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  1. Twins Part 4 Since her daughter had asked her to do so, Rachel grabbed some dishes, but then she asked: "Since Alex made our table unusable, and I'm simply too lazy to clean it right now, what do you girls think - where should we eat?" Alex smiled and said: "Didn't you just say, we'll have to eat on the floor? - you gave your answer yourself." "I wasn't really serious about this, i could imagine more comfortable places to eat than a tiled floor.", Rachel answered, a bit surprised about Alex' rebellious side. Suddenly Gina mentioned: "We could sit on my carpet, I'm sure it's much mor
  2. Yes there is a sequel coming soon ;)
  3. Since the next day was a saturday, Rachel did not have to go to work, so she and the twins had plenty of time to make their preperations and then enjoy themselves. Rachel herself woke up at about 8 o'clock and she was really excited for the day. She had dreamed of this almost her entire life finally she got a chance to just piss all over the place. Also she looked forward to getting to know her daughters better, since the twins were going to spend much more time at home in the future. So she got up, dressed herself with underwear, jeans and a T-Shirt and went to prepare breakfast. Half an hour
  4. After their first peeing/masturbation session on the bathtub Gina and Alex realised the obvious: They both were really into this. After their first experiment, they washed themselves (and the bathtub) and then met up in the kitchen to plan their further experiments. Gina was the first to finish, so she opened up two bottles of water, placed on on the table and started to drink from the other one. She was wearing sweatpants with some comfortable panties underneath and a T-Shirt without any bra. But when cmae in Gina almost choked on her water, Alex was fully nude when she came to the kitch
  5. WARNING: The following story does contain content that may be seen as incestual (girl-girl between family members), however the story is purely fictional as are the people mentioned. Another warning: I tend to write pretty long stories, since i want my charakters to have some background and i like a bit of reasoning in my stories. Also english is not my native language. A few years ago when the identical twin sisters Alex and Gina were 19 years old, they were still living with their mother Rachel, who was 45 at that time. Their father left them when the girls were in kindergarten-age
  6. Welcome to my first try at writing a story, I'll apologize here for all spelling and grammar mistakes, because I am not an english native speaker. To be clear, this story was inspired by "Lindsey and Maeby" and some similar stories and became pretty long. Longer than I thought, and it takes a while until it gets to the interesting stuff and if you like the story there will be more parts without the who-is-who-blahblah. I also have to mention that this story contains an erotic Mother-Daughter relationship for those who aren't into this stuff or have problems with stuff like that. Prologue
  7. There exist two videos -normally found together- of 3/4 japanese women pissing on the beach. I've got the censored version, but I've seen a short clip of an uncensored one on heavy-r.com. Does anyone know where to find the full uncensored version of these videos? http://www.heavy-r.com/video/150977/Pissing_Girls_On_Nude_Beach/
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