had her legs wrapped around him while he grabbed her by the ass and was thrusting. I still had to pee, and I looked around the back room that you go through before you walk out to the deck, looking for a cup or a bowl or something, but nothing. Then I heard footsteps, and I turned to see the girl who invited us to the beach house. She said, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I pointed to the window. “’Well,’ I said, ‘my Mom is out there having sex right now, and I really have to pee. I was going to go off the deck, but…’” “’I see,’ she said. ‘Well, I know the bathroom is occupied, because I was on my way out here to pee, too, for that very reason. And I don’t want to interrupt, either, so…’ I looked at her as she stood still and a few seconds later I could hear a hissing and see the clear trickles of pee running down her legs and to the dark carpeted floor. ‘I’m not wearing any panties, so this is a really convenient way to go,’ she said, still smiling. “My bladder was really getting full at this point, and I could hear my Mom outside moaning louder. I couldn’t help but sneak another glance and saw that Evan had laid down on the deck. It was then that I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom. I gasped, but not out of concern. You know my Mom had a hysterectomy, and I trust she’s smart enough not to have unprotected sex with someone unless she trusted them, but I gasped because I was envious. I’m not even going to lie.” “Ohh, girl, I know what you mean,” Tara said. “So my Mom was walking to him. She faced away from him and squatted down over his dick and guided it into her, then just started riding him. Our hostess said something like, ‘You okay?’ but I barely heard her. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing myself. I let go of my bladder and just pissed a full stream all over the floor and my fingers, and I came so hard while peeing and watching them that I had to grab the door handle to keep from falling over. ‘Guess that’s a yes,’ our hostess said. My mom’s face showed total ecstasy as she smiled and then started crying out. Evan moaned, too, and I knew he was cumming inside her.” “Wow,” Jennifer said. “Totally,” Tara said. “And that was pretty much the rest of the excitement for that party. Sometime around 2am everyone left except those of us who were actually staying at the beach house and Evan, who slept with my mom. The next day we slept in, but I was woken up by the sounds of my mom and Evan going at it in the shower. Once everyone else was up, we got our bathing suits on and went to the beach. We stayed out for hours, and let’s just say that none of us left to go back into the house for the bathroom, including Evan. That was pretty much how the rest of the trip went. No more parties, just a lot of beach time and pissing our bathing suits, rinsing off in the ocean, pissing them again later.” “Sounds like my kind of vacation,” Tara said. “It was definitely memorable,” I said.
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    Another older shot of me filling a cup. Please forgive the low res. Some of those old early cameras weren't very good and the images didn't enlarge very well but if you like the color of fresh pee in a clear container you should like this one.
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    Hey all, super short one for you. I'll likely post again but needed something to break the ice and what I just did qualifies. LOL So you can call me Joan, but details later, I'm on my phone typing this so going to stay on point. I've gotten really comfortable peeing in garbage cans in bathrooms. Doesn't have to be a dirty bathroom, just a single with locking door. Still walking around the bookstore I just did this in acting completely normal. Went into the toilet, saw the there was tank on the back and thought about that, but the bin was full of used towels and feel like using them a 2nd time is better for the environment too. Anyway. I'm standing there pissing away from under my skirt out my muff and I look in the mirror. On the opposite side of the room by the door there's a short plastic cabinet with locks on it and the top doors are broken open. I stop my stream and close my legs so my panties drop and step out of them. I crossover and open the door to find the expected paper rolls. They looked like used ones with very little left on about 10 to a dozen roll. So yeah, skirt up, stream starts back up, and soggy paper ho! I had more than half my payload spent in there when I hear dripping over the splash and spray, I realize the top shelf is open and all my watering is going down to the NEW ROLLS below. At this point I'm all, "F- it!" I changed my angle and pushed to the end. Collected my panties into my purse, washed my hands (wiped my cunny with the towel), and now I'm waiting in line at the register. Need to pay for the books I'll pee on later. ROFL
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    Agree wholeheartedly. On the other hand, Other long term members told me something similar through PM. Obviously I am not saying that they got in their minds the same undermeanings known only to ou first person, they got their own undermeanings, but I noticed that something "happens" to long term contributors. Somebody could say "Exception made for never ending contributor like Ozabot or Zzyzx and those of the likes of them", but if you are careful, they usually share pics and videos and not stories. I mean, I think that "story-teller members" are at a certain point hit with some kind of "something" that discourage them from the same fury of their beginnings, something which apparently doesn't hit pics/videos contributor. There is something in this forum that spoils its potential perfection, and I'm starting to think that beside the actual reasons that I listed, what I felt when I decided to leave was somehow related to this same "change in the atmosphere" This forum is too "loose": people post and share new stuff but somehow we are too "distant" from each other, it is hard to actually say that we are "friends". And believe, beside all my stuff as a Witch I can seriously tell you that regardless of what some portions of your charachter may think, after unloading one's cum and filling one's belly with food, people start to look for friendship, or at least a little tighter interaction. I'm not saying I'm somekind of Saviour come with the answer, I'm just reflecting about it, not only as part of my decision regarding coming back to the forum or not, but also as the thing in itself, 'cause subtle-lingering discomfort is Always interesting for one's growth
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    I wanted a pee so thought I would piss in a glass, and also on the floor
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ We picked Maddie and Adam up from Maddie's house on our way into town. The previous evening the two had promised to show us around the local sights. It was a Saturday and the roads were busy, and we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way into the town centre. Looking in the mirror, I could see Maddie starting to jiggle in the back seat. For a few minutes she didn't say anything. “So guys,” Maddie said after a while, leaning forward between the seats to speak to me and David. “I wonder if you have an opinion on people peeing in your car? Because I drank two coffees this morning and they've gone right through me.” “Probably best not to,” I said, while David rolled his eyes. “It's our parents' car, we don't want to get it messy.” “No worries,” Maddie said. “I can hold it a bit longer.” The queue crawled forward, and eventually we managed to find a spot in the multi-storey on the edge of the town centre. All four of us climbed out of the car and stretched. It was a hot day, and it had been stuffy inside the car. Given the heat, Maddie and I had both opted for pretty short skirts; I had leggings underneath the skirt and wore a pink tank top, while Maddie had put on a tight-fitting chequered shirt. Both boys wore t-shirts and shorts -- in Adam's case, the swimming shorts that he seemed to wear everywhere. “I'm going to have to pee here,” Maddie said, sinking into a squat beside the car. “Wait for me, will you?” “Watch out, though,” Adam said. “People coming.” He gestured towards the lifts, where there was indeed a couple walking towards us. Maddie swore under her breath and stood up quickly. “Let's get going, then,” she said. “There might be some toilets downstairs,” David said, as we crossed towards the elevators. “There are,” Maddie said, “but they've been out of order for months.” She scurried ahead of us to push the elevator button, and stood restlessly shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Once the lift arrived, she darted inside and waited impatiently for us to join her. “Listen,” she said, as soon as we'd caught up with her. “I need one of you to hold the 'close doors' button for a few minutes.” “Why?” asked David, startled. “Why do you think?” Maddie said. She rolled her skirt up, giving us all a clear view of the fact she hadn't put underwear on today, and adopted a high crouch position. In no time at all, a forceful stream of piss was hammering onto the hollow metal floor. The noise echoed in the enclosed room. Drops of spray bounced up the walls, and the floor was soon completely awash with her puddle. “My classy girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen,” Adam said, snickering. “You have a better idea?” Maddie asked, still pissing like a racehorse. “No,” Adam admitted, “and if it's going to be a mess in here anyway ...” He started to unzip his flies, before looking questioningly at me and David. “You two not joining in?” David shook his head, and I said, “I peed back on the campsite.” Adam shrugged and continued what he was doing. He didn't turn to face the wall, but pointed his cock towards the centre of the elevator, giving us all a good view of it. He played with it for a few seconds, making it harden a little, before he started to piss. He was facing me, and his arc landed between my feet. I felt droplets of spray land on my leggings, making them damp. I found it difficult to look away from that big, hardening cock pissing straight towards me. From the corner of my eye I saw Maddie standing up, her own piss finished. She was watching Adam and me, smirking. David was looking nonplussed. Adam finished up as well. He spent another second or two playing with his cock, before Maddie leaned over and grabbed it. “If there was time, I'd help you take care of this,” she said. She lowered her voice another notch, and added, “And I think Sarah wouldn't mind helping out as well.” I felt myself going red, but Maddie just gave me a wink as she tucked Adam's cock back into his shorts. David cleared his throat. “Er … What floor was it we wanted?”
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    I love cumming outside too. Let's have more cum shots.....
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    All of us enjoying naughty peeing but i usually am turned on after i pee. I like to play with myself and cum on/in different places when i masturbate. Panties are my go to but i also enjoy outside, tables, or counters. Anybody else care to share?
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    Someone here said I should post a few pics of myself in this forum. After much thought, procrastination, forgetting and generally not getting around to it ... I'm finally doing something about it. I hope the ladies like what they see (and are willing to say so) ... same for guys if you're that way inclined (I'm not but to each his own). Without further ado ... pics of me peeing and one extra for fun. :redface: :tongue:
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    I always like...there are far too many female pee pics here...
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    I like to see girls peeing but only fair to share. No nasty comments please but happy for comments. I'm just getting over my shyness
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    I think you've hit the nail on the head here. Sure, I come here for the pictures and videos, but much more so for discussion and conversation. I, for one, would like to see a great deal more emphasis placed on original content and interaction. While we may be distant in terms of miles, if we share our perspectives and observations, then, and only then, we can become close friends.
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    Thanks, Admin, for bumping this topic. It is one of my favorite interests. For me, the short answer to that question is many decades, essentially all of my life. It seems to me that I was born with a strong interest in female peeing, starting quite literally at my mother's knee. The long answer is a bit of a story, and I apologize in advance for the length of it. But I think it contains some interesting insights and history. I was born and raised in the Midwestern US, during World War 2. At that time, most women wore dresses or skirts, rather than pants, all the time. Underneath them, they wore corsets or girdles, with garter tabs (suspenders) to hold up their rayon or nylon stockings. Some of them just wore garter belts, for the same purpose. Panties (knickers) were worn over their corsets, garter belts, or girdles to make it easy and quick for them to slip them down to pee. A woman could simply lift her skirt and slip her panties down, in one motion, as she sat on the toilet, gathering her skirt over her thighs, to block the view of others. She didn't have to undress any further than that to pee. She might show a flash of thigh, above her stocking tops, and below her other clothing, but that was the limit of exposure that she risked. Under those circumstances, it was fairly common, at least in my family, for women not to bother shutting the bathroom door, when they peed. I found it amusing to hear my mother and one of my aunts complaining about my grandfather having built his house so that he had a direct view of the toilet, through the open bathroom door, from his easy chair! As a toddler, at two or three years old, I followed my mother into the bathroom whenever she peed. I was an only child at that time, and my father was away all day, working. She almost never closed the bathroom door, at home. Since she did it with her legs together, and her dress or skirt covering her upper thighs, I couldn't see anything interesting, but I could hear her tinkle, and rarely hiss, and I could smell her pee, which I liked, for some unknown reason. I tried very hard to look between her smooth bare thighs, above her stocking tops, or under her thighs, from the side, but she was very skilled at hiding her stream. She always wiped from the rear, with her legs still together, so I couldn't see anything there, either. As a toddler, I was very interested in what was under women's skirts, and I think my interest in their peeing was just an extension of that interest. I was intensely interested in how and where their pee came out, and I asked my mother once why she had to wipe, when I, as a boy, didn't have to. She told me it was because ladies got wet when they "wee-wee'd" (her term), and told me that I shouldn't ask such questions, because it wasn't "nice." This just added to the mystery of female peeing, in my mind, and stimulated my curiosity. When I was about four or five years old, my mother would bring me with her when we were out shopping, and she had to use public ladies' rooms.There was not enough room in the toilet cubicles for me to stay in one with my mother, while she peed. I loved that, because, at my height, I could walk around and look under the stall doors at the other women peeing. Some of them did it with their legs apart, which was exciting, but I usually couldn't see very much, because their underwear usually blocked my view, at their knees. I did see a stream or two, between some women's legs, through the gap in the front of the public toilet seats, if their panties were below their knees, and their legs were open. For me, it was a revelation and a thrill just to see a woman pee with her legs apart, since my mother always did it with her thighs pressed tightly together, blocking any chance for me to see her stream. Interestingly, although the public toilets weren't particularly clean, in that time, none of the women I was able to watch squatted or hovered above them. That would have given me a clear view of everything, satisfied some of my curiosities, and a huge thrill. But at that age, I had no idea that women could squat when they peed, or might prefer to do it that way, rather than covering the seat with toilet paper, as my mother usually did. I thought that they had to sit all the way down, like my mother. When my mother found out what I had been doing, while she was busy peeing, she told me that was really not very nice, and made me wait for her outside of the ladies' rooms, which was a big disappointment to me. My interest at that time arose purely out of curiosity about females and their secret bodily functions. I was too young to make any connection to sexuality. That came a little later. When I was in elementary school, I think it was first or second grade, there was a little girl in my class, who always smelled a little strange, vaguely like slightly stale pee. I actually liked her smell, but other kids in the class sometimes talked about it behind her back. She was the smallest, shortest girl in the class, with curly hair, like "Little Orphan Annie," and she wore the shortest skirts, so it was easy for bad boys like me to look up her skirts. All the kids, boys and girls, usually peed when they came back in from recess, and I was very lucky, one day. I was already sitting at my desk, when she came in from the little girls' room, and slid into hers, briefly spreading her legs as she got into her desk, giving me a perfect view of her inner thighs and white cotton panties. What I saw totally amazed me. I saw a small yellow spot in her white panties, which looked like it was still wet, and I could definitely see several drops of yellow liquid, it had to be pee, clinging to her bare inner thighs. I was intensely curious, wondering how her pee came out, and how her legs got wet. I had never seen a girl my age pee on a toilet, at that time. I knew that they sat, because my mother and other women sat, but I couldn't see how her pee came out, or what parts of her got wet. My younger sister was a baby, still in diapers at that time, so she was no help. I was so intensely curious about what I had seen at school that day, that I finally summoned the courage to risk asking my mother, at home. I said, "Mom, I saw a girl with "wee-wee" (my mother's term) on her legs, at school today. How did that happen?" Instead of answering my question, my mother asked me how I saw what she had on her legs? Did I look up her skirt? That was not nice, her wet legs were none of my business, and I should be ashamed of myself for doing that. I admitted that I had looked up her skirt, and her panties had a wet spot, too. But I still wanted to know how her legs got wet. My mother finally relented, and answered my question, saying that her mother probably didn't teach her how to sit on the toilet properly, so her legs got wet, and her mother obviously didn't teach her how to wipe herself properly, so she didn't get her legs dry, and her panties got wet for the same reason. My mother said that must have been very embarrassing for the little girl, and I shouldn't have been looking at her. I said she didn't seem to know or care if boys looked up her skirt, so I didn't think that she was embarrassed. Besides, she usually smelled like "wee-wee," and the other kids talked about her, but she didn't seem to know or care. My mother's answers didn't satisfy me at all, but that was as much as I was going to get from her. From that time on, I had an intense, secret curiosity about how girls' pee came out, how they sat when they peed, and whether their legs got wet, which brought up the vivid, exciting memory I had, of that girl's wet thighs. My curiosity continued to grow, from that time on. In spite of what my mother had told me, I wondered if all girls' and women's legs got wet when they peed, and most of them just wiped the dribbles away. If they did it with their legs together, as my mother did, how could they avoid getting them wet, if their pee came out frontward, as I believed it did? On the other hand, I had never, ever seen my mother wipe her legs. She always wiped her rear, with her legs together. So I was totally confused, and more curious than ever. This curiosity got me completely hooked on female peeing, for the rest of my life. My curiosity intensified, as I approached my pre-teens, and became aware of sexuality. I immediately associated sex with peeing, before I even knew what sex was. At one point, I thought that sex involved girls and boys getting their organs together and peeing on each other, in some way. I didn't get to try that until a lot later in life! But the final, straight answer for me, to the question posed in this forum is 74 years ± 1 year.
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    I do want to pee on demand. And also drink
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    In a ski lift : https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a7ca7da2a0aa https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5870c3420d865 (very few in this one, but still...)
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    Dear Wet Carpet My name is Dave, aged 46 and I was on a business trip in Birmingham recently. In the evening I went out to this pub and hooked up with these two ladies aged about 40, both housemates as it happened. Josie and Jessie, their names were. And yeah I know, makes them sound like a couple of American rednecks, but they are in fact thoroughly British brummies. They look good too. As you can see with these pics they let me have as a memento. Josie is the brunette on the left, Jessie the blonde on the right....... And they are easily the dirtiest couple of bitches I have ever met, lol. I think they'd already had a few when I walked into the bar and got talking to them. We ended up sat at a quieter table in the corner, them on one side and me facing them on the other as we chatted and had a laugh. After a while, the blonde one, Jessie, said she really needed a pee, and laughed about how some guys love watching ladies pee, and kind of jokingly asked if I wanted to watch. I commented that it was a bit public, I think. Her friend Josie just laughed, "That's what gent's cubicles are for." Jessie came back with, "Shit, who needs cubicles! Last time I just pissed on the floor! The guys couldn't believe it!" Josie:" I know, I was there, haha." I couldn't believe my luck at hearing shit like this. I tried playing it cool, downing the rest of my pint, but am certain they knew this was turning me on. Which emboldened them further. Jessie laughed, "Why bother with the gents?" She turned to me and reached out with her hand. "Give me your beer glass." I handed it over, whereupon Jessie - watched by a grinning Josie - lowered it below the table and appeared to be hoisting the back of her dress whilst shuffling forward to the front of her seat. Then her grin broadened. "I'm pissing, hahaha." I couldn't believe what was happening. I stole a glance under the table, and there was the glass held between her legs. And she was actually peeing into it right there! I looked back up and she sighed, "Ah I needed that!" And both women laughed. When she was done she lifted the glass back into view. It was now three quarters full with piss. She laughed, "Now what am I going to do with this?" Josie: "If Dave was a true gentleman, he'd drink it for you, haha." Jessie: "If I was a true lady, I wouldn't have pissed in his beer glass in the first place!" Josie: "Haha, well we sure aint no ladies." Jessie: "Well if Dave's not gentleman enough to drink it, I'll just have to get rid of it here." And with that she began pouring the contents out onto the carpet under the table! I couldn't believe it! Josie then said, "Here, pass me that glass, I need to go." But as she took the glass from her friend, she hesitated, then put it down on the table. "On second thoughts, why bother? It's gonna end up on the floor anyway, so......" And she shuffled to the front of her seat, whilst hoisting the back of her dress. Then she gleefully announced, "I'm pissing!" And laughed. I stole another quick look under the table, and there she was with her legs open, and trimmed muff overhanging the front edge of her seat. And her piss was spraying down in a powerful torrent onto the carpet! I could barely believe this was happening, but it looked sexy as fuck! Jessie laughed, "I think Dave's enjoying the show, the perv." I wrenched my gaze away from the carpet pissing under the table, and responded. "You're calling me a perv, but your mate's the one doing the pissing! And getting off on it I can tell, haha." Josie: "Yes, this is rather fun." I joked, "You're a right couple of skanky bitches, aren't you!" Josie chuckled, still enjoying her piss. Jessie shot back with, "Well, if a girl's gotta piss she may as well have fun with it." By the time Josie was done, the carpet under the table was soaked with piss. ............................................................ Awesomely, I got invited back to their place. We went around to the back entrance because when they go out they leave the front door latched it seems. They unlocked the back door and we all strode into their kitchen which it opened into. One of them switched on the light switch. And I immediately spotted the huge, golden-hued lake covering a large area of the tiled floor. They noticed my eyes widen at the sight. Josie chuckled, "Oh, we just pissed there before we went out." I was stunned by the nonchalant, matter of fact, way they just seemed to be about it. "Didn't you want to clean it up afterwards?" Josie: "Nah, couldn't be bothered!" They laughed at my surprised reaction to this. Anyway, we all just strode through their piss lake into their living room. Josie immediately lifted her dress - neither lady was wearing any panties - and popped a squat right there in front of their coffee table. And gleefully started pissing right there on the carpet. A powerful hissy spray splashing forcefully down. I was struggling to believe the awesomeness of what I was seeing. "Fucking hell, that's your own carpet you're pissing on!" She chuckled, "Yeah, we do it quite a lot! It's just more convenient - and more fun!" And come to think of it, there was a pissy aroma about the place that bore testament to that. Jessie too soon lowered herself into a squat, her dress hoisted to expose her gorgeous ass cheeks. And she too was soon pissing another torrent right there onto the carpet, lol. By now I needed to pee myself, so when they were done I somewhat sheepishly asked where their toilet was. Jessie just laughed, "Don't bother going all the way upstairs just for that, silly. Just piss against that wall over there." She indicated an area of the living room wall beside their sofa. And so - incredibly - I found myself, trousers and underpants removed at their suggestion, standing there and pissing against their living room wall as they stood either side of me, enjoying the show with grins on their faces. They didn't seem bothered about the wallpaper I was fucking up, either. As my pee finally trailed off, I asked them, "Do you girls ever actually use the toilet?" Josie laughed, "It has been known! Last time Jessie used the toilet though, she was standing astride the fucking thing. With the lid closed at the time, haha." Jessie: "Seemed like a fun idea at the time." Josie: " Might as well have just pissed on the floor like we usually do. Cos that's where it all ended up, hahaha." ............................. Anyway, we ended up heading up to their bedroom, walking past the open bathroom door on the way. I couldn't fail to spot that there was piss all over the floor in there. Their bedroom smelt particularly strongly of pee, with some parts of their carpet so saturated that it squelched underfoot. I think they noticed that I noticed, because a smirking Josie said, "Yeah, we piss in here A LOT!" We ended up enjoying great three way sex on their large double bed. It was brilliant. Afterwards we all stood in the middle of the room - yes they were standing too with legs apart and hands on hips - and pissed all over the carpet. Was a very enjoyable pissy fun night. I never knew there could be such ladies around into doing all that. I will cherish the pics they gave me and the memories they invoke of their awesomely skanky pissings, lol. I still struggle to get my head around the fact that two such awesomely sexy middle aged women can get off by pissing all over the place in their own home, and apparently be happy to just leave it laying around. Dave.
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    First time posting so, I'll give you something to call me: AshPee. It's really close to my real name so I’m sure you can guess, but just playing it safe. I've been reading for awhile but it never occurred to me to post despite having the perfect thing to talk about. I belong to a local pool, and it used to be communal, but there were some incidents with some of the guys and the owner decided it would be best to split the pool into male and female sides. The structure was already almost split anyway. The men's changing room was on one side and the women's on the opposite of an Olympic size pool. The owner just build a wall down the exact center and split it into two small full length pools. It may sound odd, but at the time the wall was added they were closing for resurfacing and maintenance. That stopped most of the harassment, except the bathrooms were still on the men's side. A door that locked on the men's side only was installed too and women were given a key to get back. Unfortunately women were still getting bothered when they crossed over to use the facilities. As a result of this, the ladies got accustomed to peeing in the changing room whenever they needed to go. Eventually the hooligans got tired of never seeing anything but guys and left permanently, but the culture had already changed at least for peeing. There is actually a sign in the entrance hallway that reads, "Please be courteous when peeing in this room. Do not leave anything on the floor you do not want to get wet." The second line is there because, since we all pee on the floor regularly, it gets hosed down multiple times a day. The daughter of the owner comes in and does it about every two hours, making sure to pick some things up before she pees herself and then hoses it all to the drain. I asked if the males were allowed the same and she told me the sign on their side says, "If you are caught urinating in this room for any reason you will be fine, banned, and reported to local authorities." So as you can guess it's rare to enter the changing area and find no one taking a wee... sometimes it is hard to find less than three to five girls going. At least now you understand why I have things to tell you, it had been a regular thing for so long it never dawned on me that y'all might want to hear about my experiences. To open I have a fairly comical one to share. I'm pretty athletic and swim at least once a week to keep my figure. This particular day I had just left the showers and was headed to my locker, I passed by a mother and young teen daughter standing together peeing. I could tell they were related because they both stood with hands on hips and the stream shot forward almost to the wall they were facing before arching down to the concrete floor, I suppose now it could have been her aunt. Just past them was a pair of twenty somethings one was squatting to pee and the other stood brushing her hair and peeing too. They said, "Hi!" as I passed and asked how my day was going. Now I finally reached my isle and there on the bench are three teen girls, completely naked, sitting next to each going full force across the distance from the bench to the locker. That is roughly 4', and it was not like the three arcs were low to the ground. Of course this caught my eye and I stood to watch both impressed and blocked off. I was trying to come up with a reason to stare and not seem rude, so I decided to play a prank on them. I took the towel over my shoulders and dried myself a bit waiting for them to finish. When they were done they glanced at me and I started with this, "I don't recognize you three, but from what you've just done it is clear that you didn't read the sign by the door either. It says 'BE COURTIOUS when peeing.' I know these isles are wide, but when you shoot all way across and block access that is not ver~" and that was as far as I got before I lost it to laughing. To explain it in a way that makes more sense it went like this: I am drying off my boobs, I start talking and throw the towel back over my shoulders, I finish the first sentence and then start peeing on the floor myself, I was naked except the towel obviously and I shave since I wear a race swimsuit, I make a jet that comes down hard and fast in a straight shot to the floor at a sharp angle, so there was no mistake when I started and what I was doing, as I said the part about the width of the isles I bent my knees and swayed to spray from the bench to the lockers and back to the bench, this caused the girls to get a confused / surprised / amused look and seeing that was enough to make me lose the concentration on my tone. I started laughing, which caused them to start laughing and the harder I laugh my boobs bounce and my six pack abs show only then too. I was still going full force and the laughing made my flow erratic, so I turned to keep my pee from splashing them until I finished. Once we all calmed down I told that I was surprised at their control and in the future just to be aware that were blocking the path. They apologized and went about getting dressed. We all left about the same time and hollered at each other, "See you soon." I will write again when I get another good sighting. Until then, "Keep the Carpet Wet for Me."
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    Being a guy who has peed on a fair number of carpets, none of them in my own house, I'm quite fascinated by this topic. For me, there is no real thought of damage or ruining things for others. In fact, I generally try to make sure my urine is dilute, clear and nearly odorless (though I'm sure the odor would develop over time). I guess I'm not Maggie's perfect guy, hehehe. But I do wonder about it. Does the room smell of my piss two or three days after I'm gone? If I leave a damp patch, did anyone notice? I usually try to let things dry before I check out, but sometimes I just need to be a little bit naughtier and will leave a last minute gift on my way out the door. Not right in the middle, since I don't need the hassles of hotels chasing me down to collect damages, but not too hard to find. The thrill for me is taking a piss where I'm not supposed to. It's just the thrill of naughtiness. Over time I've added the thrill of publicity to the mix and I admit that pissing in a public place with people all around leaves me wired and jangling for hours afterward. To this end, I've managed to piss under a table in a mall food court, on the down escalator in another mall, under a table at a 5 guys burger joint, and even in a few business lounges at airports. I even managed to take a proper, full-flow piss whilst sitting at a table at a roadside pub in the centre of Perth, Australia, with cars and people going by and people drinking less than 10 feet away. The thrill here is obviously the risk and my ability to control it and my own doubts and fears. And the pleasure of leaving a big puddle for others to find, if they even notice. Maybe I am Maggie's kind of guy after all. And I love to see women doing the same. The videos of girls pissing on roadsides and at bus stops in full view of everyone are a huge turn on for me. It's still an unfulfilled fantasy to be able to watch a woman just piss without any concern in a truly public place. Brutus may have a thing about the alpha nature of this behaviour. I just know it gets me hard and usually results in a smaller, stickier wet patch somewhere ... also preferably in public.
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    Anyone heard from puddyls lately?Shes been off a while,i hope shes ok.Shes a great contributor,posting content hot as you are likely to find,and cheeky with it too.
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    I love to naughty masterbate. Outside is preferred for me lol
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    I can see why you are a "forum legend.."
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    In for a penny in for a dime! Most of mine are older shots, made with a low resolution camera. As you can see here, I am one sick puppy! (and proud of it).
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    Grizzly. ...will we do it and make curvy happy
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    So desperate for a piss I thought I would piss on the floor
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    Ever gone hiking? I was doing my routine walk last year and there's a little shortcut I like to take to get to my trail (still on foot), and on a usual basis I don't see anyone there, but when I decided to walk back from one of the hills that I usually begin on, I see a woman with her bags set down in that dimly lit spot just standing there, leaning against the tree, pants pulled down as well as her panties. I knew exactly what she was doing, but as I came closer to that spot, I just let her do what she was doing and I quickly walked around that tree in the opposite direction. A pleasant site for the eyes to see one pee, and even better when one doesn't want to make a scene out of it. A nice little something to think about while on the walk back to my car. Nature I call it. Love who you love, and don't interfere with it.
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    Will have to see what I can do....in the meantime
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    At least people on here know and understand where I am coming from. I can be bursting and cant go. I go in stalls most the time when I am in public. I have to fish out my dick sometimes too. I have a bladder that not weak and can hold it takes longer to release it out of me. Takes me a few to get it started and I dont like guys looking at me gets me scared. \ I like the sound of the pee hitting the water in toilet in the stall too.
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    Alfresco, actually no, it was an older school and actually had a set of individual boys and girls toilets built into each classroom. They were small restrooms with only a sink and water closet. No partitions. The particular toilet where the incident happened was a shared affair where the single restroom(s) served two classrooms. Each restroom had two doors, each door opening onto a different classroom. So, as I said, I always did the boys rooms first, making plenty of noise as a "warning" that I was coming to clean. So, I think the teacher actually had laid an "ambush" for me that day but as I said I was a young and tender and pretty innocent 16 year old and felt totally embarrassed and "in the wrong". Needless to say, the incident gave me plenty of masturbation fantasy material. I do remember when I walked in, I was almost, not quite, but almost close enough to feel the heat of her body. As I said earlier though the sound of her pee coming out was unmistakable. I just wish I had had the knowledge of human motivations I do now. Things could have turned out quite differently!
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    Three girls went out for a night on the town. Having been their first time out together the girls were a little shy. They all went to the local community college and studied nursing. They decided to go to the beach and have a bonfire. Each of them brought their own wine, Melissa a leggy red haired goddess of a woman had brought two bottles. Lea brought one of those boxes of wine that reflected her country upbringing. She sported a long brunette pony tail with daisy dukes and a tank top. She had he largest set of breasts amongst the group, easily an E cup. Then there was Gemma who was only about 5ft, no more than 100 pounds with a bottle of wine, and a few wine coolers. Enough for each girl at least. Gemma was short and thin but had on a mini skirt, and just a bikini on. Earlier they swam at the beach and when the sun went down they started a fire, Gemma and Lea sat side by side on a log of driftwood and Melissa sat cross legged across from them on the sand. Each of them had a drink in hand. As the night went on they shared stories of interesting things they had learned in class. Melissa mentioned how she never knew so much about female anatomy until she got to school. Stating she never knew that it was totally natural for women to have different vulvas and labias. She said she always felt awkward because the genitals she saw in porn did not reflect hers. She said she had a rather large labia and one of her lips was larger than the other. Lea squirmed a little in her seat and mentioned she was uncomfortable talking about lady parts as she needed to use the restroom. Melissa having a few drinks said to Lea “I mean we all will be around our patients going to the restroom, I’m okay with you going here... besides, I’ve gotta go to.” Lea jokingly said “why so you can see if my parts are normal?”. Gemma sheepishly said “I always thought my lips were large too..., and I need to pee too, but I don’t mind if you look at mine, I’m not shy!”. Melissa separated her legs and pulled aside her bikini bottoms to reveal a puffy pink pussy with large meaty lips. She invited the girls to stare and told them it was okay to look. This prompted the other girls to spread their legs, Gemma having on no panties underneath her skirt revealed her even bigger puffier lips which seemed strange for her frame yet suited her well, and then Lea pulled down her shorts and took them all the way off.... she spread her legs the farthest to reveal she had a much smaller set of labia. Gemma spread her lips with her fingers and started urinating off the log onto the sand, Melissa had already begun urinating with her legs spread and her body laid back onto the ground... and Lea let go after the others and soaked the sand beneath her. After the girls were finished Melissa spread her lips to showcase her clitoris and told everyone hers seemed small for the size of her lips... everyone laughed and Gemma and Lea said they couldn’t see in the dark... Melissa got up, walked to them, spread her legs apart and spread her lips to show off her tiny clit. Gemma was secretly a lesbian and couldn’t help but reach out in front of her and touch the other girls little button. This caused Melissa to jump just a little causing a small squirt of lasting pee to dribble onto Gemma’s hand. Melissa apologized and said she was just surprised and was sorry for peeing. Gemma continued to rub her little clit and told her she thought it was kind of hot, and asked if she minded the attention. Melissa let out a moan signaling to continue... while Gemma continued playing with her new friends pussy, Lea started chugging more wine and then reached for her own pussy and began rubbing her own clit, and reached over to Gemma and played with her soaking wet pussy!!! The girls comtinued playing with each other until one by one they had orgasms, and one by one they let go of their bladders during climax to show trust and appreciation for the female orgasm and pussy.
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    I am just going to jump right in here. I work in a large office building doing janitorial work. It is somewhat thankless and definitely dirty work, but it has its benefits too. You have all heard of the women with weak bladders from childbirth, well I am one of them. I work a second to overnight split shift and during those hours the floor I work is closed and usually empty. This allows me to pee freely if the need arises and clean it up immediately if I choose to be a bit lazy about where I go. However, my letter is to tell you about another lady I met recently with a similar but different issue. I was doing my usual rounds one evening on a Tuesday, unlocking rooms, checking the bins, the regular stuff, when I opened a room and heard a strange but familiar noise, it was the hiss of lady filling a garbage can with spent liquid. I followed the sound and as I got closer I could now hear the lady groan with fear and start to apologize. "Sorry, sorry, I can't stop, please don't report me, at least let me explain, I'm so sorry, I just can't, I..." I interrupted and tried to calm her down, "Hey at least you are going somewhere that's easy to clean. I don't mind, go ahead and finish." She thanked me and continued to give the details of how she got in this situation. So I mentioned that her ailment was similar, see she had a child by C-section and ran into a complication. The baby was alright, but the birth caused some additional nerve damage to her pelvis. This left her with the odd problem of only being able to tell her bladder was full when it was about to burst. The nerves were deadened around it and so the only way she could tell her tank was full is when it's OVERFULL and pushes against the nerves above her bladder or near her opening. She told me that tried several control medications, some had no effect and others made it worse. When I told I had a weak one and would release discretely, she stated that was no good either. Whenever she releases, her bladder is full enough that her stream lasts a minute at minimum at full force, nothing "discrete" there. Being stuck with this malady also meant that her bladder continued to increase in size the longer she went without a regular break, so she usually stops ever two hours and tries to go even if she may not need to at the time. Now to punctuate this whole thing, she never stopped the whole time we were talking. An at least 2:00 conversation of non-stop releasing, not just a trickle but not full bore either. Her position was in IT and she had been working on the computer in the room, stuck on an error with no clear solution, and distracted so much by the task at hand she lost track of time and got into an emergency where she filled up to her limits. When it hit she knew it was a makeshift toilet or wet clothes with only seconds to decide. She was done at this point and I handed her a tissue to wipe and toss in the VERY full bag. I asked if she minded if I went too and she was totally fine, so I emptied my tiny amount in with all of hers and then carefully pulled and tied the bag and tossed it in the large can I roll with me. I told she had nothing to worry about and I wasn't going to say anything to anyone. As I went back to leave I saw something on my cart I had picked up long ago and just had there with me, it was a set of self-stick file folder tabs in all yellow. I tossed them to her and said if she ever got caught short again, to leave one stuck to the inside of the door. That way I knew the bag needed changed and there was less chance of someone removing it on the inside since she would lock the door after leaving the room. She thanked me profusely and it has worked well for a few months now. I still don't know how she does it, filling a bag over half full, but I guess we all have to deal with our own issues. Actually speaking of that, the plant in the corner looks a little dry. . . excuse me for a minute.
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    My first pee experience was when I was in high school and I was at a party and this new girl at school named Katrina was there. And during the party that girl Katrina and me were play wrestling in the livingroom with around 25 people watching us. Well a few minutes later when Katrina ended up on top of me sitting on my chest I heard her tell me to open my mouth.. And when I did all of a sudden I felt her peeing down my wide open throat while I was just drinking as much of her urine as I possibly could right there in front of all these people. Needless to say while I was drinking her pee I fell in love with the warm salty yellow taste of that girl Katrina urine in my throat.
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    So is anybody going to start with some pee wank stories or pics and then we can all join in. ....
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    Very nice. I have done it a couple of times but it's not become a regular event.
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    I like the thought of you barely making it home. Home close were you to weeing yourself? Had you started spurting? I can see from the dark colour of your output on the pictures that you'd held it for several hours - I'd guess most of the day. It's the sort of colour my wee used to be first thing in a morning in the days before getting up a couple of times in the night became normative.
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    Yes the mirror. I thought it was a good idea lol
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    The wife and i both peed in the shower this morning lol
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    Don't tell anyone but... My urine is luminous green!
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    It depends on bodily features. For me is almost natural, my urethra is so frontward-inclined that what is difficult, for me, is backside piss! Unless I position carefully, in that case my backside piss is quite thick and good As daily features, pissing standing is quite normal to me. Yet, I have thaught many of my lesbian lovers to pee standing regardless of urethra shape or inclination. It CAN be thaught, I mean with actual results
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    Well i finished a pot of coffee and the paper this morning. Started to feel the urge and decided i didnt want to get up and head to the bathroom. Most of it ended up on my shorts.
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    Waited all day to have a naughty pee in the bedroom. It felt relieving and arousing at the same time! some of it got under the door and rolled down the hallway!
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    I think moral dilemmas are a good sign of human empathy. Sexuality often overrides morality though. Every evil ruler in history had an army of willing women at their disposal because women love powerful men. I think the fact that so many of us derive pleasure from causing someone else some harm or inconvenience speaks to how truly dark our primitive nature is. There is something intensely arousing about seeing someone you find attractive display a complete lack of concern for others. We are naturally attracted to the alpha's of each sex and the most obvious alpha behavior is total lack of concern for others' well being or comfort. This is much of the reason why BDSM is so prevalent, it taps into the satisfaction of the person in the careless dominant role, at the expense of another person being a submissive and passive object. @Maggie_555 I believe that is why you love men causing harm with their pee, it's maximum level alpha behavior. It's also why I love seeing women leave their pee all over a toilet, whether they made a mess on purpose or not. Seeing her leave it tells me that she decided "fuck who else needs this toilet, even if it's a small child or physically challenged woman who this will cause great difficulty for, I'm all that matters to me." That arrogance is so alpha and attractive to me at least. I came across a quote years ago where someone said beta women complain about piss on the seats, alpha women leave their piss on the seats for them to complain about. Lol. Others find it repulsive but I believe that we are all on a sliding scale with the levels of carelessness that turns us on. Some of us are just further down the scale than others and that's the source of the arguments. I think you are fine the way you are.