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The 2024 Birthday Shout Thread


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Happy Birthday @Overlord - Just you today to celebrate with, so you can have your whole cake without having to share.  Unless you want to of course.


(Birthdays, when listed in users' profiles are shown on the Activity page.  This celebration is aimed at those members who are current members, in that they've signed in within the last 6-8 weeks)

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So @windy55 - any plans for YOUR BIRTHDAY ?

It is a Friday after all...   maybe a night out?  A meal, some drinks...   a group pee whilst waiting for a ride home?

(Sorry, just projecting my birthday celebration ideas.  Have a great one).

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@gldenwetgoose  Holy Moly! I was not expecting this! 😅 Thank you so much brother. We can share the now almost 1 week old birthday cake with whoever wants a piece. Or we take it down to the lake and give it to the ducks ... (and geese) 😄

No seriously, it means a lot. Thank you and everybody else. Just for being here and being awesome. I've never had more of a familiar feeling in a forum and chat as here.


Stay save, see you soon.

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@gldenwetgoose Well, it worked. Even if it's just small. It always starts with the little things. 

Again thanks to all of you. I really appreciate the work (even if it's just small things) you are doing here for our big family. @Sophie @Scot_Lover @Kupar @Admin and all others. I don't care who you are, as long as we are here, likeminded and together.

Stay save, and enjoy a piece of 1 week old cake or I'll throw it into the lake!

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