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Desperate to pee, leak in briefs, NUDE pee in tub

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WARNING : CONTAINS MALE NUDEITY https://www.erome.com/a/m3h91KGq


I held my pee from mid afternoon keeping hydrated. Here I struggle to hold it in wearing briefs. I leak a bit then stand to walk to bathroom tub. I can't help dribbling on the floor. I reach my destination and I can't hold it anymore.  I first pee through my briefs, then pull them down and pee nude into tub. Close up on penis.

Although I have been peeing and posting for many years this is my first attempt at using my phone editor and linking to outside site

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Another desperate video  I hold my morning pee. Not dressed yet. At first I squeeze my pee filled dick,  even shook it to keep my pee inside. but then decided to let my sphincter do the holding. . My penis moves slightly whenever I tighten my sphincter when my pee feels like it was about to come out. Despite  this I eventually leak a little bit.  I just couldnt hold it.



Later before. bed feeling naughty   Although I was not desperate,I decided to pee out the window. It was dark outside .wish you could see better



There are other older videos in my profile there.

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