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  2. I adore them too I saw many on YouTube and they can kill people by laughter ahahahah
  3. YES It's no more complex than that Reflect on his story, when he still was human: he was sensitive and yet controlled. He UNDERSTANDS torments, just wants His children to SOLVE problems instead of CREATING them Not that He (this is VERY IMPORTANT) requires you "not to bother with your problems", that would not mean to be stern but just RUDE and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT His style, He is VERY fatherly (almost "motherly" if you see what I mean) with people's torments, just wants them to stay strong while they face their demons "You can scream and you can cry and you can yell you want help, but you must never give up nor blame things unto others"
  4. @spywareonya ok well i think i can handle that basically he says " just behave"
  5. He favours "realism" He asks nothing from you beside being respectful of your emotions yet willful to become everyday more mature In His eyes, both being lazy and being lousy means lack of backspine, which would make people BALANCED To Him, to stay balanced between all opposites requires the greatest moral strenght and at the same time it's "easy", because it needs nothing beside remaining cautious and realistic Really, refraining from any clumsy reaction is enough to conquer His esteem… yet it's not that easy to master all of this!!! Because being at the same time mighty, raging AND healthy and controlled… it's easier said than done!!! But you are going great...
  6. I have seen some of these. They are very funny.
  7. I really don't know what to say i am happy to be in such a strong legion but at the same time i feel like i don't know how to make the reaper happy with me
  8. Very interesting!!! Mine was just a summing up, WW2 was wanted and planned by a lot of people obviously, the Thule Gesellschaft had been a major study for me
  9. Very fantasy, but descriptive He locks lost souls away from rebirth Very few are so evil to be lost, but they exist too and somebody has to do the dirty work
  10. A fantasy but quite realistic rendition of his true appearence
  11. A painting drawed during trance Now sold out, but pics of it exist on the web
  12. Hitler was bad but Stalin, Mao, Genghis Khan were more horrible. Stalin killed 60 million, Mao 50 million, Genghis Khan 40 million, Hitler killed 15 million. You can't count all WWII deaths on Hitler lots of people caused WWII. And Downfall is a good movie haha they use one scene from that movie to create funny parody videos where the subtitles are changed. The videos are often called something like this Hitler reacts to.
  13. Handmade from Brasil for Witchcraft worship Usually NOT to be posted but I asked permission Feel it, it's almost alive, it's scary
  14. Hitler was in large part the monster he was cos he was off his head on amphetamines, a major component in meds he took. Anyone with much experience of amphetamines might be aware of their ability to create paranoia, warped outlooks, and moral distortion and impulses stretched to extremes.
  15. @speedy3471 @steve25805 @Peefreak99 Ok let's pay our homages at The Reaper
  16. Amazing I just cant stand movies where Hitler is present for more than 5 minutes A poor retard controlled by Himmler (and his sexually deviated ideals of physical perfection) killed 30 millions of people and created the situations for the H bomb to be invented and for Europe to be indebted with USA forever
  17. Der Untergang (Downfall), a German language film about the last days of Hitler in the bunker and the fighting for Berlin. Very historically accurate.
  18. Yes it's quite useful ihihihihi
  19. Low ghosts are attracted by drunk and playful people like a filthy pervert would be by a drunk teenage girl laughing and pissing in the middle of a road at saturday night Obviously they would never tell you they are a low ghosts and just use scary names like "Death", which is not obviously (if you want to know more, visit my threads about the occult), yet Brutus (as he is born blessed by the gods of making long things short) perfectly summed up:
  20. Well THAT needs some guts ahahahhah
  21. Today
  22. How about Snakes On A Plane? I know it is not a war movie unless You consider fighting Snakes on a plane a type of war. But that movie is awesome it is so entertaining You can watch it over and over again without getting bored ever. And here some people have talked about other genre in films so I thought it would be okay for me to do the same.
  23. I tend to like hissing pees, because they tend to be more varied, and also tend to go on, for a longer time. But they are best when combined with a gush, often when they start. I once had a girlfriend, "Ellie," on whom I reported in Pee fans, in July of 2017, who did both. She would often gush, when she started, and then hiss, for a long time. Then she would stop, and restart the whole process, sometimes as many as three or four times, in one sitting. An added benefit was that she always left the bathroom door partially open, when she peed, so it was very easy to hear, and sometimes see her.
  24. MARVELLOUS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never reflected on this... My belief in reincarnation is so deep, that I Always considered Past as something I ACTUALLY lived... Personally, I would be fascinated with the first twenty years of Seventeenth Century, the so called Golden Age of Pirates… as Pirates ALWAYS fascinated me a lot!!!
  25. Brutus, I have had the fetish, virtually all of my life, since even before I was in grade school. I was often able to listen to female relatives and friends, in private homes, but public buildings in the Midwestern U.S. were more of a challenge. All had multiple stalls, separated by metal partitions, in large rooms, rather than separate rooms, with individual doors.The large rooms were solidly built, with brick walls, and solid wood or metal doors for entrance and exit, usually located at significant distances from the nearest stall. So sound proofing was fairly effective and background noise levels were high, with industrial strength toilet flushes, and the sink faucets, overwhelming the relatively delicate hisses and tinkles of the ladies. I envy your experiences in 7th grade! I never even tried, in schools, or other public buildings, because it was futile, with this type of arrangement and construction. But I moved to California in my late twenties, and things are very different, here, thank goodness. Construction is notoriously cheap, when it comes to sound insulation of public and private bathrooms, so I have had quite a few interesting experiences, here. Individual toilet units, with very thin doors and poor sound proofing, are very common. I have posted some of my experiences here, on September 10, 2017, in "Real Pee Stories and Sightings" but I will check my files to see what I haven't yet reported. I also remember that I posted a couple of stories about "Ellie," a former girlfriend of mine, in California, on PeeFans, same section, on July 17, 2017. She had the interesting habit of leaving the bathroom door partially open, whenever she peed, in homes or hotel rooms, when we were dating. I only dared to look in on her once, but I was able to position myself so that I could listen to her, almost every time she peed, while we were together. Her pisses were quite exciting, with very loud hisses, and several starts and stops, in any one session.
  26. Me too!!! Ok, my heart is melting, this is romantic AS FUCK Here I started masturbating, and am now typing with one hand You're a goddess I tought I was gonna read about a forthcoming handjob… but it was Amazing anyway This is delightful, it really can touch one's soul... Ok I cummed while reading this, the previous part was read like in drunken stupor... I am mesmerized I love you so...
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